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Misty 21st Hall

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You’ve heard of then Misty mountains, right?

Well last week I ran my rune-keep up to Forochel to find the entrance to Sari-Surma – the mist up there was thicker than pea soup. I’ve never in fact seen Forochel like it!

Anyhow, on porting back to the 21st Hall, I found that the mist had travelled with me. Mad! The 21st Hall looked like something out of a 19th century London – i.e. smog filled and dark! I took a screen shot for posterity…

Misty 21st Hall

Misty 21st Hall

A quick note on last week’s tier 2 Lost Temple run. It bugged out on us. In the last boss fight (Furndur) our minstrel died; she retreated and came back to the gate – and Furndur promptly reset. Despite raising a ticket, nothing we could do would then re-activate the fight. As such, a pretty much wasted couple of hours. 😦

I was also back in Dar Narbugud last night with my kin. We only had 11 raiders, but it was by far the smoothest run that I’ve ever been on. No wipes at all. We cruised through Balgh & Rung, Flagit & Zholuga. The other three bosses (Istum, The Blind One and The Mistress of Pestilence) are for tonight’s follow-up.



Oh yes, and I’ve still yet to win a single roll on a DN armour piece, on any toon. 30 odd rolls and counting…last night, on the Blagh/Rung chest, I even managed to roll a 93…only for someone to roll 100…*sigh*

Consignment Quests Discovered

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With no free-to-play in sight for us EU players, I’ve been pottering away on my rune-keeper, loremaster and warden. In fact, my warden has been getting an airing primarily because of the free-to-play delay, in that I have her sat inside the ‘Scholar’s Enclave’ in Duillond running the ‘consignment quests’, in order to get her scholar tiers mastered. I completed the ‘Master Apprentice’ scholar tier over the weekend, and now have almost enough lore to attain ‘Master Journeyman’ too.

Now, I’d never heard of the ‘Consignment Quests’ until I read recently on Doc Holiday’s blog that they were being scrapped with free-to-play…so, being nosey, I looked them up and found that they provide a way to level scholar tiers without running around searching for lore – if you have the patience to wait six or more hours for each quest to complete. They suit me, anyway so I’ll use them as long as they’re there and as long as I need them.

Elsewhere, over the weekend I brought my RK up to volume 2, book 5 chapter 5 (2.5.5). This chapter requires the completion of three separate instances: 

  • ‘Defend the 21st Hall’
  • ‘Defend the Deepway’
  • ‘Defend the Way of the Smiths’

So I’m now on the lookout for a likely PUG to run these three fellowship quests with – or maybe I’ll post an event up on our kin’s calendar, and get some help that way. I’m in no particular hurry anyway.

The other main tasks I want to achieve on my RK [before heading to Lothlorien] are the deeds to open up the Moria swift travel routes. I’ve already achieved this for the Upper Levels, and I think I have only three quests left to do in order to achieve this for the Central Levels; but I’ve twenty plus quests still required to achieve the same for the Deeps –  so plenty to be done!

On Thursday last week I finished volume 2 on my LM. I am now working on the volume 2 epilogue quests, and my aim is to get as many of those out of the way before staring on volume 3 later this week.

Guards 1 – Thorog 0

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I ran Helegrod for the very first time last night, with mixed kin group – the catch being it was an all Guard raid, and yes, we did start out with 24 guards! It took about an hour to get all 24 together – about 9 were from my own kin (Twilight Gathering), some from Hecil, and the rest from other kins. The raid itself took just over ninety minutes to run, with no wipes. We started off with the Coldbear, and then worked our way through all areas, killing all the bosses, and finally ending up with Thorog. Zandu was the only boss to cause us more than one death – due to the acid pool (?) she drops when she dies. Thorog took 1 minute and 26 seconds to down during which we lost only one of the raid, so at the end we had 18 or 19 guards left standing (only 19 ‘cos some had fallen by the wayside due to real-life issues…), and we took a group shot (see below) to celebrate the achievement. All in all, great fun – and I doubt I’ll see 24 guards on the charge again, for a while!

All Guard Helegrod Run - The Victors

All Guard Helegrod Run - The Victors

Over the weekend I levelled my rune-keeper to 57, and she’s now well on the way to 58. I took her all the way to the First Hall, back up to Balin’s camp site, then cleared out the Deep Decent quest hub (Silvertine Loads quests), and am now working my way through the quests out of the 21st Hall (Zelem-melek).

My Lore master has made good progress over the last couple of weeks too – I’ve completed 2.8.6 and am now starting to work through the Mirkwood quest hubs, together with skirmishing through 2.9. I’ve also downed the Turtle again, and run Grand Stairs a couple of times, and need just one Moria Medallion for my 10 radiance leggings.

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