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Ost Death

Posted in Instances, lotro with tags , , , on May 4, 2011 by Corleth

On the more positive side of my LoTRO activities for the last few days, comes the completion of tier 2 of the disease wing in Ost Dunhoth. We officially have the hang of Baleleaf and Dourbark. In fact we (my kin) have completed it twice since the last time I posted. I didn’t win anything exciting from the chests, but hey, am I sad? (yes!)…

On the not-so-positive side, we’ve been struggling with the poison-wing boss, Frothmar. We really just can’t seem to get to grips with the fight at all. Four hours last night,  some huge repair bills, oodles of scrolls/food/pots, and we still didn’t get him down much beyond half morale :(. I personally think that we have too many champs splashing about in the acid pool, and not enough hunters/ranged DPS standing back a safer distance. The tank-swapping mechanic is also causing difficulties too. Watch this space for more updates…

Next week we’re going to have a bash at the wound wing – which means being trampled by mammoths…more death and destruction, I have no doubt.

In the meantime, I’m working on my rune-keeper’s virtues and starting her on Volume 3. But under no circumstances am I going to work through Enedwaith quests again – three times already is quite enough.

Ost Dunhoth Ahoy

Posted in Deeds, Diary, Instances with tags , , , , , , , , on April 26, 2011 by Corleth

I’ve been busy enough in game, over the last week or so. I’ve completed Stoneheight (tier 2) on my minstrel and on my guardian, completed The Lost Temple (tier 1) on my guardian, and had a bash at the disease wing in Ost Dunhoth (tier 2) on my loremaster. When I say ‘a bash’, I obviously mean that we didn’t get it done. The mechanics of the boss fight (Baleleaf and Dourbark) took a while for our very inexperienced group to get to grips with; we then had a couple of very close attempts before the lateness of the hour caused us to throw the towel in. That said, we’ve already pencilled in another attempt for alter this week.

My kin also had their first post-radiance attempt at the Watcher last week – I took my minstrel for her first vsit to the Vile Maw, and we succeeded after a couple of unlucky wipes. I’m still chasing the helm and shoulders from ‘The Watcher’ armour set, but needless to say, was unlucky with my rolls again on this occasion. As an aside, I’m a firm convert to the ‘No Radiance’ world – all sorts of folks who couldn’t be bothered to grind for radiance gear, are now coming raiding, and enjoying it. It’s all very refreshing, to be honest.

A warden in our kin needed to get his class quest done in Dark Delvings last week too, so I took my guardian along for the trip. We got the warden quest done without much issue, but struggled with Gurvand. I lost count of how many times I got punted off the cliffs to my doom – if only the LoTRO Store sold parachutes ;). Anyhow, in the end we did actually manage to kill Gurvand, in challenge mode too; in the process I completed my last outstanding deeds in DD (on my guardian) and thus picked up the ‘Triumph within the Forsaken Deeps’ deed. I have now completed all deeds in two (Forges & DD) out of the six Moria instances .

Elsewhere, I’ve just about finished Enedwaith on a third toon – my guardian. When I say ‘finished’, I mean hit Kindred with the Algraig and with the Grey Company; plus completed all the quests and epics up to the end of volume 3 book 3. Phew. I’m not sure I’ll do it for a fourth time – I think I’ll be restricting my RK to the Volume 3 epic quest line only.

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