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The Killing of a Balrog

Posted in Diary, Instances, lotro with tags , , , , , on May 24, 2011 by Corleth

The long, bright evenings are dragging me away from my PC, and onto other real-life activities – like playing soccer in the back garden with my kids. So LoTRO is taking a bit of a back seat.

I missed my kin’s recent re-visitation of the Ost Dunhoth wound wing – which they successfully nailed (on tier 1). However I did manage to tag along, with my guardian, for the subsequent visit to the fear wing (again on tier 1); a mighty tussle with the balrog ensued …thankfully, following multiple wipes, it was a tussle that we eventually won.

The main principles with the tier 1 balrog fight seem to (1) aggro swapping between the tanks and (2) everyone else keeping well out of the way of his frontal damage. There’s also a lot going on graphically, so it’s easy enough to loose your bearings and get in the wrong place (squish!). All in all, I have to say, it’s a challenging and enjoyable fight. I’m not sure we’ll be trying it on tier 2 in a hurry though!!

Elsewhere, I also took my guardian through the Lost Temple (again) on tier 1, and managed to win the role for the Gold Knot Bracelet.

On my rune-keeper I finished up volume 3, and had a successful hard-mode run though an old favourite – Skumfil. The Moria instances are still fun, and even though the reward drops are no longer of any real importance, the deeds are still nice to get.

No F2P For Me – Yet…

Posted in lotro with tags , , , , , , , , on November 2, 2010 by Corleth

Well, free-to-play has officially hit Europe. As I type, many of my kinnies have successfully downloaded the patch and are now running around happily inside the Gilrain world. Me? No joy. This has error has been appearing all afternoon, and there’s no sign of any resolution yet.

Hash Error while patching

Hash Error while patching

In the meantime, I thought I blog what I’ve been up to.

Last week I ran 2.6.8 with my rune-keeper, and in the process acquired my last-but-one legendary trait. I then headed out into Lothlorien, and have already achieved Friend status with the Galladhrim. I’m currently back inside Moria undertaking volume 2 book 7, and hope to be in a position to run 2.83 and 2.8.4 with a couple of kinnies, next week.

Last weekend three groups of us formed up for a concerted bash at doing Sword-Halls in challenge mode (HM). After a few wipes, all three groups succeeded. In my case, I managed this on my guardian, so I’ve no completed Warg Pens, Sword Hall, and Sammath Gul, all in HM, on this toon. Not much chance of achieving the same in Barad Guldur, unfortunately – our kin just doesn’t seem to have the interest in running that, at the moment. That said, I’m organising a bash at the Dungeons 3-man instance for next week….I’ve actually never been in there on any toon, so it should be interesting…!

Yesterday we had an hour and a half inside Skumfil, just to complete all the quests, and as many deeds as possible. Again, I was on my guardian. It’s good fun in there at level 65, and fairly straightforward.

Elsewhere, last week I took my LM back into DN on two separate nights. We got past Flagit and Zholuga, but Istum gave us major problems for some reason, so we never got as far as the Blind One. We were lacking a Cappy, and I think this had a major affect on our lack of success – that together with some novice DNers – we all have to learn though, so we’ll do better next time…

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