RoR Launch Day

The screen capture below was taken of my kin’s website just under two years ago, on 2nd November 2010. At the time, the then Codemasters servers were down for the patching of the Siege of Mirkwood expansion.

Mirkwood Patch Day - 2nd November 2010

Mirkwood Patch Day – 2nd November 2010


With ’15 Members online’, the interest back then was markedly more intense than it is today for the much larger and more ambitious ‘Riders of Rohan’ expansion. Two years ago, those 15 (and more) were all excitedly checking for updates on our LoTRO server status, waiting to see who could get online first. Today, for RoR (aka Update 8), the number on the kin’s website at any one time can more-or-less be counted on one hand. To me, this is not a reflection on the size of the guild, which if anything has grown, but more a reflection on the amount of – and intensity of – interest in RoR.

Many of the long time LoTRO players are now active in MMO pastures new, and whilst many will undoubtedly play RoR, the degree of excitement is, in general, much diluted. Newer MMOs such as SWTOR, GW2 and TSW are all helping us get new thrills elsewhere.

At time of writing, I haven’t managed to download/patch RoR yet, but it will need to change LoTRO fairly radically for my level of enthusiasm to be rekindled to that which I had for the game back in November 2010. That said, LoTRO is still a fine game and still probably the most picturesque MMO of the pack so I am looking forward to exploring Rohan.

One Response to “RoR Launch Day”

  1. Rohan is plenty pretty, has good music (though it seems to be playing snipets for me) and I want to see it .. but yeah I’m not so excited for it like I have been previous expansions. I think GW2 has spoiled me. Lotro just seems a bit old, slow and small. I mean, we’ve all been waiting to see the Argonath for years. When I saw it in Beta, I couldn’t help thinking “I wish it was bigger.” .. and that’s mainly because I’ve seen how a game can make surroundings on a large scale.

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