98% and counting…

The final stretch to 100% world completion in GW2 has, without doubt, been a crawl. Not, that it’s been uninteresting; on the contrary, it’s been fun. But still, it’s been a crawl. Since I hit 90% a few weeks ago, each 1% increase in the completion percentage has seemed hard won. I suppose I’m lucky in that I completed the WvW tranche of the job, a couple of months back, so I’m just left with the normal hearts, PoIs and vistas, within the PvE world, to complete the job.


I guess one of my problems has been the distraction of the new dailies and monthlies. My play-time is so limited that once dailies are done, plus the odd kin-led dungeon run, there’s not a whole lot of time left for dedicated exploring. That’s just the nature of the gaming beast for me at the moment, so no complaints. I’ve also been a little distracted by my mesmer, who has become my first GW2 alt-of-choice. Now up to level 25, I’m really enjoying this class, to the detriment of my now abandoned (temporarily?) necromancer.

Necro on fire

Necro on fire

Elsewhere, after virtually ignoring LoTRO in its entirety, throughout January and February, I’ve also starting leveling my rune-keeper though Rohan. She’s currently at level 79 but isn’t likely to hit level 85 this side of May, but there’s no rush as the current end-game 3, 6 and 12-mans have not grabbed me at all. In fact, I think I’m burned out on the LoTRO end-game in its entirety. Maybe I’ll feel the love again, at some stage… who knows?

In the meantime, back in GW2….98% and counting!


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