I need a dollar, dollar…or even some more gold…

Since the RoR expansion came out in LoTRO, I’ve found my level of ‘Ennui’ with LoTRO somewhat diminished, so the amount of time that I’ve spent in GW2 has decreased accordingly.

That said, I have been tipping away on my elementalist, and over last weekend I brought her up to the dizzying heights (well, maybe not quite dizzying!) of level 57. Most of my fellow guild members are running around with level 80 toons at this stage, and are busily engaged in World vs. World stuff…whatever that may be… 😉

Personal Story - Initiate of the Order of Whispers

Personal Story – Initiate of the Order of Whispers

Me, I’ve been more than happy just pottering along on my lonesome, jumping into events as they occur, attending to my personal story-line and, errrrrrm, trying to make a few shillings. GW2 is without doubt a hard place to turn a coin. At level 40, a new training manual becomes available from your profession trainer, but the cost is 1 gold – I was just short of level 50 before I could afford mine. That little expenditure wiped me out, and I’m still trying to rebuild my bank balance. When you have no cash, trying to keep armor  weapons and other accoutrements up-to-date is tough going. So much so that I don’t bother. This probably means a few more deaths than necessary, which in turn means more repair bills, which means…yup …less cash. Bummer.

Meandering through GW2

Meandering through GW2

It’s doesn’t take a doctorate in MMO design to see that GW2 is trying to ‘encourage’ us punters to cough up real world money in order to supplement our in-game finances. Fair play to ‘em for trying, I say. So far I’m a holdin’ out and, as I’m strictly casual with GW2, I think I’ll be holding out for quite some time to come!

To end on a positive note, I completed my first GW2 dungeon last night – a ‘story run’ through the Ascalonian Catacombs. Dungeons (or instances if you prefer) in LoTRO, especially end-game dungeons are ‘full meals’, some are three-course, some five-course, some well-cooked, others not so much…but always plenty of meat. From my first visit to a GW2 dungeon, I’d have to say the content is more akin to a buffet. Very tasty, well laid out, but fast and not too much thought required. All good fun!

More 'acoutrements' required?!

More ‘acoutrements’ required?!


2 Responses to “I need a dollar, dollar…or even some more gold…”

  1. Long time lurker here.

    You’ll need another 2g at 60 (which I have just hit) and it’s painful again, but after that, there’s no direct cash sink.

    So, my advice to saving cash is (I may be teaching you to suck eggs here):
    Salvage White items,
    Vendor Blue items,
    AH Green and above items.

    Only upgrade armour every 10 levels or so (only buy Blue and sell the old stuff back to vendors, think of it as renting your armour) and upgrade your main weapons (I am down to using only 3 as my mains now) every 5 levels or so.

    Do not do crafting… it’s a moneysink and gets you levels… normally you should be getting money while levelling, not losing it.

    If you really need the cash, sell crafting materials on the AH, but use sell orders to do it.

    Hope some of the above is useful, keep up the fgood work on GW2/ Lotro, always intersting reading!

    Hrewan / others

    • Some great tips there, some of which had certainly escaped me!

      The main sink for me was crafting, which I stopped around lvl 50. The stuff I was crafting was never a high enough level to be useful. So I now agree with your point – ‘don’t bother’ 🙂

      Thanks for posting!

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