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RoI – First Impressions

Posted in Diary, lotro with tags , , , on October 3, 2011 by Corleth

So, Rise of Isenguard is a week old. Many people have been blazing a trail towards Orthanc, and have already reached level 75 on at least one of their characters. I’m afraid that doesn’t extend to me.

I’ve been pottering away at my own leisurely pace, and have my main (my guardian) firmly based out of the new hub, Galtrev, having reached the mid-way stage between levels 67 and 68.

So far, I’ve enjoyed Dunland – in the main. The quest gating means that questing has been very linear, and some of the quests themselves have been banal (to put it mildly) – collecting X Nails in/around Galtrev, for instance…I mean, come on, NAILS? REALLY?? That said, while the quests haven’t been in any way challenging (at least on level), the underlying story line – featuring the warring of the clans allied to / opposed to the ‘White Hand’ – has been fun and interesting. The large amount of legendary item experience doled out as quest rewards is not unwelcome either – I’m finally maxing out my level 65 second age LIs…I’m sure I’ll be replacing them with level 75 versions in the not too distant future, mind you…

Dunland Aventures - 'Hardfang'

Dunland Aventures - 'Hardfang'

The quest rewards in Dunland (I’m talking armour pieces and jewellery, here, mostly) have some very high individual stats on them, but I like a broad range of stats and don’t tend to concentrate on just one or two stats. This means that I have no interest on any pieces that give me very narrow stats and I’ve yet to find anything that I like. I’ll post here when I do…

I can’t comment on the new crafting tier as yet – I haven’t managed to acquire enough raw materials to craft anything worthwhile. At this early juncture, it’s all about collecting materials, processing them, and acquiring mastery of the new crafting tiers. Recipe drops for all crafts seem to be frequent enough, and the auction house is already full of sensibly priced (in the main) cast offs – all good to see.

Ready to Rumble

Posted in Diary, lotro with tags , , , on September 28, 2011 by Corleth

Well, as was hinted at by Turbine, the LoTRO servers were pretty much unavailable for the entirety of Monday – at last to us here in the EU. However, I got home from work last night (Tuesday) and my LoTRO client patched (to Update 4, RoI) within twenty minutes or so, no problems.

A nice surprise awaited those toons that had been through Moria, with half-a-dozen new deeds auto-completing from around the various Moria zones (Flaming Deeds, Silvertine Loads, Dimril Dale, etc). All four of my level 65s picked up 40 Turbine Points (TP) and a few thousand XP, for these deeds. Not to mention the accompanying virtue gains. Nice 🙂

Anyhow, I spent most of the evening sorting out my toons. I currently have six toons with legendary items equipped so the very first thing I did was re-level all of those. That took a wee while.

Next up was a trip to the crafting guilds for my metalsmith, my tailor, and my wood worker, in order to gain mastery of the new guild reputation tier. Over the next day or two, I’ll be doing the same for my weaponsmith and my jeweller. I’m not too bothered about my guilded cook and scholar – I’m happy enough to use non-guilded toons for those.

Finally, I ran my guardian down to the Enedwaith/Dunland border to do a few quests – just to get a feel for the new area. My first impression is very positive.

Welcome to Dunland!

Welcome to Dunland!

It’s just so refreshing to have a new tier of crafting, together with all that comes with it, together with complexly new zones. Having said that, it’s going to take a few weeks for me to get even one toon up to level 75, and there’s no way around that, even if I wanted to get there in a hurry (which I don’t). There are  already level 70-odds running about Gilrain, less than 24 hours after the update…

On your marks…get set…RoI!

Posted in Deeds, Diary, Instances, lotro with tags , , , on September 26, 2011 by Corleth

Well. Here we are. All waiting for the Turbine servers to come back up. When they do, Rise of Isenguard should be live…

In the last week I’ve managed to get my burglar up to level 50, and through the majority of Forochel. He’s picked up three of the four pre-Moria legendary traits, en route, and is now sat in Dolven View. However, he’ll now be parked for a few months while I explore the three new regions that RoI is introducing, with my more advanced toons. My guardian first, and then probably my lore-master. Having said that, the class changes to the minstrel are such that I’ll be sorely tempted to run my mini for a while, just to get a feel for the what is, in many ways, almost a new class. Fun and games!

