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Yes, We Do Learn…

Posted in Diary, Instances, lotro with tags , , , , on May 6, 2011 by Corleth

I brought my RK on a kin run through Sammath Gul last night. As per ‘usual’, it went very smoothly, and we finished the instance, keeping challenge mode, in a little under 90 minutes. Not only did my RK complete all the SG deeds and quests, but she also picked up Ril Mir from Demafaer too. Happy Days.

However, this success was not always ‘usual’. When I think back, SG used to be very challenging for us. When I say ‘very challenging’, I mean it was so hard that we’d spend whole evenings at it and come out at the end with huge repair bills, Gorothul laughing at us.

SG hasn’t been nerfed, and it’s still a current level-cap (level 65) instance. However, we’ve learnt how to be competent at it. I use this to remind myself that we can, and do, learn how do do these instances. The learning is usually painful (see my last post ‘Ost Death’!) and time consuming – but still enjoyable….in a masochistic sort of way, obviously 😉

Roll on my next trip to Ost Death…

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