Tablet Gaming Intro

My last post, so many months ago now, hinted at prolonged return to SWTOR or GW2. Neither happened.

Last Christmas my ten-year-old asked for a tablet PC. Being semi-indulgent parents, my wife and I obliged, but went for a very low-end ‘Energy Sistem’ (Spanish manufacturer) model. Big mistake. It proved to be slow and unreliable, requiring multiple rebuilds over a number of months. To cut a long story short, several months back, I inherited my son’s tablet and we bought him a Galaxy S7 as a replacement. This has made my son happy and gave me a somewhat temperamental entry into the Android tablet gaming sector.

Being able to play games on my coffee break at work, when lying in bed, or when sitting in an airport/aeroplane, has certainly added another dimension to my gaming outlook. My minimal gaming time over the summer months has been taken up with gaming on Android devices, in the form of Clash of Clans, Scrabble, Plague Inc, and Battleheart. In that quartet, there’s surely something for everyone?ClashOfClans

Somewhat unexpectedly, my tablet gaming came to a stop last week when the highly troublesome ‘Energy Sistem’ tablet died, once and for all (note – less than a year old; and no, I don’t want a like-for-like replacement!). Guess what sort of device is now on my birthday list??

In the meantime I’ve discovered some very handy Android emulation software which is now running happily on my Window 7 gaming rig – Bluestacks. So at least I can keep up with my kids on Clash of Clans.

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  1. Yeah I use Bluestacks too – very nice too 🙂

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