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Durchest (HM) RIP

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So Isenguard is still a month away. I’m not playing too much, at the moment – probably about an hour or so a night, on average. A wee bit more over weekends. So what have I been up to? Well, I’m still tipping away at deeds on my level 65 toons; plus working on getting my skirmish soldiers up to level 65 together with all of their equipped traits.

I’m also still levelling my burglar. Since my last post, I’ve moved him on to level 43, completing the vast majority of the solo quests in Evendim en route, as well as hitting kindred with the Wardens of Annuminas. I now have him in Aughaire, questing in south-western Angmar – mainly in the hope of acquiring page drops for my three legendary skill books. So far I have six out of the twelve pages [that can be collected in Angmar]. Providing that I manage to get the remaining six pages before I hit level 45, I’ll then head up to Forochel to continue levelling.

Overlooking Rantost in Evendim

Overlooking Rantost in Evendim

Grouping wise, I missed out on my kin’s Helegrod runs last week, due to real-life stuff, but I did tag along on a Barad Guldur run last Monday. I brought my rune-keeper for her first outing in BG, and we even managed to kill Durchest in challenge mode. This is the first time that my kin has successfully managed this feat, so we were delighted. Mind you, we couldn’t get past the Twins on the following night, so we obviously had used up all our luck…

In Barad Guldur - looking down!

In Barad Guldur - looking down!


Spider Wing trouble

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Last week, we again completed the Barad Guldur raid, again on easy-mode with each of the three bosses. Next time out, it will definitely be time to start having a go at the challenge-mode – at least on Durchest and the Twins. Until radiance is removed, there’s no realistic way that we’ll get a shot at the LT in challenge-mode.

Elsewhere in game, I’ve being trying to finish Enedwaith on my Lore-master. All the non-repeatable quests are now done, and I’m just trying to grind out Kindred reputation with the Grey Company. The number of repeatable quests for Grey Company reputation (only four) makes this annoying. I’ll probably do it one more time – on my guardian – but that will be it. My rune-keeper, who I am currently completing the Volume 2 epilogue quests in Mirkwood with, will definitely NOT be doing anything in Enedwaith, apart from the Volume 3 quests.

Talking of my rune-keeper, I joined the back-end of a kinnie Sammath Gul run last night, and promptly ticked both Gorothul and Demafaer off my ‘to kill’ list. I didn’t win any nice loot, but hey, I didn’t have to grind through either of the first two bosses, either.

We followed SG up with a run though the Helegrod Spider wing (at level 65). Is it me, or is the last fight in this instance insanely difficult? After two hours of trying to kill Zaudru, we gave up – and there seems to be little or no help out there on the forums. Is there a big secret, and does everyone have a problem with the last fight in the Spider Wing?

Oh yes – I gave Rift a try. After three or so hours of play, I’ve decided it’s not for me. The lore leaves me cold, as does the game play. It looks nice, but that’s about all. But that’s just me – I’m sure many, many folks will love it. My only gripe is that I spent my ill gotten euros on a game I almost certainly won’t play again.

The Death of The Lieutenant

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It took us three attempts, but we killed the Lieutenant (on easy-mode), on the very first evening that we attempted him. That said, we were lead by a kinnie who is also has toons in a hard-core raiding kin, and so someone who knew the fight intimately, and was therefore able to guide us very efficiently in the nuances of the fight.

Still, it’s a great feeling to actually finish the Barad-Guldur raid, albeit without attempting challenge mode on any of the bosses. We now aim to repeat the trick a few times. Due to the average radiance in our raiding group being around the 130/140 mark, there is little or no chance that we’ll attempt the ‘LT’ in challenge mode before radiance is removed from the game next month – but after that, we might just give it a go!!

Elsewhere in the game this week, I’ve been trying to finish up Mirkwood on my rune-keeper. Last night my reputation with the Malledhrim hit ally, as I finished up questing around the Gathburz hub. This is my fourth toon to pass though Mirkwood, and maybe my last – I’m about to try out the new MMORPG – ‘Rift’. I won’t be giving LoTRO up under any circumstances, but my alto-holism may have to be curtailed…


A Symbol, Some Boots and A Legendary Trait…

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The last week or so has been good fun!

