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Update 2 – Some More Impressions

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Last Saturday night I ran my first toon, my lore-master, though the new epic book – volume 3, book 3. I did this with a kin-group and we fellowed for all the quests that had a fellowship option; and I have to say it was just too easy. At no stage in any of the instances, did we feel in any way challenged. This doesn’t surprise me. Turbine, seems to be nerfing everything in sight, when it comes to the epic quest line.

I can understand the reasons for reducing the difficulty level for old epic instances such as 2.4.7 and 2.5.5, but not for the latest epic quests. The three instances for 2.5.5 were always challenging – the ‘Battle of The Deepway’, significantly so, when run on level. 2.6.8 was another instance that I for one found challenging, when first attempted.

So why can’t we have some challenge in the new epic instances? On Saturday night, the six of us who ran through 3.3 were chatting and joking all the way though, doing everything but concentrating on what we were doing. Nobody came close to dying. No puzzle solving or special tactics were ever required. And none of us had ever run through any of the instances before.

Last night I tried the same 3.3 content solo, using ‘Inspired To Greatness’, on my minstrel. My impressions weren’t changed at all – again it was too easy by far.

Session play in Volume 3, Chapter 3

Session play in Volume 3, Chapter 3

On the plus side, 3.3 does have an interesting story line. The session play with Isuldur is well done, and the last chapter ends very sadly – which is kind of appropriate. That said, here’s my plea to Turbine…put the same level of difficulty into epic instances that you are currently putting in to the raid clusters.

Which leads me nicely onto…

I tried the new Stoneheight instance on Tuesday night. I liked it. This is one of the new three-man instances, and it’s based in the North Downs. I like the fact that you have to find the entrance to it first off. The bosses are challenging, and the trash mobs are not so numerous as to raise frustration. We only tried tier 1; tier 2 can wait for another day – but tier 1 was useful  for working out strategies for the bosses and seeing how the instance played overall. The whole instance, as befits a 3-man, can be run in well under an hour. A good job, Turbine.

Halls of Crafting visit

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It’s been a fun week!

I acquired by first two tier 9 relics over last weekend. I achieved this by acquiring my second tier 8 relic, and then combining it with my first tier 8 relic – this yielded two tier 9s and one tier 8 relic – see below.

My first tier 9 relics

My first tier 9 relics

 I’m delighted with this achievement, but I’ve a way to go…I still need another four tier 9 relics to complete the LIs on my main toon alone….and then I have to repeat with my other three LI-equipped toons.

Elsewhere, there’s still no sign of free-to-play here on the EU servers. But, as I’ve said before, I have plenty to keep me busy, and am still thoroughly enjoying the current content. Over the last five or six days I’ve been very busy….

Last Wednesday I brought my rune-keeper on a kin-run through 2.5.5, and we have a scheduled 2.6.8 run on Wednesday week (27th October) – so I have to get through the intervening chapters by then.

On Thursday last week we didn’t have the sign-ups for the scheduled DN run, so we ran ‘Halls of Crafting’ instead. This was actually my very first time in HoC with any toon, so I took my guardian. We sailed through it, and completed the last boss hard-mode.

On Sunday, again with my guardian, we ran through Forges for the second time in less than a week, and my guard now only need 12 more orcs to complete the ‘Orcs of the Forge’ dead for Zeal – so one more run will complete this deed. After the Forges run, we then had enough spare time to have another quick run HoC, which again was achieved hard-mode. A successful evening’s work!

Finally, yesterday, I took my rune-keeper along on a kin run though the 16th Hall. We sailed though without any deaths, and even brought down ‘the Lost One’ in hard-mode – something that I’d only achieved once before on any toon. My RK also completed a load of quests and deeds in the process, and hit level 62 upon hand-in of the said quests.

Consignment Quests Discovered

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With no free-to-play in sight for us EU players, I’ve been pottering away on my rune-keeper, loremaster and warden. In fact, my warden has been getting an airing primarily because of the free-to-play delay, in that I have her sat inside the ‘Scholar’s Enclave’ in Duillond running the ‘consignment quests’, in order to get her scholar tiers mastered. I completed the ‘Master Apprentice’ scholar tier over the weekend, and now have almost enough lore to attain ‘Master Journeyman’ too.

Now, I’d never heard of the ‘Consignment Quests’ until I read recently on Doc Holiday’s blog that they were being scrapped with free-to-play…so, being nosey, I looked them up and found that they provide a way to level scholar tiers without running around searching for lore – if you have the patience to wait six or more hours for each quest to complete. They suit me, anyway so I’ll use them as long as they’re there and as long as I need them.

Elsewhere, over the weekend I brought my RK up to volume 2, book 5 chapter 5 (2.5.5). This chapter requires the completion of three separate instances: 

  • ‘Defend the 21st Hall’
  • ‘Defend the Deepway’
  • ‘Defend the Way of the Smiths’

So I’m now on the lookout for a likely PUG to run these three fellowship quests with – or maybe I’ll post an event up on our kin’s calendar, and get some help that way. I’m in no particular hurry anyway.

The other main tasks I want to achieve on my RK [before heading to Lothlorien] are the deeds to open up the Moria swift travel routes. I’ve already achieved this for the Upper Levels, and I think I have only three quests left to do in order to achieve this for the Central Levels; but I’ve twenty plus quests still required to achieve the same for the Deeps –  so plenty to be done!

On Thursday last week I finished volume 2 on my LM. I am now working on the volume 2 epilogue quests, and my aim is to get as many of those out of the way before staring on volume 3 later this week.

Next Stop, Mirkwood!

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I’m all finished up with my Warden in the south-west segment of Angmar. Now at level 43 I’m now questing in the Misty Mountains, and acquiring class quests pages while I’m at it. Once I hit 44, I’ll probably head up to Forochel, but I might just work though the Misty’s, back to eastern Angmar and then straight on to Eregion.

I’ve mainly been playing my Lore-Master over the last couple of weeks, though. She’s now halfway between level 64 and 65. I’m completely done in Lorien, acquired Kindred rep with the Galladhrim, and have started the [volume 2 book 9] Mirkwood content. However, over the last few days I’ve also been working on my virtues, plus running Grand Stairs for Moria Medallions. I even have my first radiance pieces (+10 radiance boots & gloves). Book wise, I’ve completed the 2.5.5 fellowship quests, and am now at 2.6.8 – which my kin is hopefully running this week. Once that’s done, I’ll have all my legendary traits! Oh yes, and I’ve also completed the Legend of the Deeps trait, so all the swift routes are now open to me [within Moria]. All in all, loads done!

None of my other alts have had much of an airing over the last two weeks. My rune-keeper is still stuck in Eregion on level 52, and will not be moving until my Lore-Master is raid-ready….which could be a couple more weeks away yet…

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