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Dusting off a burglar

Posted in Diary, lotro with tags , , , on August 14, 2011 by Corleth

The lull before Isenguard is released is, unsurprisingly, persisting. I rather suspect that a good few folk are over on Bullroarer, testing – but of course, they have signed NDAs so we don’t know for sure!

As per my previous post, I’m continuing to skirmish and deed with my level 65 toons. During skirmishing, I’ve found that I’m picking up a good number of ‘Third Marks’, so I’ve converting these into 2nd age weapons for my toons that currently only have 3rd age ones (namely my guardian, RK and mini); my loremaster is already pretty well equipped, and all of my level 65 toons have 2nd age class items (thanks mainly to the epic quest-line in Enedwaith). In summary, I’m still enjoying the change of pace that this pre-Isenguard period has produced, and my level 65 toons should be well geared and traited when Isenguard arrives.

The only bit of grouping that I’ve done recently has been for runs through Helegrod. My kin are trying to get enough folk though the first three wings (drake, spider and giant) so that we can have a bash at the dragon wing. The Helegrod dragon wing is a 24 man raid however, so the feeling is we’ll need to team up with another kin to get the numbers – I’d say, at best, we’ll get 18 or so from our own kin…the provisional date for our initial assault on the dragon wing has been set for 20th September (just before Isenguard’s release)….I’ll keep you informed!

My burglar beside lake Evendim

My burglar beside lake Evendim

Oh yes, one last thing…I haven’t been able to resist playing my long-neglected burglar a little during this ‘quieter’ period. As such, he’s now moving through Evendim and has progressed from level 35 through to level 40, since my last post. I like the ‘revamped’ Evendim, very much. Since it was updated (as part of Update 2) questing flows much more naturally, and getting reputation with the Wardens of Annuminas is now almost too easy. The only part of the ‘new’ Evendim that I’ve skipped has been the North Cotton Farms quests – that place was just too much of a maze for me to be bothered with! Anyhow, after Evendim, I’m going to head directly up to Forochel, skipping Angmar. Let’s see how far I can get before Isenguard hits town…

Spider Wing trouble

Posted in lotro with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on March 7, 2011 by Corleth

Last week, we again completed the Barad Guldur raid, again on easy-mode with each of the three bosses. Next time out, it will definitely be time to start having a go at the challenge-mode – at least on Durchest and the Twins. Until radiance is removed, there’s no realistic way that we’ll get a shot at the LT in challenge-mode.

Elsewhere in game, I’ve being trying to finish Enedwaith on my Lore-master. All the non-repeatable quests are now done, and I’m just trying to grind out Kindred reputation with the Grey Company. The number of repeatable quests for Grey Company reputation (only four) makes this annoying. I’ll probably do it one more time – on my guardian – but that will be it. My rune-keeper, who I am currently completing the Volume 2 epilogue quests in Mirkwood with, will definitely NOT be doing anything in Enedwaith, apart from the Volume 3 quests.

Talking of my rune-keeper, I joined the back-end of a kinnie Sammath Gul run last night, and promptly ticked both Gorothul and Demafaer off my ‘to kill’ list. I didn’t win any nice loot, but hey, I didn’t have to grind through either of the first two bosses, either.

We followed SG up with a run though the Helegrod Spider wing (at level 65). Is it me, or is the last fight in this instance insanely difficult? After two hours of trying to kill Zaudru, we gave up – and there seems to be little or no help out there on the forums. Is there a big secret, and does everyone have a problem with the last fight in the Spider Wing?

Oh yes – I gave Rift a try. After three or so hours of play, I’ve decided it’s not for me. The lore leaves me cold, as does the game play. It looks nice, but that’s about all. But that’s just me – I’m sure many, many folks will love it. My only gripe is that I spent my ill gotten euros on a game I almost certainly won’t play again.

Mistress of Pestilence – Downed!

Posted in lotro with tags , , , , , , , on December 2, 2010 by Corleth

Well, my shiny new PC arrived last week. I’m very happy with it. But what I neglected to check when I ordered it, was the power output of the PSU (Power Supply Unit). The supplied PSU outputs a mere 300W, and my graphics card requires a PSU with an output of at least 400W. So, new PSU on order – *sigh*. In the meantime, I’ve been plodding along using my kids’ PC which, I truth be told, has at least allowed me to get in-game.

My major news from the last couple of weeks is that I was finally in on a run all the way through Dar-Narbugud with my kin, which brought down the Mistress [of Pestilence]. Added to that, my LM also completed the ‘Reaver of Dar Narbugud’ deed! The only slight downside is that I still haven’t won a roll for one of the 20 radiance armour pieces, even after rolling 20-odd times – but am I worried…? Nope!

The EU version of the autumn festival finished here in the EU last week, and despite trying everyday, I didn’t manage to get the skeleton horse on any other toon other than my warden. Still, one skeleton horse/pony is better than none – with the 1 in 100 chance of one dropping, per day, one is still an achievement.

