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Thanks Mr GM!

Posted in Diary, lotro with tags , , , , , , , on November 1, 2011 by Corleth

First up, I just wanted to mention those much maligned folks at Turbine – the GMs. I had a little ‘accident’ over last weekend. Having run the school & library a few times, I’d accumulated enough superior fourth marks to pick up the boots (‘Boots of the Indomitable Protector’) from the Draigoch set, for my guardian.

Boots of the Indomitable Protector

Boots of the Indomitable Protector

However, in a moment of total careless, I bartered for the captain boots (‘Boots of the Gallant Commander’) instead…*facepalm*. With not too much hope, I logged a ticket…and within ten minutes, a very kind GM had sorted me out and corrected the error. Now that’s what I call service*!

* – There is a caveat here, for anyone needing to do this – only three such requests per year are allowed per account, so be warned…you can get away with being stupid, like me, but not too stupid! 😉

Anyhow, this week, with my guardian now at level 75 and pretty well geared, my main activity has been to start moving my rune-keeper though Dunland. She’s now up to level 68. As this is my second time through Dunland, I’m taking a wee bit more time about things, and taking a bit more note of some quest rewards which, at first glance, may have looked fairly worthless. In particular, I like this robe, which cosmetically looks very well, especially when dyed (in this case with Evendim-blue):

Robe of the Learned Stag (in Evendim blue)

Robe of the Learned Stag (in Evendim blue)

So far, I’m finding Dunland fairly easy with my RK, although I expect to run into some difficulties with one or two of the instanced-quests, in due course. It’s one thing to waltz through four or five mobs with a tank – it’s definitely another to do the same with a ‘keeper…

Finally, just a reminder to those of you out there who don’t sign up for the mylotro lotteries (login here) – you’re missing a trick. I’ve actually set one of the home pages on my browser to mylotro, so that I remember to check for & sign up for the very regular lotteries. It only takes a click, and here’s a wee list of some of the goodies that I’ve won over the last week:

  • 5 x +25% Legendary Item XP Boot (45 mins each).
  • 5 x Tomes of sustained experience (+25% XP boost, +10% Item XP from kills).
  • Over 1 gold.
  • Over 100 Autumn festival tokens.

Dar Narbugud ahoy!

Posted in lotro with tags , , , , , , , , , , on July 10, 2010 by Corleth

Heck! It’s been over a month since my last post. Slap wrists for being so tardy. In fairness, I’ve had a holiday in Portugal in the meantime, and the summer weather has been glorious (up until the last few days), so I’ve been busy with real life stuff.

So what of LOTRO…? Well, the Summer Festival has arrived, and I’ll be giving that a go over the next week or so – or that’s my intention at least. I feel like I really need to spend a bit of time making my deluxe house (Shire homesteads) look a bit more presentable, so my concentration, festival rewards wise, will be the new wall coverings and furniture items – see the fantastic guide from the folks at ‘A Casual Stroll to Mordor’.

So what have I been up to? Well, I’ve joined a new Kin, first up. I’m now a member of TWIGS, or ‘Twilight Gathering’ to give them their full name. They have a nice website here. I was just getting nothing done with my old kins (Ancient Artisans & The Hard Biscuits), so I’ve pulled all my main characters together into the TWIGS – and so far it’s paid dividends. I’ve defeated the Filikul Turtle twice, and been raiding in Dar Narbugud – all with my guard (Corleth).

My lore master is gradually making her way through Mirkwood, but I’ve also spent a good deal of time improving her virtues, and acquiring some Moria armour pieces. So far, she has 20 radiance (Moria robe and gloves), and I’m now after the 10 Radiance leggings before I move on to the Mirkwood instances (Sword Hall, basically) to acquire the 25 radiance Mirkwood armour pieces (helm, shoulders and boots). I’m still stuck on vol 2 book 6 chapter 8 which is a bugger, so I’ve still not picked up that last legendary trait that I’m after – maybe next week…! I’m making progress through volume 2, book 8 though – I’m now waiting to get 2.8.4 done in Naladum.

I’ve also been pretty busy with my Rune Keeper with whom I’ve now cleared all the solo quests in Eregion, and am now working on the quests around Dolven View and Deep Decent in Moria. I’m midway through level 55 and finding it refreshingly easy to kill those pesky Moria goblins – fast!

I’ve spent very little time with my Warden over the last month, but have progressed up to level 44, and am now working my way through quests in the High pass up in the Misty mountains. I’ve also turned her into a scholar, so am busy collecting mats and working through the journeyman tier…

Bog Warden and Tundra Horse

Posted in Deeds, Diary, lotro, Mounts, Reputation with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on April 16, 2010 by Corleth

In real life, the spring weather has been fantastic for the last week, so what with the longer daylight hours, I’ve been spending most of my spare time away from the PC. That said, I’ve not been entirely inactive, so here’s a wee update…

Last weekend, I completed the ‘Hero of the Upper Levels’ deed in Moira, with my lore-master (still level 59). I’ve also managed to get to Kindred rep with the Iron Garrison Guards, so I’ve picked up the ‘Nature Friend’ legendary trait. See the attached picture of my Bog-Warden!

Lore Master and Bog-Warden

Lore Master and Bog-Warden

Finally, at time of writing, I’ve just completed vol 2, book 4, chapter 7 ‘The Drowned Treasury’, so I’ll be working though the solo quests to get to the next fellowship quests in vol 2, book 5, chapter 5 before I head on out to Lorien.

With my rune-keeper (level 51), I’m finally out of Forochel, having hit Kindred Rep with the Lossoth – so I now have a Tundra Horse to show for my patience (see below). Eregion, here I come!

Runekeeper plus Losseth tundra horse

Runekeeper plus Losseth tundra horse

I’m not really using my level 65 (tank) at the moment, apart from an hour’s soiree into the 16th Hall last Sunday to help a couple of kinnies complete their level 58 class quests (rune-keeper and hunter class quests).The only part of the game I really still want to do at level 65, is to successfully run Sammath Gul, but my kin appears to have gone to sleep in the Spring sunshine, so I’ll bide my time. If I don’t get to complete it, c’est la vie. I certainly don’t have the time, or even the inclination, to be raiding (Barad Guldur, Dar Narbugud, The Rift, etc) at the moment – most of my current playing time is in chunks of about an hour, or less…real life is just too busy.

Talking of spring, the end of the in-game ‘Spring Festival’ is almost upon us. Like a lot of folks, I’m still awaiting the festival horse vendor bug-fix, so that I can pick up a ‘Spring Festival’ mount for both my lore-master (level 59), and for my warden (level 36). I’ll post a picture of each, as and when Turbine sort it out.

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