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Keeping Busy

Posted in Diary, Epic Quests, Instances, lotro, Traits, Virtues with tags , , , , , , , on March 22, 2011 by Corleth

The last week has seen LoTRO in limbo – as least as far as life on the Gilrain server and within the Twilight Gathering kin, has been concerned. As I said in my last post, most folks seem to be doing other ‘things’ (i.e. non-LoTRO stuff) while they wait for Update 2.

As it happens, Update 2 has also just been delayed on this side of the Atlantic. Codemasters have decided to call off today’s planned go-live, due to the ‘relic bug’ that was found after the go-live on the Turbine servers, yesterday. I’m quite happy about the delay – I’d rather get the bug fix sorted before I get to play. Added to that, I’ve been keeping myself more than busy in-game, too.

Over the last week, I’ve….

  • Taken my minstrel on a kin run though Sammath Gul. This was without doubt the smoothest run though SG that I’ve ever been involved with. We had it done in a little under an hour, with no deaths what-so-ever, and Gorothul killed in challenge-mode to boot. The only down side was that I failed to win any nice shinies *sigh*.

    Out and about in Sammath Gul

    Out and about in Sammath Gul

  • Taken my guardian through Halls of Crafting. Again, a really quick run though, completed challenge-mode, with no deaths involved. Again, no shinies though 😦
  • Attempted and completed the 3-man Dungeons of Dol Guldur instance, on my guardian. We managed to get 7 our of the 9 elves out of their cells and into the main hall; and then one died in the boss fight, so we failed challenge-mode by one (saving 6 out of the 9 elves in total). A really fun instance. Again, no shinies worth a damn, but I’ll be going back to try for challenge-mode.
  • Completed all outstanding Volume 2 epilogue quests with my rune-keeper.

While I’m waiting for Update 2, I’m now off deeding with my RK, trying to get her Wisdom, Innocence, Loyalty and Fidelity all up to 10 – and maybe a few other virtues as well. Once that’s all done, it’ll be onto the volume 3 quests line – but Update 2 might interfere with that…

Halls of Crafting visit

Posted in lotro with tags , , , , , , , on October 19, 2010 by Corleth

It’s been a fun week!

I acquired by first two tier 9 relics over last weekend. I achieved this by acquiring my second tier 8 relic, and then combining it with my first tier 8 relic – this yielded two tier 9s and one tier 8 relic – see below.

My first tier 9 relics

My first tier 9 relics

 I’m delighted with this achievement, but I’ve a way to go…I still need another four tier 9 relics to complete the LIs on my main toon alone….and then I have to repeat with my other three LI-equipped toons.

Elsewhere, there’s still no sign of free-to-play here on the EU servers. But, as I’ve said before, I have plenty to keep me busy, and am still thoroughly enjoying the current content. Over the last five or six days I’ve been very busy….

Last Wednesday I brought my rune-keeper on a kin-run through 2.5.5, and we have a scheduled 2.6.8 run on Wednesday week (27th October) – so I have to get through the intervening chapters by then.

On Thursday last week we didn’t have the sign-ups for the scheduled DN run, so we ran ‘Halls of Crafting’ instead. This was actually my very first time in HoC with any toon, so I took my guardian. We sailed through it, and completed the last boss hard-mode.

On Sunday, again with my guardian, we ran through Forges for the second time in less than a week, and my guard now only need 12 more orcs to complete the ‘Orcs of the Forge’ dead for Zeal – so one more run will complete this deed. After the Forges run, we then had enough spare time to have another quick run HoC, which again was achieved hard-mode. A successful evening’s work!

Finally, yesterday, I took my rune-keeper along on a kin run though the 16th Hall. We sailed though without any deaths, and even brought down ‘the Lost One’ in hard-mode – something that I’d only achieved once before on any toon. My RK also completed a load of quests and deeds in the process, and hit level 62 upon hand-in of the said quests.

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