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Level 75 Rune-Keeper…But what next?

Posted in Diary, lotro with tags , , , , , , on November 23, 2011 by Corleth

There seems to be a bit of a lull, in-game, at the moment, at least in the neck of the woods that I frequent. Those that wanted to ‘beat’ Draigoch have done so, and there’s no other end-game content to get excited about. There’s only so many 12-man skirmishes that most people will run, after all. The end result is that you either level alts, or do your gaming elsewhere. I’m still doing the former, but many are doing the latter. Skyrim, Modern Warfare, and SWTOR* beta, all seem to be drawing people away from LoTRO (plus some are obviously involved in the ‘Update 5’ testing on Bullroarer, too).

* – I fully intend to try SWTOR, after release, myself.

As for the here and now, I’ve spent most of my LoTRO game-time, during the last week or so, levelling my rune-keeper. She finally hit level 75 yesterday, while questing in the infamous ‘Pit of Iron’. I’ve decided that although I won’t be grinding out superior fourth marks [for the Draigoch armour set] on her, I do intend to equip her with a level 75 crafted armour (Assault Armour of Theodred), plus complete all of the non-repeatable quests around Isenguard, before considering her ‘done’. At the very least I want to hit kindred reputation with Theodred’s Riders, before doing ‘something else’. So, still a few more hours of zapping lie in front of me & my ‘keeper, over the next week.

Hitting Level 75 - inside the 'Pit of Iron'

Hitting Level 75 - inside the 'Pit of Iron'

Going back to the final few levels before hitting 75…in my post last week, I commented that I was finding levelling much more challenging on my RK, compared to my previous experience of levelling my guardian. That pretty much continued all the way up to 75, with a few quests in each area causing me significant grief. Several of these had to wait until I made level 75, at which point I was able to re-visit them to complete…’The Battle of Dol Baran’ instance in the Heathfells, together with killing ‘the Devourer’ in The Pit of Iron, both come to mind here. Once at level-cap however, the following upgrades really made the difference:

  • Swapping out my level 65 second-age rune-stone for a level 75 3rd age stone.
  • Replacing old level 65 raid armour pieces with level 75 crafted armour (2 pieces done, to date).
  • Replacing several jewellery pieces (both level 65 crafted and quest reward items) with level 75 crafted items.

My will, fate and vitality have now increased significantly (from what they were at the end of level 74), together with DPS. All in all, I feel like my RK is beginning to come together.

I’m now looking forward to ‘Update 5’, which is due next month; the two new 3-man instances, two new 6-man instances, and the new 12-man instance, are all to be looked forward to. In the meantime, once I’m done working on my RK, the decision is what to do to fill in the time….level another toon to 75? I feel maybe I need a break from levelling, so I’m considering checking out the ‘Moors….creep-side 😉

Christmas Activities

Posted in lotro with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on December 31, 2010 by Corleth

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post, and the Christmas break has seen me busy, in-game.

My rune-keeper is now finally at level cap. Thanks to some time off work before Christmas, I brought her all the way through Lothlorien, hitting ‘kindred’ with the Galadhrim on the way, and also completing volume 2 book 8 of the epic quest line; I then brought her through the Mirkwood starter area, and I’m now questing in Mirkwood proper, while also working on finishing up volume 2.

I have to say, at this stage, that I find the RK a hard class to play at level cap. The lack of a reliable mezz makes for very hard multi-mob pulls, and I find I die much more regularly than with any of my other level 65 toons…that said, my equipment still isn’t as good as I’d like it, as I haven’t ground out an end-game set for her – I’ll probably start looking at grinding the Helegrod set once I have the majority of Mirkwood out the way – but with the end of radiance now on the horizon, I’m less inclined to put in the time…that said, the Helegrod sets, even without considering radiance, look to be a good bet when compared to any of the other end-game armour sets.

Elsewhere, I finally got my lore-master enough radiance to join a couple of my kin’s raids into Barad Guldur. For the uninitiated, this 12-man raid in Mirkwood, currently requires a minimum of 115 radiance for a toon to be effective, so I used some ‘Superior Third Marks’ and picked up the Helegrod 25-radiance ‘Beast-Master’ head piece for my LM, bringing her total radiance up to 120. Two runs through ‘The Gauntlet’ later, and I can honestly say “What damn good fun!”. That said, we’ve so far failed to bring down Durchest, but the last attempt was oh-so-close….one of our minstrels managed to acquire aggro near the end of the fight, and Durchest then proceeded to wipe us…grrrrr!

