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A level 60 RK at last!

Posted in lotro with tags , , , , , , , , on September 14, 2010 by Corleth

Well, the EU free-to-play release has been delayed – maybe for several weeks. Judging by the issues being reported on the US servers, I can’t say I’m sad! I’m sure Codemasters have been less that efficient with regard to their own release here, but if the lessons learned from the US release are implemented when free-to-play does eventually go live here, then the cloud will definitely have a silver lining – at least in my opinion.  

I had been working hard to get my LM though last few chapters of Volume 2 and first book of volume 3, but as the free-to-play delay was announced in the middle of last week, I took the opportunity to move back to my level 59 rune-keeper for a few days. One of the kin wanted to run ‘The School’ and ‘The Library’ (3-man instances in Eregion) on Thursday last week, so I tagged along and picked up a total of just over 30k experience in all for the quests across the two instances (even though the said level 53 quests were only green for my level 59 RK). I then headed back into Moria and completed the volume 2 quests all the way up to and including 2.4.7. I was then lucky enough to pick up a PUG to do 2.4.8, ‘The Drowned Treasury’; this was actually the first time I’ve ever been the main healer in a fellowship using my RK, and I have to say that it was a very positive experience. To cap it all, I even managed to hit level 60 halfway though the instance, so I was well and truly happy by the end of it.  

I’ve now parked up my RK once again, and am back in Mirkwood on my lore master.  

Tanyx (LM) in Volume 2 Dol Guldur skirmish

Tanyx (LM) in Volume 2 Dol Guldur skirmish


I still have two or three chapter of volume 2 to complete (I rescued Bori from the Dungeons of Dol Guldur last night), and then on to Volume 3, and the volume 2 epilogue quests…

Dar Narbugud ahoy!

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Heck! It’s been over a month since my last post. Slap wrists for being so tardy. In fairness, I’ve had a holiday in Portugal in the meantime, and the summer weather has been glorious (up until the last few days), so I’ve been busy with real life stuff.

So what of LOTRO…? Well, the Summer Festival has arrived, and I’ll be giving that a go over the next week or so – or that’s my intention at least. I feel like I really need to spend a bit of time making my deluxe house (Shire homesteads) look a bit more presentable, so my concentration, festival rewards wise, will be the new wall coverings and furniture items – see the fantastic guide from the folks at ‘A Casual Stroll to Mordor’.

So what have I been up to? Well, I’ve joined a new Kin, first up. I’m now a member of TWIGS, or ‘Twilight Gathering’ to give them their full name. They have a nice website here. I was just getting nothing done with my old kins (Ancient Artisans & The Hard Biscuits), so I’ve pulled all my main characters together into the TWIGS – and so far it’s paid dividends. I’ve defeated the Filikul Turtle twice, and been raiding in Dar Narbugud – all with my guard (Corleth).

My lore master is gradually making her way through Mirkwood, but I’ve also spent a good deal of time improving her virtues, and acquiring some Moria armour pieces. So far, she has 20 radiance (Moria robe and gloves), and I’m now after the 10 Radiance leggings before I move on to the Mirkwood instances (Sword Hall, basically) to acquire the 25 radiance Mirkwood armour pieces (helm, shoulders and boots). I’m still stuck on vol 2 book 6 chapter 8 which is a bugger, so I’ve still not picked up that last legendary trait that I’m after – maybe next week…! I’m making progress through volume 2, book 8 though – I’m now waiting to get 2.8.4 done in Naladum.

I’ve also been pretty busy with my Rune Keeper with whom I’ve now cleared all the solo quests in Eregion, and am now working on the quests around Dolven View and Deep Decent in Moria. I’m midway through level 55 and finding it refreshingly easy to kill those pesky Moria goblins – fast!

I’ve spent very little time with my Warden over the last month, but have progressed up to level 44, and am now working my way through quests in the High pass up in the Misty mountains. I’ve also turned her into a scholar, so am busy collecting mats and working through the journeyman tier…

Warg Pens

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On the LOTRO front, it was productive weekend. On Friday evening my raiding kin had a second stab at Sammath Gul. This time we got past the first boss, but crashed and burned (well fried, not burned, to be exact) at the second boss when we didn’t position ourselves correctly when he started on his ‘phase two’ lightning bolts. We’ll know better for next time.

On Saturday evening a few of us tried the Warg Pens for the first time. We almost completed it HM, but one of the pesky wargs on the last boss decided he wasn’t hungry and didn’t eat his slab of meat. Hey ho. We still picked up six Dol Guldur medallions each, which pleased me. It’s a nice little instance, I think! To finish off our session, we then had a quick run though Sword Hall (EM), which at this stage is a very relaxing job – even more so after a couple of beers.

I spent my other playing time this weekend working on my (now level 47) rune keeper. The first of her level 45 class quests is now done (she needs a ‘Sigil of War’ to complete the second), and I also finished volume two, book one – so she now has her first legendary rune-stone, and first legendary satchel. Next on the agenda – back to Forochel for a bit, before hitting Eregion…hmmmm!

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