On Sunday last (eight days ago) I ran the Annuminas instances on my LM, with my kin, and I won my first ever Symbol of Celebrimbor roll. I promptly converted it into a shiny new second age level 65 staff, which I’ve been levelling up ever since.

On Monday & Thursday my kin was back in Barad Guldur, with me yet again on my loremaster; the Monday run saw us repeat our [previous week’s] kills of Durchest and the Twins of Fire & Shadow – and I won the roll on the Dark Emblem of Courage and so am now a proud owner of the BG 30 radiance boots. It’s just a shame that radiance is in its final days as a LoTRO game mechanic. Unless Turbine decide to improve the stats on the BG armour set when radiance is removed, the set will become no more than a cosmetic set. I digress – anyhow, as a coup de grace on my night’s work, at the Twins, a very nice sword (at least for an LM) – ‘Saelwagol’ – dropped and found its way into my bags too, so completing a very good night for me!



Last Thursday, after the weekly reset, we went back to BG and did for Durchy and the Twins for the third time in a row. Tonight, we’re going to attempt the run from the Twins to The Lieutenant. I don’t for one minute believe we’ll succeed in killing the Lieutenant – it’s our first try, after all – but heck, we’ll give it a go…!

I also spent a good bit of time on my warden last week. She was level 46 at the start of the week, and by Saturday night was up to 48. As well as leveling, I completed the first chapter of Volume 2, and so picked up my first legendary item, a javelin, as a result. I also picked up my first legendary trait by completing my level 45 class quests. I had to use skirmish marks to get hold of the Crimson Gorthorog Horn that I needed, but I was lucky enough to have the other three items (Bloodstained Tally Stick, Rune of Evil Presence and Teeth of Gorthorog) that I needed from my old kin’s bank (which I raided just before my old kin was dissolved).

Talking of skirmishing in the mid-40 level range – the XP that you pick up, even running a tier-1 solo skirmish, is far in excess of what you’d pick up running equivalent quests on level. You almost go through the levels too quickly when skirmishing, I think – but if you want to keep your skirmish soldier at the same level as you, and fully skilled up, regular skirmishes have to be run.

I’m using a banner guard for my warden. It’s not a choice that I’d make again as (1) banner guards seem to be a bit too squishy for my liking, and (2) they insist on being out front where they can spoil my ambushes half the time – not to mention grabbing aggro when I’m not watching closely! That said, I suppose grabbing aggro back, is good practise for end-game grouping…

Anyhow, the next steps for my Warden will be to complete questing in the Misty Mountains and then move on to Eregion – and hopefully in the process pick up the remaining pages that I need for my three legendary-trait books.

Goodnight Watcher

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There are, at the time of writing, three radiance-gated 12-man raids in LoTRO:

  1. The Vile Maw (the Watcher)
  2. Dar Narbugud (final boss is The Mistress of Pestilence)
  3. Barad Guldur (final boss is The Lieutenant of Dol Guldur).

I have now completed both 1 and 2. To find out the latest, read on…

Monday evening was a good evening. My kin have been trying to bring down The Watcher – on and off – for the past few months. We’re a casual raiding bunch, and I’d say we’re tried about twenty odd runs covering five or six different events. Anyhow, on Monday we did it – killed ‘The Watcher’. I started off on my guardian, but due to some necessary tweaking, ended up on my lore-master for the successful run.

For the majority of us, it was our first time bringing the Watcher down. My major ambitions coming into this year were (1) kill the Watcher, and (2) kill the Lieutenant. To manage one of them this early in the year is a real bonus! Oh yes, and to cap the night, we followed the Vile Maw with a trip to the turtle – which we completed without a hitch. So two raids completed in one night. I went to bed happy.

Christmas Activities

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It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post, and the Christmas break has seen me busy, in-game.

