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Nimble Black Goat

Posted in Diary, Instances, lotro with tags , , , , , on February 3, 2012 by Corleth

So last weekend, I finally killed the last few Kergrim that I need in Skumfil. The ‘Nimble Black Goat’, awarded for the Moria Meta-deed, now belongs to my guardian.

Moria Meta Deed complete!

Moria Meta Deed complete!

It took a while (!!), but it’s a handsome beastie (see below):

Nimble Black Goat

Nimble Black Goat

Over the last week, I’ve also hit kindred with Theodred’s Riders on my lore-master, and finished up all non-repeatable quests in the Isenguard and Dunland zones. That’s my third level 75 toon though the Dunland & Isenguard zones.

The big news this week came from Turbine, who announced that a new zone will be coming this spring, when ‘Update 6’ hits. This new “Great River” zone looks like it will link Dunland with Lothlorien. Another major change for Update 6 looks to be that skirmish soldiers will be summon-able during general play. This, to me, is a definite nod towards the perceived success of the ‘companion system’ in SWTOR – even though skirmish soldiers are not likely to be allowed in instances, for the time being at least, due to balance reasons. My opinion on this change is nothing but positive – for those players like myself, who only play skirmishes very occasionally, it will move the skirmish soldier from a neglected backwater into the mainstream of our play. I hope that Turbine see fit to increase the cosmetic options available for skirmish soldiers too – otherwise there will be a large number of very similar looking toons running around the game….

Looking further ahead, Turbine also announced within the last week, a major new release of content for the autumn, to include the plains of Rohan, mounted combat, and the level cap being raised to 85. Phew! It looks like it’s going to be a busy year for players and developers alike!

Moving back to the current content, I’ve spent a good bit of time this week running the 3-mans around Isenguard. This includes:

  • completing ‘The Pits’, tier-2, on my guardian.
  • completing ‘The Pits’, tier-1, on my rune-keeper.
  • completing ‘Fangorns Edge’, tier-1, on both my guardian and my rune-keeper.

Next up will be a run or two through ‘Dargnakh Unleashed’.

Out of the three, 3-man instances around Isenguard, I like “The Pits” best. The boss fights, as with “Fangorn’s Edge”, are challenging, but fun. I just wish the number of deeds wasn’t so great. You have to run each instance in about 20 (slight exaggeration, I know!) different ways in order to complete all the deeds, making them somewhat of a grind, in my opinion. I’d personally have preferred more random drops and fewer deeds!

Looking forward over the coming weeks, I really should start moving my minstrel on from level 67 on towards 75, but I’m just sick of Dunland at the moment, so I’m going to change pace a little and start levelling my burglar (currently level 50) again. First stop, Eregion!

Saviour Of Khazad-dum…almost!

Posted in Deeds, Diary, Instances, lotro with tags , , , , , on January 18, 2012 by Corleth

Firstly, a belated welcome to 2012. Since my last post, Christmas and New Year have come and gone. I was lucky enough t have a fairly extended Christmas break, and while I wasn’t by any means glued to the PC over the holiday period, I did spend a good few hours gaming. However, LoTRO wasn’t top of my festive activity list – this year Orcs Must Die and SWTOR were my two avenues of gaming-based escapism. Both provided some excellent entertainment, but mid-January finds me drawn back to LoTRO like a helpless bee to a honey pot.

My loremaster is now level 75. Only just, but level 75 nevertheless. I still have some way to go with regard to maxing out reputation with Theodred’s Riders, but that will come in time. In the meantime, I now have my guardian, my rune-keeper and my loremaster, all at the level 75 level cap. Variety is the spice of life and also helpful when getting kin raiding groups together!

My Loremaster Hits Level 75

My Loremaster Hits Level 75

Talking of raiding, my kin have now had several nights-worth of attempts at Saruman in the Tower of Orthanc raid. We’ve gotten to stage five a few times, but never completed. More practise required, obviously! In fact, with update 5.1 hitting yesterday, a few of the bugs with the Orthanc raid look to have been sorted, so I’m hopeful that things might go a little better in our next attempt or two.

