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Update 2 – Some More Impressions

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Last Saturday night I ran my first toon, my lore-master, though the new epic book – volume 3, book 3. I did this with a kin-group and we fellowed for all the quests that had a fellowship option; and I have to say it was just too easy. At no stage in any of the instances, did we feel in any way challenged. This doesn’t surprise me. Turbine, seems to be nerfing everything in sight, when it comes to the epic quest line.

I can understand the reasons for reducing the difficulty level for old epic instances such as 2.4.7 and 2.5.5, but not for the latest epic quests. The three instances for 2.5.5 were always challenging – the ‘Battle of The Deepway’, significantly so, when run on level. 2.6.8 was another instance that I for one found challenging, when first attempted.

So why can’t we have some challenge in the new epic instances? On Saturday night, the six of us who ran through 3.3 were chatting and joking all the way though, doing everything but concentrating on what we were doing. Nobody came close to dying. No puzzle solving or special tactics were ever required. And none of us had ever run through any of the instances before.

Last night I tried the same 3.3 content solo, using ‘Inspired To Greatness’, on my minstrel. My impressions weren’t changed at all – again it was too easy by far.

Session play in Volume 3, Chapter 3

Session play in Volume 3, Chapter 3

On the plus side, 3.3 does have an interesting story line. The session play with Isuldur is well done, and the last chapter ends very sadly – which is kind of appropriate. That said, here’s my plea to Turbine…put the same level of difficulty into epic instances that you are currently putting in to the raid clusters.

Which leads me nicely onto…

I tried the new Stoneheight instance on Tuesday night. I liked it. This is one of the new three-man instances, and it’s based in the North Downs. I like the fact that you have to find the entrance to it first off. The bosses are challenging, and the trash mobs are not so numerous as to raise frustration. We only tried tier 1; tier 2 can wait for another day – but tier 1 was useful  for working out strategies for the bosses and seeing how the instance played overall. The whole instance, as befits a 3-man, can be run in well under an hour. A good job, Turbine.

Thank Cluck!

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Thank Cluck! Phew. I finally managed to get my chicken to Rivendell on Wednesday of last week, so now am the very proud owner of a ‘Cloak of Cluck’ (see screen shot)!

Cloak of Cluck

Cloak of Cluck

The run from Sandson’s Farm, near Michael Delving, all the way to the stables in Rivendell, took me three attempts spaced over three weeks (one attempt per week was really enough of a strain on my nerves!).

My first attempt was ended when a Moor Stalker spawned next to me on the High Moor, almost within sight of Rivendell – I didn’t even have a chance to twitch. My second attempt failed when I wasn’t paying close attention when running though the western part of the Trollshaws – a wolf pounced from behind a rock and I didn’t hit the speed boost quickly enough. Anyhow, the third run was lucky for me!

For company on all three runs I had a level 65 hunter, my kin mate Stepparunt – huge thanks again to him! There is no way (I believe) to make it further than the Ford of Bruinen without someone riding ‘shotgun’ – and those near invisible High Moor Stalkers are by far-and-away best dealt with by a hunter. All in all, a very enjoyable set of quests and a very nice cloak as a reward. Will I be trying the follow-on ‘Crosser of Roads’ quest?? Not anytime soon!

I’ve also been working away on volume 1, making use of the new (as of volume 3) ‘Inspired to Greatness’ trait. So far I’ve finished book 10, and am now running around Tal Bruinen working on book 11…I’m not sure how long it’ll take me to finish the volume, but at the current pace….quite a while…

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