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Dargnakh and other new Update 5 beasties

Posted in Class Quests, Diary, lotro, Reputation with tags , , , , , on December 24, 2011 by Corleth

Update 5 has now been out for two-and-a-half weeks, so I thought it was about time to post a few thoughts, especially with regard to the new instance cluster.

So far I’ve run the 6-man instance, ‘The Foundry’ twice on tier-1 (T1), both times successfully. It’s a nice little instance, but not up there with classics like ‘Sammath Gul’ and ‘Forges’, as far as I’m concerned. The tier-1 runs were straightforward enough until the last boss encounter (actually three bosses together), but there-in lies a bit of a challenge, even on T1. I’m sure I’ll be giving T2 a go over the Christmas period, so I’ll see how we fare then.

I’ve only tried two out of the three 3-man instances (‘Dargnakh Unleashed’ and ‘Pits of Isenguard’, to date. Both of those I’ve attempted, I’ve finished (on T1). Again, they are nice to run; short and challenging enough on T1 without being brutal (that comes with T2) I would think.

Dargnakh Dead :)

Dargnakh Dead 🙂

As for the new 12-man, ‘The Tower of Orthanc’, my kin have downed the first four bosses on T1. We were working a strategy for the fifth boss when we ran out of time (folks have to sleep, you know!). So far, this raid looks to be the best of the new instances – lots of variety, plenty of challenge (even on T1) and oodles of content. Nice job, Turbine.

Last night we even found time to have a bash at the revamped Draigoch raid. The cuddly dragon now has three-million less morale (now down to just over six million), so the whole instance goes a bit quicker. The strategy hasn’t changed any – the three phases each just go that bit more rapidly, so the overall feel is for a more compact and enjoyable experience. That said, if you nailed Draigoch before Update 5, you’ll definitely find doing it after Update 5, easier.

Away from grouping, I’ve now brought both my minstrel and my lore-master up to level 67 and, more importantly for crafting purposes, to ‘friend’ reputation with Dunland. In my spare time I’ll probably continue to level these two, but only when I’m not raiding/grouping, so level 75 is going to be months off for both of them. I’m still more than half-tempted to start levelling my burglar instead. At level 50, he’s on the cusp of entering Moria in anger, and with all the level 58 class quests now soloable, there’s not much to stop a clean run through all the way to Lothlorien. Anyhow, that’s all for 2012!

So, finally, for those of you reading this that celebrate Christmas – have a good one 😉

Spring Dandy

Posted in Class Quests, Diary, Festivals, lotro with tags , , , , , , , on March 29, 2010 by Corleth

Last Monday night I ran my lore master down to the Shadowed Refuge for the first time, just to pick up the stable and hand in a quest. The Foundations of Stone is still my very least favourite part of Moria – it’s scary down there! I then joined a group heading to the Forges, and managed to complete my lore master class quest – that was nice to get out the way! I’m now moving on level 60, and will be heading out to Lorien soon(ish)!

I say ‘ish’ because over the weekend I decided on a change of pace, and tried some of the Spring Festival quests (great Spring Festival guide here, from the folks at A Casual Stroll to Mordor). I’ve been playing LOTRO for over two years now, and never once looked at any of the four annually occurring festivals. However, after stomping some shrews and running around the hedge maze for a couple of hours, I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised at how fun the events are! The only fly in my hobbit ointment was the ‘Advanced Bullroarer’s Challenge’….read on…!

For anyone that doesn’t know, the basic ‘Bullroarer’s Challenge’ requires you to run your toon across a fence, including a few gaps that have to be jumped, after having chugged a pint of ‘Bullroarer’s Brew’. There’s no hurry (it’s not timed) but still pretty tricky…at least I found it so! Anyhow, I managed it and then went off and did some other Spring Festival quests, and gradually worked my way through the requirements for the ‘Spring Dandy’ deed. Much to my horror, the final part of this deed required a re-visit to the Bullroarer’s Challenge – only this time you have to do the thing inside 20 seconds…!!! Utter madness!! I tried it with a few glasses of wine inside of me on Saturday night, and wasted over an hour of my life in the process. I tried it again the next morning, sober and rested, and managed it inside 10 minutes (I’m sure there’s a life lesson there!). At the end of it all, I’m left with a feeling of great accomplishment, and you can be damn sure that ‘Spring Dandy’ will be my active title for a good while to come!

Bulroarer's Challange

Bulroarer's Challange

So, as well as my new title, I have also collected three new housing items – the Moria Keg, the Sinister Keg, and the plain old Keg. All I need now is a house that’s big enough to display them all in, whilst still being able to display my other treasured items. I wonder if Turbine will introduce housing extensions any time soon…?!

Elsewhere, I’ve moved my farmer up to Master Artisan, and am now working on Grand Master. I find 30 minutes of farming, once or twice week, is about all I can tolerate…

Warg Pens

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On the LOTRO front, it was productive weekend. On Friday evening my raiding kin had a second stab at Sammath Gul. This time we got past the first boss, but crashed and burned (well fried, not burned, to be exact) at the second boss when we didn’t position ourselves correctly when he started on his ‘phase two’ lightning bolts. We’ll know better for next time.

On Saturday evening a few of us tried the Warg Pens for the first time. We almost completed it HM, but one of the pesky wargs on the last boss decided he wasn’t hungry and didn’t eat his slab of meat. Hey ho. We still picked up six Dol Guldur medallions each, which pleased me. It’s a nice little instance, I think! To finish off our session, we then had a quick run though Sword Hall (EM), which at this stage is a very relaxing job – even more so after a couple of beers.

I spent my other playing time this weekend working on my (now level 47) rune keeper. The first of her level 45 class quests is now done (she needs a ‘Sigil of War’ to complete the second), and I also finished volume two, book one – so she now has her first legendary rune-stone, and first legendary satchel. Next on the agenda – back to Forochel for a bit, before hitting Eregion…hmmmm!

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