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It never rains for what it pours

Posted in lotro with tags , , , , , on November 16, 2010 by Corleth

It never rains for what it pours – as they say in Bree…(and if they don’t, they should).

Just after I put up my last post, my PC died a quick and painless death. It had been coming, in fairness. I knew the hard disk was beginning to wobble, but in the end it was the transformer that died first. Yup, I know I could have replaced it, but to be honest, it just wasn’t worth the repair bill. The unit as a whole was nearly six years old, and while top of its range when bought in 2004(ish), it no longer had any real worth.
So I’ve bitten the bullet and ordered a shiny new PC – but it won’t be here for another few days. In the meantime, I’ve been restricted to borrowing my kids’ PC and, to be honest, it sucks just a little. Whilst it’s a newish PC in itself, the built-in graphics card is just woeful. And yes, I could put my (salvaged) 9600GT into it, but I just can’t be bothered. So, since I endured the nearly 24 hour wait for the full client to download (yawn), I’ve been struggling to play LoTRO on minimum graphics settings – yeuk!!!

On the plus side? Well, I won the lovely painted skeleton horse on my warden last night – a definite bonus. I’m hoping to pick another up, preferably on one of my mains, before the autumn festival closes here in the EU, on 26th November. Elsewhere, I’ve not done much, due to the reason explained above. I’ve done a bit of Enedwaith on a couple of toons, and had my arse kicked by the Watcher (it is bugged since F2P, we’re sure!). I’ve also ticked off the Helegrod Giant and Drake wings, plus all of the new Great Barrows instances – except bringing down Sambrog himself.

My Skeleton Horse

My Skeleton Horse

Anyhow, by the time I next post, hopefully I’ll be back with a new shiny PC!

Hello F2P and LUA Plugins

Posted in lotro with tags , , , , , on November 5, 2010 by Corleth

Well, I finally got my LoTRO client patched. In the end this feat was nothing to do with Codemasters, and everything to do with some good detective work by a kin mate, who found a fix to the hash error on a US website (it involved downloading a new all.js file from here). It’s just a shame Codemasters took so long to find & sort the issue themselves.

Once the F2P update had patched, I had no trouble loading the client and heading into Gilrain. I logged each of my toons in turn, and ended up gaining just over 1000 ‘Points’ (Turbine Points in all but name) though previously completed reputation deeds. Being a pay-as-you-go customer, this total was added to the 3000 points that I started with, so I now have just over 4000 points to spend in the new shop. I’m holding off on any spending for the time being though, until I consider what I really want/need. I certainly don’t see myself buying points using real money, so I’m going to be frugal!

The next task that I went about with each of my high level toons, was re-allocating my legendary item (LI) points. This took a fair while, in itself. The re-setting of the skirmish soldiers has also left each of my high level toons with a fair stack of skirmish marks to spend – however, I’m in no rush to do this as I’m intending to not go down my previous ‘herbalist for all’ route; herbalists do great at keeping you alive, but the lack additional DPS sure slows down the completion time. I’m thinking along the lines of a Protector for my Rune-keeper, a Sage for my Guardian, and maybe (another) Herbalist for my lore-master. I’m going to browse the forums first though, just to see if I can come to some other ideas.


The main part of the F2P update that I’ve explored so far is the LUA scripting (albeit still in beta). I spent two hours on Wednesday night, playing with several plug-ins, including ‘Palantir’, ‘Buffbars’, and ‘Pet Carousel’. So far, Palantir is definitely my favourite – I love the HUD type look for morale and power bars.
I did have high hopes for ‘Buffbars’, but I was back in Dar Narbugud last night with my LM, and I really found that it wasn’t showing many of the buffs that I was hoping to see. It doesn’t show buffs cast by you on other toons, for instance; I was hoping to be able to more easily see when stun immunity (cast by me) was wearing off our tank – no joy – and the same goes for blinding flash (i.e. stun) wearing off mobs.

Pet Carousel is just something that I won’t use 99% of the time – but will leave it loaded on my LM anyway.

I’m using ‘Plugin Manager’ for loading all my desired plug-ins, for each toon, using the one line ‘/plugin load manager’ command – it works well.

The next job as far as my UI is concerned it to find a new skin that improves on the default skin. I was using Azure Blue, but it doesn’t work with the new F2P layout – so I either need an updated version, or a replacement.

No F2P For Me – Yet…

Posted in lotro with tags , , , , , , , , on November 2, 2010 by Corleth

Well, free-to-play has officially hit Europe. As I type, many of my kinnies have successfully downloaded the patch and are now running around happily inside the Gilrain world. Me? No joy. This has error has been appearing all afternoon, and there’s no sign of any resolution yet.

Hash Error while patching

Hash Error while patching

In the meantime, I thought I blog what I’ve been up to.

Last week I ran 2.6.8 with my rune-keeper, and in the process acquired my last-but-one legendary trait. I then headed out into Lothlorien, and have already achieved Friend status with the Galladhrim. I’m currently back inside Moria undertaking volume 2 book 7, and hope to be in a position to run 2.83 and 2.8.4 with a couple of kinnies, next week.

Last weekend three groups of us formed up for a concerted bash at doing Sword-Halls in challenge mode (HM). After a few wipes, all three groups succeeded. In my case, I managed this on my guardian, so I’ve no completed Warg Pens, Sword Hall, and Sammath Gul, all in HM, on this toon. Not much chance of achieving the same in Barad Guldur, unfortunately – our kin just doesn’t seem to have the interest in running that, at the moment. That said, I’m organising a bash at the Dungeons 3-man instance for next week….I’ve actually never been in there on any toon, so it should be interesting…!

Yesterday we had an hour and a half inside Skumfil, just to complete all the quests, and as many deeds as possible. Again, I was on my guardian. It’s good fun in there at level 65, and fairly straightforward.

Elsewhere, last week I took my LM back into DN on two separate nights. We got past Flagit and Zholuga, but Istum gave us major problems for some reason, so we never got as far as the Blind One. We were lacking a Cappy, and I think this had a major affect on our lack of success – that together with some novice DNers – we all have to learn though, so we’ll do better next time…

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