Wake Up, Cor!

“Hey Cor! Wake up!”

“Huh, whadya mean, ‘Wake up!’?”

“Well, you must be asleep, right? You haven’t posted for…like…weeks!”

“Ah. Well. Yes. That’d be down to stuff. Other stuff. Real life stuff. You know?!”

“Ah Cor, who cares about real life?! I mean we’re talking Guild Wars 2, here – much more important than real-life! So….what have you been up to??”

“Ah well, I see your point. Okay, here’s my tale…”

I’ve spent a lot of time with my necromancer of late. Leveling has been far quicker with her than it was on my first toon, my elementalist – probably because I now know how to play (a bit!), where to go, and what to do. Just as importantly, I possibly now also know what NOT to do!

Currently level 62, my necro is likely to hit 80 before the end of May, without any sort of rush. Just tipping-away, exploring, doing dailies, and running personal story quests, will do it. The necromancer’s survivability is far greater than that of the elementalist so deaths and subsequent repair costs are much less. Add to that, the very different and interesting range of skills, and I’m still loving the class.

Necromancer in action!

Necromancer in action!

Not that I’m neglecting my elementalist either. During fractal and dungeon runs in late March and early April, I came to the inevitable conclusion that my ele’s build was just poor. A ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ build. Fine, I had a mixture of exotic gear which had a general bias towards toughness, power and precision…BUT, the same gear also had a good smattering of other stuff in there too:

  • a bit of extra healing
  • a dash of additional magic find
  • a chunk of improved condition damage
  • some improved critical chance/damage

The result? I found I was dying too fast and often getting one-shotted, especially in dungeons. In other words – too squishy. So, I embarked on  a mission to focus my build solely on:

  • Power
  • Precision
  • Toughness
  • Vitality

Anything else had to go. This has meant an expenditure, to date, of nearly 15 gold, on replacement runes, etc.

However, such an expenditure whilst not ‘large’ in most people’s terms, was until recently, out of my reach. I’d only managed to net a little over 10 gold in six months of game-play, up until mid-March. This in turn meant I needed to have a long, hard, look at how I accumulated in-game wealth.

Some nosing around turned up some interesting ‘flipping’ guides and my eyes were opened. Staring off slowly with some small, trial, investments, in this trading-post activity has since resulted in my funds rapidly expanding. To cut a long story short, without grinding (I don’t have the play-time for grinding, nor the patience), I more than trebled my 10 gold pot in less than a month. I’ve paid for everything my elementalist required off the TP and still have plenty of gold left to invest going forward.

So, the final result? Last night we ran through the new dungeon, the Molten Weapons Facility, and my ele didn’t die once (a first!). Add to this increased survivability, increased damage, and I think the transformation is now complete.

My Sylvari Elementalist alongside a Norn Necro!

My Sylvari Elementalist alongside a Norn Necro!


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