Hardware Update Required….

I was interested to read the minimum and recommended spec for Battlefield 4, recently. I’m not a Battlefield player, but it’s good to get a feel for what’s currently “recommended” for the latest gaming-industry releases, together with what is likely to be the “minimum” spec.

My current graphics card is a Radeon 5830, a piece of hardware that was originally released in February 2010, meaning the technology therein is approaching its fourth birthday. Old, in other words.  Having said that, it would still meet the minimum requirements for Battlefield 4, but would be well off the pace of the “recommended” graphics card models.

[A quick aside, here – DICE is recommending the HD7870 card together with 3Gb of memory, for Battlefield 4…however, my understanding is that the HD7870 only has 2Gb of memory, so what gives?!].

On the back of DICE’s recommendations, I’m now looking at putting a new graphics card on the top of my Christmas list for this year. After some research, my current thoughts are running towards one of the new R9200 series cards – probably a 2Gb R9270X (circa €200), but I’d love to stretch to a 3Gb R9280X (circa €320)…Regardless, an upgrade to either of these cards would certainly be a big improvement on my current card and also would complement my recent birthday pressie, a 27 inch HD (full 1080) Phillips monitor, quite nicely.

With regard to the rest of my system, I’m running with Dell (*cough*) model that sports an AMD Athlon II x3 [3 core] 435 2.90Ghz processor, 4Gb RAM, and running Windows 7 64 bit. I’ve no idea what my motherboard is, but it’s definitely not going to win any prizes. Suffice to say that this build would satisfy the minimum requirements for Battlefield 4, but probably isn’t going to do much more. In the New Year I’m therefore making plans to self-build a new PC, at the centre of which will probably be an ASUS/AMD motherboard/processor/memory bundle, incorporating 8Gb RAM, and a 3.5Ghz+ 6 core processor (along with the previously discussed ‘new’ graphics card, of course!).

Watch this space!


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