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Welcome to Turbine

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The transition to the turbine service went smoothly enough. I experienced a worrying timeout error mid-way through my Turbine account creation process, but in the end it all worked out fine. My Turbine Points came across fine too – albeit a few days later.

My first impressions of Update 3 are positive too. I’ve run both of the new skirmishes – ‘Icy Crevasse’ and ‘Attack At Dawn’ – a couple of times each – once on my minstrel and once on my guardian – and found them to be challenging but by no means impossible. I didn’t die at all when running them with my guardian (on tier 1 at level 65), but my minstrel did die twice in the the Icy Crevasse alright (but not during at the boss fight, curiously enough).

For ‘Attack at Dawn’, I found the way to handle the last boss with my minstrel was to let her soldier, a protector, DPS the boss, while I healed both the protector and myself, plus took care of the goblin scouts; helping out the protector with DPS, when healing and goblin killing weren’t required. With my guardian, it was just DPS all the way, taking care of the goblins myself while leaving my soldier, a sage, on the boss all the time.

For ‘The Icy Crevasse’, it was a similar call. Except no goblins to worry about, and I positioned my minstrel over the steaming vent for the healing buffs.

Elsewhere with regard to the Update 3 content, I’ve picked up the location for the new 3-man instance in Angmar on most of my toons – plus had a peek inside – but haven’t actually grouped up for a run through, as yet. For anyone who hasn’t found the ‘Halls of Night’ entrance – head north out of Aughaire, and follow the cliff around to the east (your right hand side if you’re running north out of Aughaire); the entrance isn’t too far along the cliff face.

Frothmar dead - now what's in that chest?!

Frothmar dead - now what's in that chest?!

This week my calendar is pretty full with raids and 6-mans. On Monday and Tuesday we ventured back to Ost Dunhoth. The switch to Turbine does seem to have given us some added luck because we managed to clear both the Disease wing and, for the first time, the poison wing – both on Tier 1. I have to say it was a relief to get Frothmar down – he was certainly challenging. Anyhow, my kin can now report a clean sweep of all the OD wings on Tier 1. Next we’re going to attempt the Wound wing on Tier 2 – I’m looking forward to it.

Tonight it’s back down the ‘In Their Absence’ quest chain for a Lost Temple run, and then tomorrow we’re following that up with a trip to Sari Surma. I’ll let you all know how they go…

Codemasters LoTRO Service – RIP

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Well, all of us EU players are currently in limbo. The Codemasters service was shut down just after midday yesterday (Tuesday), and it’s likely to be at least tomorrow (Thursday) before the EU account migration is up and running for the Turbine servers. I await developments patiently…ish…I’m currently catching up on my Casual Stroll to Mordor podcast listening!

Will I miss Codemasters? I hope not and I doubt not. I had a brief dabble with DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online) a couple of months back (yeuk!). DDO is another Turbine MMORPG, serviced exclusively from the good ol’ US of A. Did I have any technical problems (e.g. laggy-ness) with it? Nope, none, zero. Assuming this is the case for LoTRO, I’ll shed no tears for Codemasters, and I’m already looking forward to those added extras such as the LoTRO lotteries.

Anyhow, during the final week of the Codemasters service, I spent most of my in-game time raiding. Two evenings were spent running though Dar Narbugud. My kin hadn’t been there for a few months, and I really enjoyed going back. It’s still an enjoyable challenge and the armour set (obtained by trading the ‘Greater Elf Stone’ barter tokens dropped by each of the six DN bosses) is still worth collecting.

As an aside, I conservatively reckon that I’ve rolled on some 30 odd DN armour set tokens and not won a sausage. This aggravates me some (well, a lot actually). Anyone out these got some lucky DN-compatible dice that they could loan me?? 😛

Ost Dunhoth Wound Wing - Victory Is Ours

Ost Dunhoth Wound Wing - Victory Is Ours

To end the Codemasters EU reign on a positive note, last Monday evening our kin decided to tackle first the ‘Wound Wing’ and then the ‘Fear Wing’ in Ost Dunhoth – both on tier 1. We completed the wound wing at the first attempt (me on my guardian), and the fear wing after only a couple of wipes. I think we now have three out of the four OD wings cracked. Frothmar, last boss in the Poison wing, is still alluding our attempts. Maybe the shift to Turbine servers will bring us some better luck 😉

Ost Death

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On the more positive side of my LoTRO activities for the last few days, comes the completion of tier 2 of the disease wing in Ost Dunhoth. We officially have the hang of Baleleaf and Dourbark. In fact we (my kin) have completed it twice since the last time I posted. I didn’t win anything exciting from the chests, but hey, am I sad? (yes!)…

On the not-so-positive side, we’ve been struggling with the poison-wing boss, Frothmar. We really just can’t seem to get to grips with the fight at all. Four hours last night,  some huge repair bills, oodles of scrolls/food/pots, and we still didn’t get him down much beyond half morale :(. I personally think that we have too many champs splashing about in the acid pool, and not enough hunters/ranged DPS standing back a safer distance. The tank-swapping mechanic is also causing difficulties too. Watch this space for more updates…

Next week we’re going to have a bash at the wound wing – which means being trampled by mammoths…more death and destruction, I have no doubt.

In the meantime, I’m working on my rune-keeper’s virtues and starting her on Volume 3. But under no circumstances am I going to work through Enedwaith quests again – three times already is quite enough.

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