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Good Deeding

Posted in lotro with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on January 6, 2011 by Corleth

I’ve ticked off a few deeds over the last few days. Deeds are like buses – you don’t get one for ages, and then a load come along at about the same time!

First up, I hit kindred with the Iron Garrison Miners on both my Rune-Keeper and my Loremaster – both on the same day – having repeatedly run the Library of Steel quest that is available in Dolven View. This quest coughs up 1,200 reputation and some very handy tier two LI relics. The Nimble Redhorn Goat is a nice steed, too.

Nimble Redhorn Goat

Nimble Redhorn Goat

Second up, I happened to be running my Loremaster through Eregion, on the way to Enedwaith, when I remembered the long neglected ‘Ridge Racer’ deed. So I hopped on my newly acquired goat, and after half and hour of trying to make the initial jump, finally managed the required lead, edged along the almost invisible path, and finally achieved the ‘Ridge Racer’ title. Happy Days.

'Ridge Racer' - completed!

'Ridge Racer' - completed!

Third on my recent list was getting to kindred with the Algraig, on my first toon. I quickly picked up the Algraig horse which I another of Turbine’s new mount – again, a very good looking mount.

Algraig Horse

Algraig Horse

Lastly, I finally a finished the ‘Orcs of the Forge’ deed for zeal, last night, on my guardian – whilst running Forges with some kin mates for the level 58 LM class quests. My guardian’s zeal now stands at 9, and I can grind this up to 10, if I can be bothered to head into the Misty Mountains and kill another 40 or so giants. Coincidently, I now only need to kill two trolls in the Forges to have complete the final deed in there – Blinded by Fire – as/when I manage that, it will be the first time I’ve finished all of the quests & deeds within any one of the Khazâd-Dûm classics (Grand Stairs, Fil Gashen, Forges, Dark Delving, 16th Hall, and Skumfil).


Halls of Crafting visit

Posted in lotro with tags , , , , , , , on October 19, 2010 by Corleth

It’s been a fun week!

I acquired by first two tier 9 relics over last weekend. I achieved this by acquiring my second tier 8 relic, and then combining it with my first tier 8 relic – this yielded two tier 9s and one tier 8 relic – see below.

My first tier 9 relics

My first tier 9 relics

 I’m delighted with this achievement, but I’ve a way to go…I still need another four tier 9 relics to complete the LIs on my main toon alone….and then I have to repeat with my other three LI-equipped toons.

Elsewhere, there’s still no sign of free-to-play here on the EU servers. But, as I’ve said before, I have plenty to keep me busy, and am still thoroughly enjoying the current content. Over the last five or six days I’ve been very busy….

Last Wednesday I brought my rune-keeper on a kin-run through 2.5.5, and we have a scheduled 2.6.8 run on Wednesday week (27th October) – so I have to get through the intervening chapters by then.

On Thursday last week we didn’t have the sign-ups for the scheduled DN run, so we ran ‘Halls of Crafting’ instead. This was actually my very first time in HoC with any toon, so I took my guardian. We sailed through it, and completed the last boss hard-mode.

On Sunday, again with my guardian, we ran through Forges for the second time in less than a week, and my guard now only need 12 more orcs to complete the ‘Orcs of the Forge’ dead for Zeal – so one more run will complete this deed. After the Forges run, we then had enough spare time to have another quick run HoC, which again was achieved hard-mode. A successful evening’s work!

Finally, yesterday, I took my rune-keeper along on a kin run though the 16th Hall. We sailed though without any deaths, and even brought down ‘the Lost One’ in hard-mode – something that I’d only achieved once before on any toon. My RK also completed a load of quests and deeds in the process, and hit level 62 upon hand-in of the said quests.

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