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Been There, Done That.

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So, 100% world completion achieved on my elementalist.  It took a while – like six months – and I won’t be doing it again on an alt, but it’s nice to have it done all the same. The title ‘Been There, Done That’ is a bonus too. I did suffer from one of the known world completion bugs, mind you – in that I didn’t initially receive my rewards when I hit the 100% mark. After reviewing  this web page here I found that revisiting the Chantry of Secrets resolved my issue…thankfully.

The arrival of the ‘Super Adventure Box’ for the Easter holiday, proved a very exciting time for many. However, after two or three long sessions inside same, I was thoroughly sick of this 2D puzzle add-on. It just ain’t for me. That said, a kinnie very kindly donated a SAB staff skin to my ele, which does look very cool indeed; it serves remind me of my times inside that *beep* world, too. However, I’m now sticking to the 3D world of Tyria, thanks very much.

With regard to the ‘Living Story’, I’m currently fully up-to-date. I picked up the last of the dead-drops plus handed in the last of the refugee items over the weekend, so all done. The new instances were kind of fun too, but they don’t take very long, more’s the pity.

Super Adventure Box Staff Skin - In Action

Super Adventure Box Staff Skin – In Action

So now I’m currently spending most of my game-time on my ‘young’ necromancer. Yup, that’s right, I said my necro. In my last post I was busy with my mesmer but having hit level 31 on her, I was just finding killing too slow, so am now back with my necromancer who is now at level 20. I’m liking the de-buffing and pets that the necromancer class offers, much more than the survivability of the mesmer. Maybe I’ll change my mind again, but for now I’ll stick with my minions!

Back on my elementalist, I’m still spending a few hours a week in WvW and am nearing Rank 1 within the new ranking system. It’s nice to see the improved rewards that the WvW side of the recent patch offers. The removal of culling has certainly made life more interesting too – those ‘oh crap’ moments, as you see the full size of an enemy zerg heading your way, are just priceless!

Byrgenstow Map

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There is a deed and several quests in the Byrgenstow cave system:

  • Deed – Chambers of Byrgenstow.
  • Quest – Chieftain of the Dead (kill Henmaru).

Here’s a couple of maps of the Byrgenstow cave system that I knocked up for myself – hope some may find them useful…

Byrgenstow Map - Level 1

Byrgenstow Map – Level 1

Byrgenstow Map - Level 2

Byrgenstow Map – Level 2

If anyone spots any mistakes, or has the names of other quests in here handy, please post a comment!

Saviour Of Khazad-dum…almost!

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Firstly, a belated welcome to 2012. Since my last post, Christmas and New Year have come and gone. I was lucky enough t have a fairly extended Christmas break, and while I wasn’t by any means glued to the PC over the holiday period, I did spend a good few hours gaming. However, LoTRO wasn’t top of my festive activity list – this year Orcs Must Die and SWTOR were my two avenues of gaming-based escapism. Both provided some excellent entertainment, but mid-January finds me drawn back to LoTRO like a helpless bee to a honey pot.

My loremaster is now level 75. Only just, but level 75 nevertheless. I still have some way to go with regard to maxing out reputation with Theodred’s Riders, but that will come in time. In the meantime, I now have my guardian, my rune-keeper and my loremaster, all at the level 75 level cap. Variety is the spice of life and also helpful when getting kin raiding groups together!

My Loremaster Hits Level 75

My Loremaster Hits Level 75

Talking of raiding, my kin have now had several nights-worth of attempts at Saruman in the Tower of Orthanc raid. We’ve gotten to stage five a few times, but never completed. More practise required, obviously! In fact, with update 5.1 hitting yesterday, a few of the bugs with the Orthanc raid look to have been sorted, so I’m hopeful that things might go a little better in our next attempt or two.

Saruman - going down! (hopefully)

Saruman - going down! (hopefully)

The Draigoch raid takes noticeably less time (but is not much easier!) since update 5.0 came out last month, and I have to say I’m appreciative of Turbine for that – reducing the Big Dragon’s morale from 9 million down to 6 million, means we don’t have to stay sat down, glued to the mouse & keyboard, for an hour and a quarter straight…Now it only takes around 45 minutes for a typical tier 2 (12-man) run, if you don’t wipe! Having been asked to tank in there for the very first time last week, I can honestly say that my nerves were shredded by trying to work out the ‘go left!’ and ‘go right!’ calls for the rest of the raid – particularly in phase 2. And yes, I did make a mess of it first time around and yes we did wipe 😛

Finally, remember Moria? It was officially released on 18th November 2008. I reckon my first toon, my guardian, entered Moria for the first time a few weeks after that – probably around Christmas 2008. That’s just over three years ago now. And guess what? I’ve gradually been soloing my way though the very few remaining Moria deeds that I have outstanding on that same guardian. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve completed (solo):

  1. The Grand Stair troll slayer deed.
  2. The Grand Stair warg slayer deed.
  3. The Fil Gashan orc-Skirmisher deed.

Completing 1 & 2 meant completion of the Grand Stair deed.  Completing 3 meant completion of Marshal of the Burning Depths. In turn, this means that the Saviour of Khazad-dum meta-deed is almsot done. The very last Moria deed I have left is the Skumfil kergrim slayer deed, required to complete the Mastery Over Fear deed. 28 kergrim left to kill and counting!

