Been There, Done That.

So, 100% world completion achieved on my elementalist.  It took a while – like six months – and I won’t be doing it again on an alt, but it’s nice to have it done all the same. The title ‘Been There, Done That’ is a bonus too. I did suffer from one of the known world completion bugs, mind you – in that I didn’t initially receive my rewards when I hit the 100% mark. After reviewing  this web page here I found that revisiting the Chantry of Secrets resolved my issue…thankfully.

The arrival of the ‘Super Adventure Box’ for the Easter holiday, proved a very exciting time for many. However, after two or three long sessions inside same, I was thoroughly sick of this 2D puzzle add-on. It just ain’t for me. That said, a kinnie very kindly donated a SAB staff skin to my ele, which does look very cool indeed; it serves remind me of my times inside that *beep* world, too. However, I’m now sticking to the 3D world of Tyria, thanks very much.

With regard to the ‘Living Story’, I’m currently fully up-to-date. I picked up the last of the dead-drops plus handed in the last of the refugee items over the weekend, so all done. The new instances were kind of fun too, but they don’t take very long, more’s the pity.

Super Adventure Box Staff Skin - In Action

Super Adventure Box Staff Skin – In Action

So now I’m currently spending most of my game-time on my ‘young’ necromancer. Yup, that’s right, I said my necro. In my last post I was busy with my mesmer but having hit level 31 on her, I was just finding killing too slow, so am now back with my necromancer who is now at level 20. I’m liking the de-buffing and pets that the necromancer class offers, much more than the survivability of the mesmer. Maybe I’ll change my mind again, but for now I’ll stick with my minions!

Back on my elementalist, I’m still spending a few hours a week in WvW and am nearing Rank 1 within the new ranking system. It’s nice to see the improved rewards that the WvW side of the recent patch offers. The removal of culling has certainly made life more interesting too – those ‘oh crap’ moments, as you see the full size of an enemy zerg heading your way, are just priceless!


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