My rune-keeper is now finally at level cap. Thanks to some time off work before Christmas, I brought her all the way through Lothlorien, hitting ‘kindred’ with the Galadhrim on the way, and also completing volume 2 book 8 of the epic quest line; I then brought her through the Mirkwood starter area, and I’m now questing in Mirkwood proper, while also working on finishing up volume 2.

I have to say, at this stage, that I find the RK a hard class to play at level cap. The lack of a reliable mezz makes for very hard multi-mob pulls, and I find I die much more regularly than with any of my other level 65 toons…that said, my equipment still isn’t as good as I’d like it, as I haven’t ground out an end-game set for her – I’ll probably start looking at grinding the Helegrod set once I have the majority of Mirkwood out the way – but with the end of radiance now on the horizon, I’m less inclined to put in the time…that said, the Helegrod sets, even without considering radiance, look to be a good bet when compared to any of the other end-game armour sets.

Elsewhere, I finally got my lore-master enough radiance to join a couple of my kin’s raids into Barad Guldur. For the uninitiated, this 12-man raid in Mirkwood, currently requires a minimum of 115 radiance for a toon to be effective, so I used some ‘Superior Third Marks’ and picked up the Helegrod 25-radiance ‘Beast-Master’ head piece for my LM, bringing her total radiance up to 120. Two runs through ‘The Gauntlet’ later, and I can honestly say “What damn good fun!”. That said, we’ve so far failed to bring down Durchest, but the last attempt was oh-so-close….one of our minstrels managed to acquire aggro near the end of the fight, and Durchest then proceeded to wipe us…grrrrr!

I’ve had a bit of an epiphany, in fact. I’m now a raider. When I say that, I mean that the part of LoTRO that I enjoy the most is raiding. In game, I’m now at my happiest (most of the time) with my headset on, running group content with kinnies. That’s some change, as I always used to be an alto-holic – more interested in levelling than grouping. Is this a change for the better? Only time will tell, I guess…

So, what else have I been up to? Well, running my toons through Enedwaith, mostly. I’ve yet to hit kindred with either of the Enedwaith factions (the Grey Company and the Algraig) – but I’m not far off. I particularly want the shield/pocket item combo for my guardian – but that will be another week or two coming. And after that….? I might just try to grind out a couple of Helegrod armour sets…

You’re so Radiant!

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A kinnie of mine asked me in the week, ‘How much radiance do I need to join a Watcher raid?’ This took me a little by surprise.

Now, I’m definitely a ‘Casual’ gamer – my gaming time is generally between 10 and 15 hours a week and I like to ‘play’ with whatever time I have, so whenever I’m online, unless I’m looking for something specific, I stay well away from the forums.

All that said, I was still surprised that someone who plays pretty much every day, and has a well traited, well put together level 65 main, would not have some basic knowledge about how much radiance is required for ‘the Watcher’ and, indeed, how much is required for the other radiance-gated raids out there. It occurs to me that this sort of knowledge is presumed, and often left unsaid by the majority of folks ‘in the know’. I mean, my general presumption is that everybody who goes after radiance armour knows about the radiance-gated raids in the game, and how much radiance is required to partake in them; but after asking around, I find that many don’t…

Anyhow, I’ve listed the LOTRO radiance gated raids below (there you go, Gub!), together with their approximate location. Go in and take a peek, if you like!

Name Size Ideal (Minimum)  Radiance Location
The Watcher 12 man 60 (50) Vile Maw, Waterworks, Moria
Dar Narbugud 12 man 90 (70) Foundations of Stone, Moria
Barad Guldur 12 man 120 (120) Dol Guldur, Mirkwood

In case anyone reading this doesn’t know, ‘radiance’ is a stat on armour pieces that are currently acquired through 3 and 6-man instances in Moria & Mirkwood. The following is a basic guide to what ‘radiance armour’ is available, and from where:

Tier One Radiance armour pieces

Anyone of level 58 and over can start collecting Moria Medallions. These can be acquired from any of the following 6-man Moria instances (Grand Stairs, Forges, Skumfil, 16th Hall, Dark Delving, and Fil Gashen).