Saruman - going down! (hopefully)

Saruman - going down! (hopefully)

The Draigoch raid takes noticeably less time (but is not much easier!) since update 5.0 came out last month, and I have to say I’m appreciative of Turbine for that – reducing the Big Dragon’s morale from 9 million down to 6 million, means we don’t have to stay sat down, glued to the mouse & keyboard, for an hour and a quarter straight…Now it only takes around 45 minutes for a typical tier 2 (12-man) run, if you don’t wipe! Having been asked to tank in there for the very first time last week, I can honestly say that my nerves were shredded by trying to work out the ‘go left!’ and ‘go right!’ calls for the rest of the raid – particularly in phase 2. And yes, I did make a mess of it first time around and yes we did wipe 😛

Finally, remember Moria? It was officially released on 18th November 2008. I reckon my first toon, my guardian, entered Moria for the first time a few weeks after that – probably around Christmas 2008. That’s just over three years ago now. And guess what? I’ve gradually been soloing my way though the very few remaining Moria deeds that I have outstanding on that same guardian. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve completed (solo):

  1. The Grand Stair troll slayer deed.
  2. The Grand Stair warg slayer deed.
  3. The Fil Gashan orc-Skirmisher deed.

Completing 1 & 2 meant completion of the Grand Stair deed.  Completing 3 meant completion of Marshal of the Burning Depths. In turn, this means that the Saviour of Khazad-dum meta-deed is almsot done. The very last Moria deed I have left is the Skumfil kergrim slayer deed, required to complete the Mastery Over Fear deed. 28 kergrim left to kill and counting!

Draigoch, I see you!

Posted in Diary, Instances with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on October 25, 2011 by Corleth

My guardian finally reached level 75 over the weekend, and on the way completed the last of the non-repeatable quests in the Dunland & Isenguard regions. All exploration deeds complete, too. I’ve even hit kindred reputation with Theodred’s Riders, thanks, I think, to completing a good number of daily tasks out of  Frothband (5 x 300 rep = 1500 rep from tasks, per day).

If you’re short of rep with Theodred’s Riders, don’t forget:

  • the two repeatables in the ‘Pit of Iron’ (2 x 500 rep = 1000 rep)
  • plus the four repeatables inside Isenguard itself (4 x 700 rep = 2800 rep).

Once you hit kindred with the Riders, it’s well worth checking in with the Rohirrim Quartermaster reputation reward vendor in Galtrev, to see if anything shiny catches your eye. This took my fancy!

Bracelet of Remembered Strength

Bracelet of Remembered Strength

Going back to the ‘Pit of Iron’, briefly…it’s a bit scary, but I’m actually beginning to find my way around. In fact, I seem to now know where I’m going! Maybe my sense of direction isn’t as bad as I thought…hmmmm!

On my way through Isenguard, I also made the little map (below) of The Savage Dens, a cave system that’s part of Fang Rider’s Warren. My map shows where to complete the following quests:

  • Master of the beasts
  • Horses gone astray
  • Captain of fangs
  • Recipe for disaster
  • This is not the work of a cook
  • Not cute at all
Savage Dens Map & Quest info.

Savage Dens Map & Quest info.

On the end-game armour front, I now have three pieces of the level 75 crafted armour (chest, shoulders and helm), but I’m thinking of holding off crafting any additional pieces due to the fact that the first four pieces of the ‘Draigoch set’* seem to be easier than I anticipated to get hold of. I can then keep those all-too-rare ‘Cracked Rhi Helvarch Sigils’ for jewellery crafting.

* – as outlined here, this is the current end-game raid-set, available via barter from Lugdagnir (Adventurers Quartermaster) in Galtrev. Four pieces can be bartered with superior fourth marks (chest, leggings, boots & gloves), while the helm and shoulders require coin drops from the Draigoch raid.

In the medium term, I can see myself running around with crafted helm and shoulders (Armour of Theodred), plus the chest, leggings, boots and gloves from the Draigoch set. I reckon it could take a while before I win a coin(s), from the Draigoch raid, that would enable me to enable me to get my dwarf-paws on the raid-set helm and/or shoulders 😛

I’m finding that the easiest way to grind superior fourth marks (S4Ms) is to run ‘The School’ and ‘The Library’ (3-mans) on a daily basis. Running these two instances yields a total of six S4Ms, per day, and usually takes less than 25 minutes (if you only bother with the challenge quests within the instances). A handy by product of these two 3-mans is the acquisition of skirmish marks – which I need a lot of to bring my skirmish soldier up to scratch.

