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Thank Cluck!

Posted in Chicken Quests, Diary, Epic Quests, lotro with tags , , , , , on March 22, 2010 by Corleth

Thank Cluck! Phew. I finally managed to get my chicken to Rivendell on Wednesday of last week, so now am the very proud owner of a ‘Cloak of Cluck’ (see screen shot)!

Cloak of Cluck

Cloak of Cluck

The run from Sandson’s Farm, near Michael Delving, all the way to the stables in Rivendell, took me three attempts spaced over three weeks (one attempt per week was really enough of a strain on my nerves!).

My first attempt was ended when a Moor Stalker spawned next to me on the High Moor, almost within sight of Rivendell – I didn’t even have a chance to twitch. My second attempt failed when I wasn’t paying close attention when running though the western part of the Trollshaws – a wolf pounced from behind a rock and I didn’t hit the speed boost quickly enough. Anyhow, the third run was lucky for me!

For company on all three runs I had a level 65 hunter, my kin mate Stepparunt – huge thanks again to him! There is no way (I believe) to make it further than the Ford of Bruinen without someone riding ‘shotgun’ – and those near invisible High Moor Stalkers are by far-and-away best dealt with by a hunter. All in all, a very enjoyable set of quests and a very nice cloak as a reward. Will I be trying the follow-on ‘Crosser of Roads’ quest?? Not anytime soon!

I’ve also been working away on volume 1, making use of the new (as of volume 3) ‘Inspired to Greatness’ trait. So far I’ve finished book 10, and am now running around Tal Bruinen working on book 11…I’m not sure how long it’ll take me to finish the volume, but at the current pace….quite a while…

Thrang ‘n’ Chickens

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It has been another fairly quiet, but enjoyable, week on the LOTRO front. I was busy with real life things for the majority the weekend, but on Sunday evening I met up with another ten others from my raiding kin and we headed off to ‘the Rift’. I’ve never been there before with any of my toons (when Mines of Moria came along to replace Shadows of Angmar, my highest level character was only 48, so I never got near the Rift when it was ‘the thing’ – I just jumped straight from questing in Angmar, into Moria).

Anyhow, on Sunday evening we headed off to the Rift with a mix of level 50 to 65 characters, made up of 2 minis, a burglar, 2 lore-masters, 2 captains, 2 hunters, a champ and a guardian. After three hours of great fun and one wipe, we’d gotten as far as Thrang, and we called it a night. Thrang is (I’m told) a nice 45 minute fight, so we’re planning on heading back there later this week with the aim of completing the whole instance – although that may take a couple of sessions.

Other bits that I’ve done in the last week or so, include levelling my lore master to 58, my rune keeper to 49, and I have nearly finished the chicken quests in the shire – I’m hoping the ‘Cloak of Cluck’ will be mine by this time next week! I only have the ‘big’ run to Rivendell to complete (so I’ll be badgering my kinnies to ride shotgun one evening this week, or over next weekend). What else would they be doing with themselves if they weren’t helping a level 1 chicken run from the Shire to Rivendell, without getting eaten?!!

Just as a comment, I’ve found the chicken quests quite good fun (although long!), and they are most certainly challenging; in particular, the Bree-land quest took three attempts, and consequently about 4 hours in total. If anyone wants to know more about my chicken questing, let me know, and I’ll post some more details…

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