In almost the last act of the pre-Isenguard game, I attended a kin ‘Watcher’ run on Saturday night, on my guardian. It went very smoothly too, and I even picked up (at long last) a Moria armour set helm. It’ll never get worn in anger now, but at least I can say ‘I have it’. Saturday’s run was also my first time downing the big squid on my guard, so another deed  was ticked off – one of many in the last few weeks.

Anyhow, LoTRO client patching pains await, I’m sure, but I hope to see you all on the road to Isenguard, over the coming days and weeks. Have fun!

Into ‘The Rift’…and other bits

Posted in Deeds, Diary, lotro with tags , , , , , , , , on September 13, 2011 by Corleth

Ok. The deeding and skirmishing is wearing a little thin at this stage. We’re just over two weeks out from the release of Rise of Isenguard (RoI), and at least two of my four level 65s, are ready to go. That said, I’ve ground out about as much Zeal as I think I can stand, and it’ll be a long time before I kill another Dragonet in Zirakzigil…for those readers who aren’t aware, Zeal is being re-jigged in RoI to provide a bucket load of morale, which will make it one of the most desirable traits in the game.

One other little activity that I’ve been undertaking, is the crafting of symbols, on all my guilded crafters. This is because there’s a new crafting tier coming with RoI and the only way to get Kindred rep in this new tier is to make lots, and lots, and lots…of symbols…45,000 reputation worth! CSTM has further details here.

Elsewhere in game, I’ve moved my burglar up to level 47. I’ve now completed both chapters one and two of volume 2 (epic quest line), with him, and therefore acquired his first legendary items. Woot! Added to that, I have his level 45 class quests done too (ok I cheated a bit, I grabbed the majority of the items needed for this from my kin’s bank).  Now back to questing in Angmar, the Misty Mountains and Forochel until I hit level 50…I might make this before RoI release…we’ll see.

Balrog in The Rift

Balrog in The Rift

Finally, I can report that I’ve successfully finished that old chestnut, The Rift, for the very first time – on any toon. When ‘The Rift’ was the hardest and best raid in the game, I only had one toon (my guardian) and he was only level 48ish; it was pre-Moria. So I never ran ‘The Rift’ in anger, and certainly never got near to killing the balrog. So, last Friday, as a little distraction, we had a Rift kin run, and we went all the way through in about three hours – me on my minstrel. Great fun it was too, and the balrog fight was challenging enough. It must have been damn challenging at level 50!!! 😀

Preparing for Isenguard

Posted in Diary, lotro, Traits, Virtues with tags , , , , on July 26, 2011 by Corleth

Ok, so we’re still two months or so away from the release of Isenguard, but most folks who I know are doing one of two things:

  1. Levelling alts to level cap so that they can be brought straight through into the new content, come September’s release, and/or
  2. Working on their existing level 65 toons, to bring them fully up to scratch.
Raiding seems to have stopped – at least in my kin. We’re still running 3-mans and 6-mans, but nothing bigger. I’m firmly in the second of the above camps, anyway. I’m now busily trying to sort out the following:
  1. Getting all my skirmish soldiers (one for each toon) up to 65, including all traits. This is taking some time, as I’ve always been very skirmish-phobic.
  2. Trying to get my preferred virtues levelled up to 12, where possible.  The virtue cap is being raised from 10 to 12, as part of Isenguard. This basically means deeding.
  3. Trying to finish off those odd quests that have been hanging around far too long. I’m a bit of a completionist, quest wise, so I don’t have too many of these – but some need my attention, nevertheless.
All in all, I have to say that I’m quite enjoying the change of pace that the above is providing. If I get it all done before September, I might even start levelling another alt…I have a level 35 Burglar who I might just start playing again…hmmmmm!
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