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A Fruitful Week

Posted in Deeds, Diary, lotro, Reputation with tags , , , , , , , , , , on April 5, 2010 by Corleth

It’s been an interesting week. I’ve been continuing to quest in Forochel with my rune keeper, and she hit level 51 on Tuesday. She also made Ally with the Lossoth. I should mention that is the first toon that I’ve actually played though Forochel – my previous levelling in the 45ish to 50ish range has always been via the Angmar route, and I have to say that Forochel is refreshingly different – not as dark, more solo-able, and some nice rewards to boot. So, I’ve now decided to keep going in Forochel until I hit Kindred rep – I’d like that Tundra horse – and I’ll move on to Eregion after that. I’m guessing that this will mean my rune keeper will be level 53 or even 54 before she hits Moria – but that will have its own benefits…

I’m taking my time with my lore master too, who is currently still at level 59, and is running quests around the Redhorn Loads and Flaming Deeps. I’d like to complete the three Moria questing deeds before heading on out to Lorien, so I’ve a week or two’s work left in front of me (at least at the speed I do quests!). The deeds in question are:

1. Hero of the Upper Levels

  • (Gives the following swifts: To 21st Hall from 1st Hall. To 1st Hall from 21st Hall).

2. Exemplar of the Central levels

  • (Gives the following swift: To Dolvien-View from 1st Hall).

3. Legend of the Deeps

  • (Gives the following swifts: To the Shadowed Refuge from 21st Hall, and 1st Hall. To 1st Hall from The Shadowed Refuge. To 21st Hall from The Shadowed Refuge).

I also want to hit Kindred rep with the Iron Garrison Guards so that I can pick up the Nature-Friend legendary LM trait – I need about another 20k of rep to get there, so it’s within sight.

Other than that, I’ve hit kindred rep with the Melledhrim with my main (my tank, Corleth) and finished volume 1!

Greyhammers – aghhhhh!

Posted in Diary, Epic Quests, lotro with tags , , , , , , on February 13, 2010 by Corleth

It’s been a fairly quiet week on the LOTRO front. Haven’t played too much, just an hour or so a day, tipping away at bits and pieces – no raiding at all.

In the early part of the week I ran a few skirmishes with my rune keeper, and got her up to level 48 in the process. I really must head back up to Forochel now, as I want to reach at least acquaintance reputation with the Lossoth.

Last weekend I also levelled my lore-master from 54 to 56, in and around the Waterworks, and last night I headed on down to the Orc Watch (Redhorn Loads) and Anazarmekhem (Flaming Deeps), to pick up the stables there. I’ve just about cleaned out the Waterworks now, so I’ll probably now hang around in the Redhorn Loads to quest for a while, and work on book three of volume two, in the process.

With my tank (my main), I’m still working on getting up to kindred rep with the Melledhrim – I have 5600 rep to go. I also completed the torturous Greyhammers ‘Volume 2 epilogue’ quest yesterday; for anyone who hasn’t done this particular epilogue quest, I’m spoiling nothing telling you that you will be required to kill ‘one orc, goblin or uruk’ in each and every area of the LOTRO map (i.e. one in each of the Shire, Lone Lands, North Downs, Angmar, Trollshaws, Misty Mountains, and so on…). It’s a lot of running around – or was for me. I used skirmishes to accomplish the necessary for a few zones – notably for the Trollshaws (Ford of Bruinen), as I was unaware, at the time, of the single lone goblin near the last bridge. Still, the ‘Scroll of Empowerment’ that you get as a reward for this epilogue quest, is very nice – you can also pick one up from a vendor in Gathburz for a mere 75 Dol Guldur tokens(!!!!)

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