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Misty 21st Hall

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You’ve heard of then Misty mountains, right?

Well last week I ran my rune-keep up to Forochel to find the entrance to Sari-Surma – the mist up there was thicker than pea soup. I’ve never in fact seen Forochel like it!

Anyhow, on porting back to the 21st Hall, I found that the mist had travelled with me. Mad! The 21st Hall looked like something out of a 19th century London – i.e. smog filled and dark! I took a screen shot for posterity…

Misty 21st Hall

Misty 21st Hall

A quick note on last week’s tier 2 Lost Temple run. It bugged out on us. In the last boss fight (Furndur) our minstrel died; she retreated and came back to the gate – and Furndur promptly reset. Despite raising a ticket, nothing we could do would then re-activate the fight. As such, a pretty much wasted couple of hours. 😦

I was also back in Dar Narbugud last night with my kin. We only had 11 raiders, but it was by far the smoothest run that I’ve ever been on. No wipes at all. We cruised through Balgh & Rung, Flagit & Zholuga. The other three bosses (Istum, The Blind One and The Mistress of Pestilence) are for tonight’s follow-up.



Oh yes, and I’ve still yet to win a single roll on a DN armour piece, on any toon. 30 odd rolls and counting…last night, on the Blagh/Rung chest, I even managed to roll a 93…only for someone to roll 100…*sigh*

Welcome to Turbine

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The transition to the turbine service went smoothly enough. I experienced a worrying timeout error mid-way through my Turbine account creation process, but in the end it all worked out fine. My Turbine Points came across fine too – albeit a few days later.

My first impressions of Update 3 are positive too. I’ve run both of the new skirmishes – ‘Icy Crevasse’ and ‘Attack At Dawn’ – a couple of times each – once on my minstrel and once on my guardian – and found them to be challenging but by no means impossible. I didn’t die at all when running them with my guardian (on tier 1 at level 65), but my minstrel did die twice in the the Icy Crevasse alright (but not during at the boss fight, curiously enough).

For ‘Attack at Dawn’, I found the way to handle the last boss with my minstrel was to let her soldier, a protector, DPS the boss, while I healed both the protector and myself, plus took care of the goblin scouts; helping out the protector with DPS, when healing and goblin killing weren’t required. With my guardian, it was just DPS all the way, taking care of the goblins myself while leaving my soldier, a sage, on the boss all the time.

For ‘The Icy Crevasse’, it was a similar call. Except no goblins to worry about, and I positioned my minstrel over the steaming vent for the healing buffs.

Elsewhere with regard to the Update 3 content, I’ve picked up the location for the new 3-man instance in Angmar on most of my toons – plus had a peek inside – but haven’t actually grouped up for a run through, as yet. For anyone who hasn’t found the ‘Halls of Night’ entrance – head north out of Aughaire, and follow the cliff around to the east (your right hand side if you’re running north out of Aughaire); the entrance isn’t too far along the cliff face.

Frothmar dead - now what's in that chest?!

Frothmar dead - now what's in that chest?!

This week my calendar is pretty full with raids and 6-mans. On Monday and Tuesday we ventured back to Ost Dunhoth. The switch to Turbine does seem to have given us some added luck because we managed to clear both the Disease wing and, for the first time, the poison wing – both on Tier 1. I have to say it was a relief to get Frothmar down – he was certainly challenging. Anyhow, my kin can now report a clean sweep of all the OD wings on Tier 1. Next we’re going to attempt the Wound wing on Tier 2 – I’m looking forward to it.

Tonight it’s back down the ‘In Their Absence’ quest chain for a Lost Temple run, and then tomorrow we’re following that up with a trip to Sari Surma. I’ll let you all know how they go…

The Killing of a Balrog

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The long, bright evenings are dragging me away from my PC, and onto other real-life activities – like playing soccer in the back garden with my kids. So LoTRO is taking a bit of a back seat.

I missed my kin’s recent re-visitation of the Ost Dunhoth wound wing – which they successfully nailed (on tier 1). However I did manage to tag along, with my guardian, for the subsequent visit to the fear wing (again on tier 1); a mighty tussle with the balrog ensued …thankfully, following multiple wipes, it was a tussle that we eventually won.

The main principles with the tier 1 balrog fight seem to (1) aggro swapping between the tanks and (2) everyone else keeping well out of the way of his frontal damage. There’s also a lot going on graphically, so it’s easy enough to loose your bearings and get in the wrong place (squish!). All in all, I have to say, it’s a challenging and enjoyable fight. I’m not sure we’ll be trying it on tier 2 in a hurry though!!

