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Dungeons Failure

Posted in Diary, Instances with tags , , , , on March 24, 2011 by Corleth

With the delayed Update 2 patch, here in the EU, a few of us were looking for something to do on Tuesday night. We decided we’d go back to the Dungeons of Dol Guldur. Last week we just failed HM in this 3-man instance, when we rescued 6 out of the possible 9 elves (you need to rescue 7 or more for HM).

Anyhow, despite our experiences of last week, we still failed to get two out of the four elves in the east wing of the dungeons this time around. We had all three of the keepers asleep (using a nightshade barrel),  but they woke up before we had all four elves out, and two elves ended up getting caught. The north and west wings went smoothly enough, so we ended up with 7 elves (again) in the main courtyard before the final boss arrived – The Warden.

Sentinals in Dungeons of Dol Guldur

Sentinels in Dungeons of Dol Guldur


Our tactics were the same as before, for the fight with the Warden. The tank (me) dragging the Warden behind a pillar in the corner of the courtyard, in order to make the elves bunch up. The healer to keeping the elves topped up with morale, and the DPS to concentrate on bringing down the boss. Last time it worked well, and we lost only one elf.

This time was not so good. The elves failed to bunch well enough, and the boss kept one-shotting them with his distributed-damage attack. By the time we had him down, there was only one elf left. Not a great result!

I’ve done some reading on the forums since, and I think there’s a couple of strategy changes that we’ll go with, whenever we try this instance again:

  1. You can fight the Warden in the cell, which reportedly helps keep the eves bunched up enormously. Getting the cell door open can be tricky though – it can only be done just as the boss is coming out of the gate and crossing the threshold into the main hall.
  2. Healing the elves can be made easier by using static tool-tips for each one; selecting each in turn and pressing H does this – but only four tool-tips for character can be created, so watching the elves needs to be shared between group members.
  3. The morale level of each of the elves can be seen by looking at the colour of the circle under their feet. Green for healthy; Yellow for hurt; red for nearly dead.

I like this instance; like ‘Warg Pens’, it’s different and I find it fun. I know for a fact that many, indeed probably the vast majority of, players do not like either of these Mirkwood three-man instances. With the new raid cluster that’s here with Update 2, these instances will probably now be forgotten about, which I think is a crying shame.

Durchest and The Twins, downed

Posted in lotro with tags , , , , , , , , , on February 9, 2011 by Corleth

After being involved in at least a dozen attempts at bringing down Durchest [the first boss in the Barad Guldur raid], last night was the night that we managed it. As usual, I was on my LM. Ok, we didn’t do challenge-mode (HM), but we did it. What a relief after so many previous wipes – and what a sense of achievement.

Many kins have BG on farm now, including Durchest, but this was our first, and one that I’m delighted to have been a part of. To add to the delight, we then ploughed on, and with only two wipes, managed to bring down the Twins [Morgaraf & Cargaraf], too (again though, not in challenge mode)! We would have had a crack at advancing on to the Lieutenant – but it was just too late. My only hope is that we have now learned our lessons and will progress at least as far again, in the near future – and come back and finally take down the LT!

The only down side to my evening was the fact that my rolling, when it comes to the radiance gear drops, is still awful. I’ve now been through Dar Narbugud a good few times, killed the Watcher twice, and now advanced as far as the Twins in BG…I’ve seen somewhere in the region of twenty-five radiance pieces (well, the coins to barter for them) drop – and not won any of them. I’m beginning to think DKP may have something going for it after all….

More Ups and Downs

Posted in lotro with tags , , , , , , , , , , on October 5, 2010 by Corleth

First the ups. My level 35 burglar finally reached ‘Supreme Master’ farmer last Saturday – it’s been a long time coming! I’ve been busy both farming and then cooking over the last week, as my level of raiding has dramatically increased. I’ve actually spent three nights raiding out of the last six.

It started last Thursday when I took my LM into Dar Narbugud for the first time. We got past the troll bosses, and hence the furthest I’d been with any of my toons, and then on past all of the orc bosses, stopping just before ‘the Blind One’. We went back again on Saturday night, brought down the Blind One at the second attempt, and then…I had to leave the raid due to a real life call. My kinnies found a replacement, but couldn’t bring down ‘the Mistress of Pestilence’ – I’m not sure whether my presence would have helped or not – probably not! Anyhow, we’ll be heading back for another attempt this coming Thursday…

And the downs? Yesterday we had another bash at ‘the Watcher’ too – but despite always getting to stage three of the fight, we never looked like bringing Mr Squid down – we (the kin) clearly have a lot of learing to do. I also got dragged into the final boss (Demafaer) in Sammath Gul on Sunday night – and we wiped four times. How come I’ve never wiped on this guy before? I mean, I even picked up my Glass Flask off him last week, and now we can’t even get close to killing him?!? weird – and more than a little frustrating.

Elsewhere, I got the Sword Hall run that I needed out-of-the-way on Wednesday last week, so my LM now has 65 radiance. I’ve decided that I’ll need another 25 radiance armour piece, for sure, as I was burning hope tokens to beat the band in DN. I’m going to try ‘Warg Pens’ tomorrow night, mainly for the quests, but the Dol Guldur medallions will hopefully see me some way to that second Mirkwood armour piece.

Finally, I got my 10 Empathy on my guard – by murdering an awful lot of wargs in Mirkwood. Happy Days!

Oh yes – and still no sign of the EU Free-2-Play. Do I care? Not in the slightest!

Warg Pens

Posted in Class Quests, Diary, Instances, lotro with tags , , , , , , , , on February 1, 2010 by Corleth

On the LOTRO front, it was productive weekend. On Friday evening my raiding kin had a second stab at Sammath Gul. This time we got past the first boss, but crashed and burned (well fried, not burned, to be exact) at the second boss when we didn’t position ourselves correctly when he started on his ‘phase two’ lightning bolts. We’ll know better for next time.

On Saturday evening a few of us tried the Warg Pens for the first time. We almost completed it HM, but one of the pesky wargs on the last boss decided he wasn’t hungry and didn’t eat his slab of meat. Hey ho. We still picked up six Dol Guldur medallions each, which pleased me. It’s a nice little instance, I think! To finish off our session, we then had a quick run though Sword Hall (EM), which at this stage is a very relaxing job – even more so after a couple of beers.

I spent my other playing time this weekend working on my (now level 47) rune keeper. The first of her level 45 class quests is now done (she needs a ‘Sigil of War’ to complete the second), and I also finished volume two, book one – so she now has her first legendary rune-stone, and first legendary satchel. Next on the agenda – back to Forochel for a bit, before hitting Eregion…hmmmm!

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