I’ve also managed to run the majority of the newly revamped ‘Classic’ instances, at this stage. I’ve so far managed:

  • The School (HM)
  • The Library (NM)
  • Helegrod Giant-Wing (HM)
  • Helegrod Drake-Wing (HM)
  • Annuminas – Ost Elendil (HM)
  • Annuminas – Haudh Valandil (HM)
  • Great Barrow – The Maze (HM)
  • Great Barrow – Thadur (HM) 

But crash-and-burned whilst trying to complete:

  • Helegrod Spider-Wing
  • Great Barrow – Sambrog

I’ve yet to try:

  • Helegrod Dragon Wing (24 man)
  • Annuminas – Glinghant 

Out of the above completed instances, I’ve so far picked up a total of 8 Superior Third Marks – but have yet to decide what to do with them. I’m torn between bartering them for a Symbol of Celebrimbor, or for the new Helegrod armour pieces. Anyhow, so far I have to say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the re-vamped Classics – they’re new, challenging and entertaining.

In my ‘spare’ time I’ve been working my way through Enedwaith on my main. I’ve now found all of the stables and am probably about two-thirds of the way through the zone on my main. So far, I have to say, it’s been very enjoyable – if a little ‘unchallenging’.

It never rains for what it pours

Posted in lotro with tags , , , , , on November 16, 2010 by Corleth

It never rains for what it pours – as they say in Bree…(and if they don’t, they should).

Just after I put up my last post, my PC died a quick and painless death. It had been coming, in fairness. I knew the hard disk was beginning to wobble, but in the end it was the transformer that died first. Yup, I know I could have replaced it, but to be honest, it just wasn’t worth the repair bill. The unit as a whole was nearly six years old, and while top of its range when bought in 2004(ish), it no longer had any real worth.
So I’ve bitten the bullet and ordered a shiny new PC – but it won’t be here for another few days. In the meantime, I’ve been restricted to borrowing my kids’ PC and, to be honest, it sucks just a little. Whilst it’s a newish PC in itself, the built-in graphics card is just woeful. And yes, I could put my (salvaged) 9600GT into it, but I just can’t be bothered. So, since I endured the nearly 24 hour wait for the full client to download (yawn), I’ve been struggling to play LoTRO on minimum graphics settings – yeuk!!!

On the plus side? Well, I won the lovely painted skeleton horse on my warden last night – a definite bonus. I’m hoping to pick another up, preferably on one of my mains, before the autumn festival closes here in the EU, on 26th November. Elsewhere, I’ve not done much, due to the reason explained above. I’ve done a bit of Enedwaith on a couple of toons, and had my arse kicked by the Watcher (it is bugged since F2P, we’re sure!). I’ve also ticked off the Helegrod Giant and Drake wings, plus all of the new Great Barrows instances – except bringing down Sambrog himself.

My Skeleton Horse

My Skeleton Horse

Anyhow, by the time I next post, hopefully I’ll be back with a new shiny PC!

Ups and Downs

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Last week was hectic, LOTRO wise, and had significant highs and lows for me.

Following on from last Monday’s successful all-guard Helegrod run, came a near perfect Turtle raid on Tuesday – it went like a dream and it was all over within fifteen minutes.

Last Wednesday I had signed up for a Dar Narbugud raid, but the kin didn’t have enough sign-ups for DN, so we decided to try Sammath Gul instead. This was my first bash at SG since leaving ‘the Hard Biscuits’ so I didn’t know what to expect. I needn’t have worried. We had a very balanced group, with my guard, a cappy, a mini, a champ, a burglar, and a hunter, and we fairly ripped through the instance up to Gorothul. We then wiped on Gorothul at the first time of asking, before bringing him down on the second attempt – my first ever time bringing Gorothul down, and very satisfying it was. Now, I’m quite sure this is old hat to most raiders out there, but to me as a very casual raider, it felt like I’d cracked a really hard nut – a good feeling! To top it, as Gorothul went down hard-mode (HM), we then went on to the last boss Demafaer, brought him down as well, and then I won the roll for Rochben – which in turn means I now have enough radiance gear to run Barad Guldur on my guard (now 125 radiance)!

Rochben - Heavy Gloves

Rochben - Heavy Gloves

But then Thursday came around. We went back into SG with almost the same team as on Wednesday, but substituting the cappy for a rune-keeper – and the run was just a nightmare. We were missing fellowship manoeuvres, stepping on bone piles, and just not working together. Was some of it my fault? Almost certainly. Was everyone making mistakes? Yes again. We wiped about five times before we even got to Gorothul, then wiped twice more on the big fella, before giving up. From feeling like I was playing well in a good team and mastering an instance on Wednesday, to feeling like a poor and inadequate tank on Thursday. Tough to take. Several of the group members were clearly angry/upset at the end of the night – and that I can understand. Highs and lows. I think I need a break from grouping for a few days to get my enthusiasm back – my raiding ‘balloon’ has been well and truly deflated for a while.

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