Speaking of the Draigoch raid, my kin ran this for the second time last night, my first time, in 12-man (challenge) format – and I had a ball. We didn’t complete it, wiping after hitting six (or was it seven?) fellowship manoeuvres. Enjoyable though!

Draigoch - 'My what big teeth you have' :)

Draigoch - 'My what big teeth you have' 🙂

75 Less 1 = 74

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Another week on and my guardian finds himself at level 74. The epic storyline has led him first into, and then out of, Isenguard (it’s BIG!). An enjoyable journey has been, too. The cosmetic prisoners’ outfit that you pick up whilst a prisoner inside Isenguard, is sure to become a favourite with some, as well!

(Off topic – my trouble is, every time I see a toon in a prison suit, the tune of the ‘Smurfsong’ pops into my head, courtesy of the Baron Knights‘ spoof-song, ‘A taste of Aggro’, from the 1970s…

‘Where are you all coming from?’
We’re from Dartmoor, on the run
‘How did you work out your route?’
We followed the arrows on our suit
‘What were you in Dartmoor for?’
We borrowed a safe from the bank next door
‘and why do you all talk this way?’
Cause we’re from Catford, aren’t we? Uh!

and I know there are no arrows on the LoTRO prison suit…but my mind works in mysterious ways…at least ‘a taste of aggro’ is an MMO appropriate title!)

From Dartmoor on the run?

From Dartmoor on the run?

On the quest front, adventuring has brought me nearly to the Ford of Isen. The War of the Ring is beginning to get close I feel, and for me, arriving in this part of the world marks the first time since I entered Moria that I’ve really felt part of the ‘epic’. Mind you, I guarantee that I won’t feel the same by the time I’ve brought another three or four toons through… 😛

With regard to the questing, I still maintain that the extensive chaining of quests makes the game-path too rigid. It’s official – I don’t like this rigidity. Miss one quest and you’ll likely be forced to miss many, many more follow on/linked quests. Also, again repeating myself, on level the quests are all very straightforward – too easy in most cases. I’ve personally had very few issues at all. The only advice I could possibly give would be with the following:

‘Odd Benefactors’

This is quest takes place inside an instance, with the quest giver outside a cave system and the instance taking place inside the said cave system. After killing and collecting what you need, the quest then instructs you to return to the ‘Entrance chamber’ (or something similar). At this point I decided that I couldn’t be bothered finding my way out so, being clever [not!], I decided to use the ‘Leave Instance’ option to bring me back outside.

“All I need to do then” I thought, “is just hop back into entrance chamber to complete the quest”. Mistake. Leaving the instance caused the quest to then become impossible to complete, and I duly had to cancel the quest and restart it from scratch – on the instruction of a GM (whose English was less than brilliant, I have to say). Bugger!

‘Orcs in the Heathfells?’

Part of this quest involves killing four ‘Orc Guards’. Only there aren’t any. Or weren’t any, when I first looked around the area that they were supposed to be. After killing numerous ‘placeholder’ mobs, a couple did spawn for me at these locations – one at 86.7S, 4.4W and one at 86.6S, 4.2W.

Completing this quest took me over 20 minutes, waiting for re-spawns, so patience was the name of the game here.

On your marks…get set…RoI!

Posted in Deeds, Diary, Instances, lotro with tags , , , on September 26, 2011 by Corleth

Well. Here we are. All waiting for the Turbine servers to come back up. When they do, Rise of Isenguard should be live…

In the last week I’ve managed to get my burglar up to level 50, and through the majority of Forochel. He’s picked up three of the four pre-Moria legendary traits, en route, and is now sat in Dolven View. However, he’ll now be parked for a few months while I explore the three new regions that RoI is introducing, with my more advanced toons. My guardian first, and then probably my lore-master. Having said that, the class changes to the minstrel are such that I’ll be sorely tempted to run my mini for a while, just to get a feel for the what is, in many ways, almost a new class. Fun and games!

In almost the last act of the pre-Isenguard game, I attended a kin ‘Watcher’ run on Saturday night, on my guardian. It went very smoothly too, and I even picked up (at long last) a Moria armour set helm. It’ll never get worn in anger now, but at least I can say ‘I have it’. Saturday’s run was also my first time downing the big squid on my guard, so another deed  was ticked off – one of many in the last few weeks.

Anyhow, LoTRO client patching pains await, I’m sure, but I hope to see you all on the road to Isenguard, over the coming days and weeks. Have fun!

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