Time For The Next Generation

If you subscribe to this blog, or if you check back here reasonably regularly, you’ll realise that there’s not been much happening. No apologies for that, because my gaming has been in the doldrums of late. As mentioned in my previous post, I came back to LoTRO after the best part of a five month break, back at the start of July. I’ve kept my promise too, in so much that I’ve just been dipping in and out, since my return. However, this is what I’ve managed to get up to:

  1. After my five month hiatus, I found that I had very little ‘feel’ for any of my toons. As a consequence, the first thing I did was spend an evening or two playing each, just to remind myself what they were all about. Quite enjoyable it was too.
  2. Running though the ‘new’ (to me) epic quests in the Great river zone was interesting – at least the first time though. However, ‘Great River’ is, in my opinion, nothing but a reputation grind, unless you’re using it as an alternate leveling zone to Dunland; so, one toon aside, I have avoided its quest hubs.
  3. During July, my kin was still running raids on a fairly regular basis. Draigoch was successfully dispatched on several occasions, and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed being back in the raiding circle for a few weeks. I even attended one or two Isenguard runs, but found those instances more challenging. As an aside, the kin last month managed to 6-man Draigoch, and also managed to down Sarauman (i.e. complete the Isenguard raid) on Tier 1 – neither feat to be sneezed at….I was involved in neither, sadly.

All of the above aside, the main reason I’m playing LoTRO at the moment, is to keep my kids company. My two boys are coming up on nine and ten years old respectively, and during the summer, after many-a-pleading, I finally relented and let them start their own toons. LoTRO is rated at as an age 12+ game, but my feeling is that, providing you keep a close eye on in-game associations [with other players], then the game is inoffensive enough. As such, I started a free-to-play account for each of my two offspring, and rolled a couple of new toons for myself on my VIP account. Between us we have so far tackled the starter zones and are now moving though the Lone Lands and North Downs. We have created our own kinship (currently rank 4) so ninja kin invites, and resulting conversations, aren’t a worry.

As an experiment, it’s been a success. Being young, they’re picking up the concepts very fast, and will make fine players if they choose to continue to play. Of course, hitting the mid-twenties with free-to-play toons brings its own dilemma…namely:

  1. Do you start paying a subscription, or do you invest in Turbine Points and cherry pick your content?
  2. My initial response has been to subscribe them both for a single month, and thus upgrade them to ‘Premium’ account holders.
  3. The month of VIP is being used to negotiate through to level 34ish after which I’m looking at the digital ‘Mithril Edition’.
  4. The Mithril Edition which comes with 2000TP plus the path of the fellowship quest packs. The 2000TP will allow the purchase of Evendim, after which there’s a free run right through to Lothlorien!

    Mithril edition - all the way to Lothlorien!

    Mithril edition – all the way to Lothlorien!

I’ll report further progress, as and when it happens…


2 Responses to “Time For The Next Generation”

  1. What a great idea, a family LOTRO adventure.

    Will be following closely your progress with your sons…mine are too young (2 and 11months) so by the time they are of age, and I imagine like you that will before the 12+ recommendation, LOTRO will be no more, I hope is successor has arrived as I really would like my sons to explore the full LOTR experience, books as well.

    With regards to F2P… My whole experience of LOTRO is based around staying free, TP point generation and resulting rewards (4th inventory bad was my last TP turn in) keep me involved. I really feel that having everything given[purchased] is just too easy [that and being unable to purchase LOTRO from Argentina…long story…] but is an interesting point that I would not want my kids to be TP grinding ad infinitum…

    • Thanks for your comments. Playing with my family has certainly brought a new perspective to what was fast becoming a stale experience. The enthusiasm of youth combined with that of a new player is quite something! 🙂

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