GW2 – Break In Play

Ok. You may have guessed, but GW2 has taken a bit of a back seat in my life. Maybe it’s just a phase. Probably, in fact. That said, I thought some sort of GW2 wrap-up was appropriate, seeing how the last time I posted, I was still leveling a necromancer, and enjoying Tyria’s delights on a daily basis. And now, I’m not!

So, I brought my necro to level 80 a few months back. I ran her around Orr and completed all but the final part of her ‘personal story’ (i.e. Arah), kitted her out with a full set of exotic gear, plus a couple of bits of ascended accouterments, and finally gave her a ‘total makeover’ so that she looked the part (in my eyes, anyway). Job done.

My level 80 Necro

My level 80 Necro

As an aside, I liked the ‘Total Makeover Kit’ so much that I re-did the look of my elementalist too – the change drew quite a few comments:

My 'new look' elementalist

My ‘new look’ elementalist

But then what? Well, then nothing really. I was left with a combination of one or more of these choices:

1. Leveling a third toon – which realistically meant picking up my mesmer again at level 40-odd, or starting from scratch with AN Other.

2. Partaking of the now bi-weekly Living Story updates.

3. Committing myself to WvW and/or PvP progression.

4. Legendary weapon grind.

I didn’t fancy any of these options and still don’t, so I just haven’t played GW2 since my necro was polished. I guess horizontal progression just isn’t what I’m looking for. I mean, how many skins for weapons, armor and back-pieces do you really need? Not to mention cuddly toys (aka mini pets)? Unless you change your ‘look’ regularly, ‘not many’ is my answer. As for the latest ‘Tequatl Rising’ living story event, I shudder at the requirement for mass organisation of the player base (I’ve never been a fan of the GW2 zerg), so my break from Tyria continues.


2 Responses to “GW2 – Break In Play”

  1. I’ve hit the same brick wall to. I have a couple of lvl 80’s, they look how I want them. I’ve started going for a cheap legendary (The minstrel), not because I really want one, but because that’s going to be me leaving the game on a high note.
    I like the exploring part of the game and at the moment that doesn’t seem to be being worked on much. I’m glad it’s not just my guild that are feeling this though.
    I like the look of your toons, they’re very unique 🙂

    • Yup, I’m with you on the exploring…gradually working towards the 100% world exploration was my happiest time, in GW2. If they ever bring out some new zones and/or an increase in level cap, I’ll be back 🙂

      Best of luck with that legendary, too – you’re braver than me!

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