Since the advent of Siege of Mirkwood (SoM), most people seem to be just picking the easiest of these instances, Grand Stairs (GS), and farming it. A daily hard-mode (HM) run though GS will net 7 Moria Medallions (any further GS runs on a given day will net a given toon only 4 medallions). Once you have ten or more Moria Medallions, you can pop to your class trainer in the 21st Hall, and start exchanging them for one of six class-specific armour pieces with 10-radiance.

It’s worth noting that the 10-radiance boots, gloves, chest piece and leggings (i.e. four pieces) form part of a six-piece ‘set’. The other two radiance pieces of the set are ‘tier three’ (20-radiance) pieces that can only be acquired from ‘The Watcher’ raid (see ‘tier three’, below).

The 10 radiance helm and shoulder guards are stand alone pieces, and are the least desirable of all the 10-radiance LOTRO radiance pieces, in my opinion.

Tier Two Radiance armour pieces

The tier two radiance pieces consist of three pieces of 15-radiance armour (chest piece, gloves, and leggings), and can be worn by level 59s upwards. These can be acquired by collecting Lothlorien Medallions, and bartering them at your class trainer in 21st Hall, or at your class trainer in Caras Galadhon. As of SoM, these pieces can also be acquired by collecting Dol Guldur Medallions and bartering them at your class trainer in Emyn Lum, Mirkwood.

The ‘tier two’ 15-radiance pieces, apart from the radiance stat, are way worse than the tier one 10 radiance pieces, and constitute by far the worse radiance gear in the game. That said, they’re easy to get hold of, and if you want to get enough radiance to run Barad Guldur, without getting tier three or tier four pieces, they’ll help!

Lothlorien Medallions are found within the following instance in Moria:

– Halls of Crafting (6–man, Flaming Deeps)

– Hall of Mirrors (3-man, Zirakzigil)

– Water Wheels (3-man, Waterworks)

Tier Three Radiance armour pieces

If you have 50-radiance, are level 58 or above, and you can find 11 buddies (or less if you’re daring), head for the Watcher. Bringing him down will give you the chance of rolling on one or two Platinum Coins, which can then be whisked off to your class trainer in the 21st Hall to be exchanged for either a 20-radiance helm, or 20-radiance shoulders.

Tier Four Radiance armour pieces

If you already have 70 or more radiance, and are level 60 or above, you can chase the tier four pieces. These all have 20-radiance, and can be obtained by bartering coin drops from the Dar Narbugud raid, at class trainers in Caras Galadhon in Lothlorien. I’ve never set foot in Dar Narbugud, so I’ll say no more.

Tier five Radiance armour pieces

There are 3 tier five pieces (boots, helm, and shoulder guards) that can be put together with the 3 tier two pieces (see above) to form a full set (at least visually – there is no ‘full-set’ bonus). If your maths is up-to-scratch, you’ll realise that the 3 tier five pieces, together with the 3 tier two pieces, will give you enough radiance (120 in total) to run Barad Guldur…(Coincidence? I think not…)

Tier five pieces (for level 65s) are can be bartered from your class trainer in Emyn Lum, using Medallions of Dol Guldur. These are found in the following Mirkwood instances:

– Sword Hall (3-man, Dol Guldur)

– Warg Pens (3-man, Dol Guldur)

– Dungeons of Dol Guldur (3-man, Dol Guldur)

– Sammath Gul (6-man, Dol Guldur)

Tier 6 Radiance armour pieces

Currently top of the tree, is the 6-piece set of 30-radiance gear that can be acquired from coin drops in the 12-man Barad Guldur (BG) instance. Of course, you need 120-radiance to be able to attempt BG. Anyone managing to get all six will then have a whopping 180-radiance, and a very nice armour set (stat wise) to boot, by the looks!

There we have it. When I started writing this, I had no intention of writing a radiance gear guide. All of the above information is available elsewhere, so I’ve really just written this version for those that find it, and might consider it informative. Of course, please let me know if you notice any mistakes!

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