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16th Hall for RK Classquest

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I spent most of last week soloing my rune-keeper around Moria, recovering from the previous week’s raiding ‘overload’ (overload for me, anyway). I did manage to get into 16th Hall on Wednesday night, with my kin, and completed my level 58 rune-keeper quest, and killed all the bosses on the way. Unfortunately someone killed a bug in the battle with The Lost One, so we didn’t complete the instance hard-mode (HM). Still, not to worry – I was more than happy with getting the RK class quest out the way, and with the acquisition of four Moria Medallions (the first medallions that I’ve picked up on my RK). The 16th Hall trip also netted me about half-a-level’s worth of experience too, which consequently meant that on Thursday night, I hit level 59. I’m going back to the volume two book quests this week, in an attempt to at least get as far as 2.4.8….

The only other activity that I’ve managed is to bring my level 65 lore-master up to Forochel for some questing. This is fulfilling two requirements: (1) Acquisition of pages for my ‘Staff & Shield’ legendary skill deed (see previous post where I describe why this deed is still not complete!, and (2) the maxing out to 10 of some of my traits such as Empathy. I actually find it kind of therapeutic to solo around, picking of ‘grey’ quests for a while – absolutely no challenge involved!

Bog Warden and Tundra Horse

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In real life, the spring weather has been fantastic for the last week, so what with the longer daylight hours, I’ve been spending most of my spare time away from the PC. That said, I’ve not been entirely inactive, so here’s a wee update…

Last weekend, I completed the ‘Hero of the Upper Levels’ deed in Moira, with my lore-master (still level 59). I’ve also managed to get to Kindred rep with the Iron Garrison Guards, so I’ve picked up the ‘Nature Friend’ legendary trait. See the attached picture of my Bog-Warden!

Lore Master and Bog-Warden

Lore Master and Bog-Warden

Finally, at time of writing, I’ve just completed vol 2, book 4, chapter 7 ‘The Drowned Treasury’, so I’ll be working though the solo quests to get to the next fellowship quests in vol 2, book 5, chapter 5 before I head on out to Lorien.

With my rune-keeper (level 51), I’m finally out of Forochel, having hit Kindred Rep with the Lossoth – so I now have a Tundra Horse to show for my patience (see below). Eregion, here I come!

Runekeeper plus Losseth tundra horse

Runekeeper plus Losseth tundra horse

I’m not really using my level 65 (tank) at the moment, apart from an hour’s soiree into the 16th Hall last Sunday to help a couple of kinnies complete their level 58 class quests (rune-keeper and hunter class quests).The only part of the game I really still want to do at level 65, is to successfully run Sammath Gul, but my kin appears to have gone to sleep in the Spring sunshine, so I’ll bide my time. If I don’t get to complete it, c’est la vie. I certainly don’t have the time, or even the inclination, to be raiding (Barad Guldur, Dar Narbugud, The Rift, etc) at the moment – most of my current playing time is in chunks of about an hour, or less…real life is just too busy.

Talking of spring, the end of the in-game ‘Spring Festival’ is almost upon us. Like a lot of folks, I’m still awaiting the festival horse vendor bug-fix, so that I can pick up a ‘Spring Festival’ mount for both my lore-master (level 59), and for my warden (level 36). I’ll post a picture of each, as and when Turbine sort it out.

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