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Draigoch, I see you!

Posted in Diary, Instances with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on October 25, 2011 by Corleth

My guardian finally reached level 75 over the weekend, and on the way completed the last of the non-repeatable quests in the Dunland & Isenguard regions. All exploration deeds complete, too. I’ve even hit kindred reputation with Theodred’s Riders, thanks, I think, to completing a good number of daily tasks out of  Frothband (5 x 300 rep = 1500 rep from tasks, per day).

If you’re short of rep with Theodred’s Riders, don’t forget:

  • the two repeatables in the ‘Pit of Iron’ (2 x 500 rep = 1000 rep)
  • plus the four repeatables inside Isenguard itself (4 x 700 rep = 2800 rep).

Once you hit kindred with the Riders, it’s well worth checking in with the Rohirrim Quartermaster reputation reward vendor in Galtrev, to see if anything shiny catches your eye. This took my fancy!

Bracelet of Remembered Strength

Bracelet of Remembered Strength

Going back to the ‘Pit of Iron’, briefly…it’s a bit scary, but I’m actually beginning to find my way around. In fact, I seem to now know where I’m going! Maybe my sense of direction isn’t as bad as I thought…hmmmm!

On my way through Isenguard, I also made the little map (below) of The Savage Dens, a cave system that’s part of Fang Rider’s Warren. My map shows where to complete the following quests:

  • Master of the beasts
  • Horses gone astray
  • Captain of fangs
  • Recipe for disaster
  • This is not the work of a cook
  • Not cute at all
Savage Dens Map & Quest info.

Savage Dens Map & Quest info.

On the end-game armour front, I now have three pieces of the level 75 crafted armour (chest, shoulders and helm), but I’m thinking of holding off crafting any additional pieces due to the fact that the first four pieces of the ‘Draigoch set’* seem to be easier than I anticipated to get hold of. I can then keep those all-too-rare ‘Cracked Rhi Helvarch Sigils’ for jewellery crafting.

* – as outlined here, this is the current end-game raid-set, available via barter from Lugdagnir (Adventurers Quartermaster) in Galtrev. Four pieces can be bartered with superior fourth marks (chest, leggings, boots & gloves), while the helm and shoulders require coin drops from the Draigoch raid.

In the medium term, I can see myself running around with crafted helm and shoulders (Armour of Theodred), plus the chest, leggings, boots and gloves from the Draigoch set. I reckon it could take a while before I win a coin(s), from the Draigoch raid, that would enable me to enable me to get my dwarf-paws on the raid-set helm and/or shoulders 😛

I’m finding that the easiest way to grind superior fourth marks (S4Ms) is to run ‘The School’ and ‘The Library’ (3-mans) on a daily basis. Running these two instances yields a total of six S4Ms, per day, and usually takes less than 25 minutes (if you only bother with the challenge quests within the instances). A handy by product of these two 3-mans is the acquisition of skirmish marks – which I need a lot of to bring my skirmish soldier up to scratch.

Speaking of the Draigoch raid, my kin ran this for the second time last night, my first time, in 12-man (challenge) format – and I had a ball. We didn’t complete it, wiping after hitting six (or was it seven?) fellowship manoeuvres. Enjoyable though!

Draigoch - 'My what big teeth you have' :)

Draigoch - 'My what big teeth you have' 🙂


Enedwaith Rep Grind

Posted in lotro with tags , , , , , , , on January 10, 2011 by Corleth

All the forum posts, pre the November [2010] patch/update, in relation to gaining reputation with the two factions in Enedwaith, were along the lines of how much harder it was to gain kindred reputation with the Algraig, than with the Grey Company. Now however, post the November patch, this situation seems to have reversed. As I mentioned in a previous post, I only recently got my first toon to kindred rep with either of the two factions – the Algraig; and now I’m finding that it’s way more ‘grindy’ to get to kindred with the Grey Company.

I think the epic quests, plus the non-repeatable quests, just about got me to ally with the Grey Company – since when I’ve been running the four daily repeatable quests that give Grey Company reputation, on a regular basis – but heck, is it tedious! By my count, I’ll have to run each of those four repeatable quests no less than thirty times (i.e. approx. 10 times per toon) to get the three toons [that I currently have in Enedwaith] to kindred with the Grey Company. Is it worth it, I ask myself?

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