We Killed Draigoch

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Very much alive!

Very much alive!

I’m reliably informed that my kin was the fifth kin on the Gilrain server to nail Draigoch, on tier 2, in challenge mode. Not a bad achievement for a casual-raiding kin. I was lucky enough to be one of the twelve on this first successful run, whilst playing my guardian last Sunday night.

A Dead Draigoch

A Dead Draigoch

The run went without a hitch and took a slightly over an hour, by my watch. I wasn’t the main tank, nor was I in the group executing the required FMs, so I probably contributed very little to the overall success of the run. However, at least I can say ‘I wuz there’ (sic) 😉

Draigoch’s challenge-mode loot was quite nice (four chests!), with four people picking up coins for the raid-set (2 x helm and 2 x shoulders). Not me on this occasion, but not to worry about that. I was just happy to get the deeds done, picking up four new titles to boot. These are awarded as follows:

  1. Bathed in Fire’ – for killing Draigoch on tier 1.
  2. Born From The Ashes’ – for killing Draigoch on tier 2 (i.e. the 12 man raid, as opposed to 24 man raid for tier 1).
  3. Manoeuvre Master’ – for killing Draigoch in challenge mode (i.e. executing the 12 special fellowship manoeuvres [FMs] in turn, before killing him).
  4. The Red‘ – for completing 1,2 & 3 above.
Draigoch Titles/Deeds

Draigoch Titles/Deeds

Oh yes – and there’s also this sweet little fireplace in the kinhouse now…ideal for toasted crumpets!

Draigoch's Fireplace

Draigoch's Fireplace

Elsewhere this week, I’ve been kind of quiet. I managed to move my rune-keeper along only slowly – from 68 to 69 (well, almost 70) – and will shortly be entering Dunbog.

I was lucky enough to pick up five ‘Cracked Rhi Helvarch Sigils’ via a mylotro lottery win, during the week though. Added to which, last night, from two successive birch nodes, I picked up two more! These seven sigils will allow me to craft without fear of running out – at least for a few weeks.

Missed Quests in the Pit of Iron

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In my last post I continued my rant-ette about the chaining of quests in all of the Dunland zones. I continue to hear about players who have missed a single quest and ended up missing a load of linked quests as a result. Up until last night, it hadn’t happened to me…

However, last night I was questing in Heathfells, when a funny (odd, not haha!) thing happened. I ran out of quests. Looking at my deed log, my ‘Quests in the Heathfells’ deed was stuck at something like 14 out of 26. Eeeek! So where were the rest of these quests?? I had a ten minute ride around the zone, and couldn’t see any gold rings (quest givers) anywhere. Then I had the bright idea of checking my Heathfells ‘Exploring the Heathfells’ deed. This showed that I had no less than four interest points still to discover within the Heathfells. Clearly I was missing something big. The first of these was ‘The Pit of Iron’.

Now, I’d see in kin-chat and GlobalLFF, talk about the ‘Pit of Iron’. But where was it? A quick Google search revealed that it was north of Grimbold’s camp (exact coords: 86.2S 3.8W). So off I trotted. Sure Enough, following the path north out the camp brought me to the entrance to the ‘Pit of Iron’. But still no quest giver in sight, inside or out!! Clearly I was still missing something.

More time on Google followed until I found mention of a ‘Dwarven Pick-Axe’ not far from the entrance to the Pit (see image below).

The all important Dwarven Pick-Axe. The Entrance to the Pit of Iron can also be seen.

The all important Dwarven Pick-Axe. The Entrance to the Pit of Iron can also be seen (top right).

So, I backtracked, looking carefully, and sure enough, I found the offending pick-axe – I had previously ridden straight past it. In short, this pick-axe, easy to miss, kicks off the quest chain that takes you into the ‘Pit of Iron’, where there are some 10+ quests to complete, including a repeatable (daily) quest which is useful for Theodred’s Riders reputation.

As for the ‘Pit of Iron’ itself, I have to say I like it. It’s definitely change of scene from the whole Dunland ‘thing’, with a very similar feel to the ‘Silvertine Loads’ zone in Moria; loads of ramps, bridges, tunnels, mine-tracks and more; goblins and orcs galore. A 3D-maze, in effect. It’s a challenge, and enjoyable (for me at least). The only thing it’s missing is a mini-map (bold Turbine, bold!), but fortunately there are already a few fan-made maps out there – I found this one the best for me.

Pit of Iron map

Pit of Iron map

I picked the map up from here.

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