I’ve had a bit of an epiphany, in fact. I’m now a raider. When I say that, I mean that the part of LoTRO that I enjoy the most is raiding. In game, I’m now at my happiest (most of the time) with my headset on, running group content with kinnies. That’s some change, as I always used to be an alto-holic – more interested in levelling than grouping. Is this a change for the better? Only time will tell, I guess…

So, what else have I been up to? Well, running my toons through Enedwaith, mostly. I’ve yet to hit kindred with either of the Enedwaith factions (the Grey Company and the Algraig) – but I’m not far off. I particularly want the shield/pocket item combo for my guardian – but that will be another week or two coming. And after that….? I might just try to grind out a couple of Helegrod armour sets…

16th Hall for RK Classquest

Posted in lotro with tags , , , , , on August 23, 2010 by Corleth

I spent most of last week soloing my rune-keeper around Moria, recovering from the previous week’s raiding ‘overload’ (overload for me, anyway). I did manage to get into 16th Hall on Wednesday night, with my kin, and completed my level 58 rune-keeper quest, and killed all the bosses on the way. Unfortunately someone killed a bug in the battle with The Lost One, so we didn’t complete the instance hard-mode (HM). Still, not to worry – I was more than happy with getting the RK class quest out the way, and with the acquisition of four Moria Medallions (the first medallions that I’ve picked up on my RK). The 16th Hall trip also netted me about half-a-level’s worth of experience too, which consequently meant that on Thursday night, I hit level 59. I’m going back to the volume two book quests this week, in an attempt to at least get as far as 2.4.8….

The only other activity that I’ve managed is to bring my level 65 lore-master up to Forochel for some questing. This is fulfilling two requirements: (1) Acquisition of pages for my ‘Staff & Shield’ legendary skill deed (see previous post where I describe why this deed is still not complete!, and (2) the maxing out to 10 of some of my traits such as Empathy. I actually find it kind of therapeutic to solo around, picking of ‘grey’ quests for a while – absolutely no challenge involved!

Dar Narbugud ahoy!

Posted in lotro with tags , , , , , , , , , , on July 10, 2010 by Corleth

Heck! It’s been over a month since my last post. Slap wrists for being so tardy. In fairness, I’ve had a holiday in Portugal in the meantime, and the summer weather has been glorious (up until the last few days), so I’ve been busy with real life stuff.

So what of LOTRO…? Well, the Summer Festival has arrived, and I’ll be giving that a go over the next week or so – or that’s my intention at least. I feel like I really need to spend a bit of time making my deluxe house (Shire homesteads) look a bit more presentable, so my concentration, festival rewards wise, will be the new wall coverings and furniture items – see the fantastic guide from the folks at ‘A Casual Stroll to Mordor’.

So what have I been up to? Well, I’ve joined a new Kin, first up. I’m now a member of TWIGS, or ‘Twilight Gathering’ to give them their full name. They have a nice website here. I was just getting nothing done with my old kins (Ancient Artisans & The Hard Biscuits), so I’ve pulled all my main characters together into the TWIGS – and so far it’s paid dividends. I’ve defeated the Filikul Turtle twice, and been raiding in Dar Narbugud – all with my guard (Corleth).

My lore master is gradually making her way through Mirkwood, but I’ve also spent a good deal of time improving her virtues, and acquiring some Moria armour pieces. So far, she has 20 radiance (Moria robe and gloves), and I’m now after the 10 Radiance leggings before I move on to the Mirkwood instances (Sword Hall, basically) to acquire the 25 radiance Mirkwood armour pieces (helm, shoulders and boots). I’m still stuck on vol 2 book 6 chapter 8 which is a bugger, so I’ve still not picked up that last legendary trait that I’m after – maybe next week…! I’m making progress through volume 2, book 8 though – I’m now waiting to get 2.8.4 done in Naladum.

I’ve also been pretty busy with my Rune Keeper with whom I’ve now cleared all the solo quests in Eregion, and am now working on the quests around Dolven View and Deep Decent in Moria. I’m midway through level 55 and finding it refreshingly easy to kill those pesky Moria goblins – fast!

I’ve spent very little time with my Warden over the last month, but have progressed up to level 44, and am now working my way through quests in the High pass up in the Misty mountains. I’ve also turned her into a scholar, so am busy collecting mats and working through the journeyman tier…

A Fruitful Week

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It’s been an interesting week. I’ve been continuing to quest in Forochel with my rune keeper, and she hit level 51 on Tuesday. She also made Ally with the Lossoth. I should mention that is the first toon that I’ve actually played though Forochel – my previous levelling in the 45ish to 50ish range has always been via the Angmar route, and I have to say that Forochel is refreshingly different – not as dark, more solo-able, and some nice rewards to boot. So, I’ve now decided to keep going in Forochel until I hit Kindred rep – I’d like that Tundra horse – and I’ll move on to Eregion after that. I’m guessing that this will mean my rune keeper will be level 53 or even 54 before she hits Moria – but that will have its own benefits…

I’m taking my time with my lore master too, who is currently still at level 59, and is running quests around the Redhorn Loads and Flaming Deeps. I’d like to complete the three Moria questing deeds before heading on out to Lorien, so I’ve a week or two’s work left in front of me (at least at the speed I do quests!). The deeds in question are:

1. Hero of the Upper Levels

  • (Gives the following swifts: To 21st Hall from 1st Hall. To 1st Hall from 21st Hall).

2. Exemplar of the Central levels

  • (Gives the following swift: To Dolvien-View from 1st Hall).

3. Legend of the Deeps

  • (Gives the following swifts: To the Shadowed Refuge from 21st Hall, and 1st Hall. To 1st Hall from The Shadowed Refuge. To 21st Hall from The Shadowed Refuge).

I also want to hit Kindred rep with the Iron Garrison Guards so that I can pick up the Nature-Friend legendary LM trait – I need about another 20k of rep to get there, so it’s within sight.

Other than that, I’ve hit kindred rep with the Melledhrim with my main (my tank, Corleth) and finished volume 1!

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