Elsewhere, I also took my guardian through the Lost Temple (again) on tier 1, and managed to win the role for the Gold Knot Bracelet.

On my rune-keeper I finished up volume 3, and had a successful hard-mode run though an old favourite – Skumfil. The Moria instances are still fun, and even though the reward drops are no longer of any real importance, the deeds are still nice to get.

Ost Dunhoth Ahoy

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I’ve been busy enough in game, over the last week or so. I’ve completed Stoneheight (tier 2) on my minstrel and on my guardian, completed The Lost Temple (tier 1) on my guardian, and had a bash at the disease wing in Ost Dunhoth (tier 2) on my loremaster. When I say ‘a bash’, I obviously mean that we didn’t get it done. The mechanics of the boss fight (Baleleaf and Dourbark) took a while for our very inexperienced group to get to grips with; we then had a couple of very close attempts before the lateness of the hour caused us to throw the towel in. That said, we’ve already pencilled in another attempt for alter this week.

My kin also had their first post-radiance attempt at the Watcher last week – I took my minstrel for her first vsit to the Vile Maw, and we succeeded after a couple of unlucky wipes. I’m still chasing the helm and shoulders from ‘The Watcher’ armour set, but needless to say, was unlucky with my rolls again on this occasion. As an aside, I’m a firm convert to the ‘No Radiance’ world – all sorts of folks who couldn’t be bothered to grind for radiance gear, are now coming raiding, and enjoying it. It’s all very refreshing, to be honest.

A warden in our kin needed to get his class quest done in Dark Delvings last week too, so I took my guardian along for the trip. We got the warden quest done without much issue, but struggled with Gurvand. I lost count of how many times I got punted off the cliffs to my doom – if only the LoTRO Store sold parachutes ;). Anyhow, in the end we did actually manage to kill Gurvand, in challenge mode too; in the process I completed my last outstanding deeds in DD (on my guardian) and thus picked up the ‘Triumph within the Forsaken Deeps’ deed. I have now completed all deeds in two (Forges & DD) out of the six Moria instances .

Elsewhere, I’ve just about finished Enedwaith on a third toon – my guardian. When I say ‘finished’, I mean hit Kindred with the Algraig and with the Grey Company; plus completed all the quests and epics up to the end of volume 3 book 3. Phew. I’m not sure I’ll do it for a fourth time – I think I’ll be restricting my RK to the Volume 3 epic quest line only.

‘In Their Absence’ – the 3-mans

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In the real world, the weather here on the south coast of Ireland has been fantastic. Warm, sunny and more like mid-summer than mid-spring. As such, and taking Roger’s advice, I’ve not been gaming too much over the past week or so. 😛

That said, I did get to run North Cotton Farms a few times last week and once this week. I also ran Stoneheight on my LM last Thursday – I’m making an attempt to stick to the ‘In Their Absence‘ quest chain (as started by visiting Barliman Butterbur in the Prancing Pony, Bree).

Sticking to the ‘In Their Absence‘ quest chain means completing first North Cotton Farms and then Stoneheight (both 3-mans) before then moving onto the 6-man Lost Temple in the Trollshaws. My first bash at The Lost Temple will hopefully be at the end of this week; word is, it’s challenging.

Anyhow, back to North Cotton Farms…I’ve run this instance on Tier-2 with all four of my level 65s (LM, minstrel, RK and guardian), at this stage. I’ve only managed to complete the Umheryn (second boss) fight in challenge-mode once though – with my RK. My RK was fire DPS traited, and stood on the balcony (where the buckets appear) and just nuked Umheryn – killing ‘it’ (can a pot be called ‘he’?) with just under two full minutes to spare; the other two – a healing traited RK and a warden – dealt with the hobbits and poison eyes.

North Cotton Farms - a captive hobbit

North Cotton Farms - a captive hobbit


I’d say I’ll manage the tier-2 Umheryn fight with my other 65s, but keeping the DPS high enough has obviously been an issue with the groups that I’ve been playing with – DPS traited RKs excepted.

The drops in both North Cotton Farms and Stoneheight, are excellent. Most of the pieces dropping in NCF seem to be tank orientated with block/evade/parry/agility/might bonuses; there’s not a whole lot there here for the tactical classes, mind you.

Stoneheight, in the North Downs, is my favourite of the new instances – to date. I’ve now completed it on both Tier 1 and Tier 2 using my LM – and the drops here are very nice for tactical classes. The fights are fun too. My aim now is to bring my mini, RK and guardian through Stoneheight too and then, as mentioned above, be ready for some runs at The Lost Temple.

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