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No F2P For Me – Yet…

Posted in lotro with tags , , , , , , , , on November 2, 2010 by Corleth

Well, free-to-play has officially hit Europe. As I type, many of my kinnies have successfully downloaded the patch and are now running around happily inside the Gilrain world. Me? No joy. This has error has been appearing all afternoon, and there’s no sign of any resolution yet.

Hash Error while patching

Hash Error while patching

In the meantime, I thought I blog what I’ve been up to.

Last week I ran 2.6.8 with my rune-keeper, and in the process acquired my last-but-one legendary trait. I then headed out into Lothlorien, and have already achieved Friend status with the Galladhrim. I’m currently back inside Moria undertaking volume 2 book 7, and hope to be in a position to run 2.83 and 2.8.4 with a couple of kinnies, next week.

Last weekend three groups of us formed up for a concerted bash at doing Sword-Halls in challenge mode (HM). After a few wipes, all three groups succeeded. In my case, I managed this on my guardian, so I’ve no completed Warg Pens, Sword Hall, and Sammath Gul, all in HM, on this toon. Not much chance of achieving the same in Barad Guldur, unfortunately – our kin just doesn’t seem to have the interest in running that, at the moment. That said, I’m organising a bash at the Dungeons 3-man instance for next week….I’ve actually never been in there on any toon, so it should be interesting…!

Yesterday we had an hour and a half inside Skumfil, just to complete all the quests, and as many deeds as possible. Again, I was on my guardian. It’s good fun in there at level 65, and fairly straightforward.

Elsewhere, last week I took my LM back into DN on two separate nights. We got past Flagit and Zholuga, but Istum gave us major problems for some reason, so we never got as far as the Blind One. We were lacking a Cappy, and I think this had a major affect on our lack of success – that together with some novice DNers – we all have to learn though, so we’ll do better next time…

Halls of Crafting visit

Posted in lotro with tags , , , , , , , on October 19, 2010 by Corleth

It’s been a fun week!

I acquired by first two tier 9 relics over last weekend. I achieved this by acquiring my second tier 8 relic, and then combining it with my first tier 8 relic – this yielded two tier 9s and one tier 8 relic – see below.

My first tier 9 relics

My first tier 9 relics

 I’m delighted with this achievement, but I’ve a way to go…I still need another four tier 9 relics to complete the LIs on my main toon alone….and then I have to repeat with my other three LI-equipped toons.

Elsewhere, there’s still no sign of free-to-play here on the EU servers. But, as I’ve said before, I have plenty to keep me busy, and am still thoroughly enjoying the current content. Over the last five or six days I’ve been very busy….

Last Wednesday I brought my rune-keeper on a kin-run through 2.5.5, and we have a scheduled 2.6.8 run on Wednesday week (27th October) – so I have to get through the intervening chapters by then.

On Thursday last week we didn’t have the sign-ups for the scheduled DN run, so we ran ‘Halls of Crafting’ instead. This was actually my very first time in HoC with any toon, so I took my guardian. We sailed through it, and completed the last boss hard-mode.

On Sunday, again with my guardian, we ran through Forges for the second time in less than a week, and my guard now only need 12 more orcs to complete the ‘Orcs of the Forge’ dead for Zeal – so one more run will complete this deed. After the Forges run, we then had enough spare time to have another quick run HoC, which again was achieved hard-mode. A successful evening’s work!

Finally, yesterday, I took my rune-keeper along on a kin run though the 16th Hall. We sailed though without any deaths, and even brought down ‘the Lost One’ in hard-mode – something that I’d only achieved once before on any toon. My RK also completed a load of quests and deeds in the process, and hit level 62 upon hand-in of the said quests.

16th Hall for RK Classquest

Posted in lotro with tags , , , , , on August 23, 2010 by Corleth

I spent most of last week soloing my rune-keeper around Moria, recovering from the previous week’s raiding ‘overload’ (overload for me, anyway). I did manage to get into 16th Hall on Wednesday night, with my kin, and completed my level 58 rune-keeper quest, and killed all the bosses on the way. Unfortunately someone killed a bug in the battle with The Lost One, so we didn’t complete the instance hard-mode (HM). Still, not to worry – I was more than happy with getting the RK class quest out the way, and with the acquisition of four Moria Medallions (the first medallions that I’ve picked up on my RK). The 16th Hall trip also netted me about half-a-level’s worth of experience too, which consequently meant that on Thursday night, I hit level 59. I’m going back to the volume two book quests this week, in an attempt to at least get as far as 2.4.8….

The only other activity that I’ve managed is to bring my level 65 lore-master up to Forochel for some questing. This is fulfilling two requirements: (1) Acquisition of pages for my ‘Staff & Shield’ legendary skill deed (see previous post where I describe why this deed is still not complete!, and (2) the maxing out to 10 of some of my traits such as Empathy. I actually find it kind of therapeutic to solo around, picking of ‘grey’ quests for a while – absolutely no challenge involved!

Missed Legendary Trait

Posted in lotro with tags , , , , on July 13, 2010 by Corleth

It was a busy weekend in Middle Earth for me. I spend a good while on Saturday afternoon with my hobbit Burglar/Farmer, and finally finished the master farming tier. I’m now working on my supreme farming tier….the joy! I’ve also decided to use this toon to do Summer Festival quests, but I need to get him to level 35 first. I hit level 34 with him on Monday, so hope to hit level 35 by the end of the week, and then do the horse quests before launching into the Summer Festival content, including the acquisition of one of those nice Summer-Fest ponies.

Last weekend I also did some work on my LM/Weaponsmith, and finished up the master tier on her too. I’m not quite sure why I’ve suddenly gone back to crafting again – it’s just an urge that needed to be scratched, I guess. In addition to the crafting, I also organised a run though 2.6.8 yesterday evening, with TWIGs. We rattled through it, and one of our group even picked up the almost mythical teal-version of the ‘Cloak of Shadow and Flame’! Anyhow, I thought that was it for my LM’s legendary traits (you pick one up for finishing volume 2, book 8), but I’ve suddenly realised that I never picked up the ‘Staff & Sword’ trait….not ever! So I now have to traipse around Angmar/Misty Mountains, etc, to grind for pages….how annoying is that?! Doh!

Next Stop, Mirkwood!

Posted in lotro with tags , , , , , , , on June 2, 2010 by Corleth

I’m all finished up with my Warden in the south-west segment of Angmar. Now at level 43 I’m now questing in the Misty Mountains, and acquiring class quests pages while I’m at it. Once I hit 44, I’ll probably head up to Forochel, but I might just work though the Misty’s, back to eastern Angmar and then straight on to Eregion.

I’ve mainly been playing my Lore-Master over the last couple of weeks, though. She’s now halfway between level 64 and 65. I’m completely done in Lorien, acquired Kindred rep with the Galladhrim, and have started the [volume 2 book 9] Mirkwood content. However, over the last few days I’ve also been working on my virtues, plus running Grand Stairs for Moria Medallions. I even have my first radiance pieces (+10 radiance boots & gloves). Book wise, I’ve completed the 2.5.5 fellowship quests, and am now at 2.6.8 – which my kin is hopefully running this week. Once that’s done, I’ll have all my legendary traits! Oh yes, and I’ve also completed the Legend of the Deeps trait, so all the swift routes are now open to me [within Moria]. All in all, loads done!

None of my other alts have had much of an airing over the last two weeks. My rune-keeper is still stuck in Eregion on level 52, and will not be moving until my Lore-Master is raid-ready….which could be a couple more weeks away yet…

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