All Dilled-Up in GW2

About four months ago, when I was flat-out saving money in GW2 for exotics, I spent a good amount of time ‘flipping’ on the trading post (‘TP’). Back then I wrote the post below, but never published it. However, I’m now back playing again, and was interested to see if the contents of the post still held true – I’m amazed to say that the answer is a definite ‘YES!’. So here it is…

In my last post I mentioned that I’m now engaging in some ‘flipping’ on the TP in order to supplement my in-game income. As part of this, a couple of weeks ago I noticed that there was a larger than usual profit to be made in flipping Dill Sprigs – at the time, we were talking about a flip profit of about 1 silver per sprig. So I dipped my toe into the dill market.

My first batch of dill was bought and sold with no problems, and a tidy profit of over 1 gold went into the bank. However a crash on the market then saw dill sprig then drop from around 5 silver to only 3 silver in the middle of my next  trade – so I ended up with over 100 dill sprigs, each of which I could only sell for a loss of about 2 silver each! Help!

A wee bit of research followed – and sure enough one of the uses of dill sprigs, is for the Bowl of Creamed Dill Sauce. At the time these were selling for around 7 silver a pop, so it made perfect sense to convert all my dill sprigs into dill sauce, and them sell these on the TP…So that’s exactly what I did, and I netted a sum of about 2 gold (by the time all other ingredient costs were taken into account).

I then forgot about dill for a while until I checked the prices at the end of last week, and the same dill sprigs have now rocketed to over 20 silver each! As for dill creamed sauce, this is now over 30 silver a bowl. Outrageous prices, but why? The only item that can be made out of the dill cream sauce is Krytan meatballs – a useless item that sells for coppers on the TP. So why the mad prices for Dill/Dill Sauce?

Well, I’ve now done some further digging and the reason seems to be down to a large number of folk, power-leveling via the cooking skill. Googling ‘GW2 Cooking Guide’ will return a bunch of links, but top of the list is this power leveling guide. One of the key components of this guide is…25 Bowls of Dilled Cream Sauce. A connection!? Well, this post here on the GW2 forums makes the same connection and extrapolates. As DCS is mostly purchased in batches of 25 from the TP, the link between the power-leveling guide and the demand for ‘the sauce’ seems clear.

The one question that remains, for me, is “Why are people so daft as to pay sky-high prices for dill products when there are plenty of other cooking recipes that would get the job done for far less TP expenditure?”. Hmmmmm!

So that was then. As of now, there’s still plenty of gold to be made from selling Dilled Creamed Sauce on the TP. The most expensive ingredients for making the sauce are the Dill Sprig (currently at 12s each) and the Rosemary Sprig (currently just under 4s) each. Harvesting these on the landscape, and then making the DCS, will net you nearly 20s per DCS on the TP. Alternatively, you can buy all of the ingredients, make the sauce yourself, and still make nearly 4s per sale. See this spreadsheet, acurate (I hope) as on 9th Oct 2013: Dilled Cream Sauce calc

Better than a poke in the eye with a cooking spoon?


One Response to “All Dilled-Up in GW2”

  1. It really does amaze me how blindly people follow those guides- all you need to do is replace the expensive item, with one of the same level but is cheaper and away you go.
    Congrats on the profit 🙂

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