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Update 6

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My poor neglected burglar. There he is, stranded in the ‘Shadowed Refuge’, without much hope of rescue. Having been played almost daily for the past month or so, levelled to within an inch of escaping Moria, he’s now been dropped like a hot Shire tater. All because of ‘Update 6’. He could shed tears…

2.6.8 - solo on my burg

2.6.8 - solo on my burg

But, nevertheless, ‘Update 6’ is here. My LoTRO client patched without issue last Monday evening, and now I’m looking at quite a bit of new content. Here’s my ‘To Do’ list:

  • Purchase the premium wallet (account wide purchase).
  • Pickup the ‘return to Galtrev’ skill.
  • Visit your crafting guild representatives to pick up new crafted relic, armour, jewellery, weapon & cooking recipes.
  • Run the quest in Glatrv to pick up your ‘Middle Earth Compendium vol III’.
  • Make crafted relics and apply.
  • Finish up ‘To catch an old goat’ deed.
  • Head off to Grimbold’s camp to pick up the epic quest line.

And here’s more detail on that list…

First and foremost, any toon based in Galtrev, should run over to the Dunland rep vendor and buy the new ‘Return to Galtrev’ skill.

Second, if you have 995 turbine points to spare, I strongly recommend buying the new ‘Premium Wallet’, too; this is an essential piece of LoTRO ‘kit’ if you have multiple alts. Possibly, it’s not so important if you only run one toon…either way, the implementation of this ‘Premium’ functionality is the real way that Turbine are financing their LoTRO operation during the first part of this year, in my opinion.

So what else? Well, guilded crafters should take a look at the new Westfold guild recipes (non-guilded recipes will drop as loot). New armour, weapons, jewellery, etc are all available in ‘Great River’ flavours. These, generally, are marginally better that their Dunland equivalents too. In the jewellery line, the most interest is probably being created by the new loremaster brooch recipes (drop only) which are the first items specifically geared for the LM’s ranged slot. These new brooches give pet buffs.

Westfold Brooches - Critted Versions

Westfold Brooches - Critted Versions

The new Westfold-tier crafted relics (for legendary items) are very nice. Running the ‘Forges of Isenguard‘ solo repeatable quest in Galtrev will net you your ‘Compendium  of Middle Earth, Volume III’, which can be used once per week by your guilded Westfold master craftsman to produced one of these juicy relics:

Update 6 has also changed the Warden class out of all recognition. My warden has been parked at level 48 for over a year now and, honestly, I can see me ever going back to her. It’d be like starting to learn a whole new class from scratch at this stage, and I can’t see me undertaking that exercise. The changes to the Rune Keeper class are also extensive, although not as severe. I played my RK for an hour or so last Tuesday night, and found no problem adapting to the differences.

Before setting out for the new region, it might also be worth finishing up that nightmare deed ‘Tracking An Old Goat’. Turbine have thoughtfully re-enabled the quests to complete this deed for anyone that didn’t managed it first time around. But hey, you only have one shot at completing it, ‘cos if you happen to log out before attempting the deed – poooof – it’s gone again. Fantastic testing by Turbine, fantastic.

So, having looked at all of the above, it might be time to try out some of the new quests. Update 6 brings us an extension to ‘Volume 3’ of the Epic Quest line. Picking this up where Update 5 left off, in Grimbold’s Camp (near Isenguard) quickly bring us into the new zone that has appeared to the south of Lothlorien – The Great River. So far, I’ve not strayed too far into this new zone, but from first impressions, it looks pretty enough, with plenty of standard-type quests. So far, nothing to get too thrilled about…but time will tell.

Finally, a bit of good new for my burglar. Enedwaith has now been tweaked, such that it’s now a level 61 to 65 zone – as opposed to just a level 65 zone previous to Update 6. This is good news for my burg, as it will provide an alternative to entering Mirkwood, once finished in Lothlorien. Of course, that will mean skipping the second half of Volume 2 and moving straight on to Volume 3. I’ll have to decide if that’s a consequence I’m willing to accept.

Where is the Bat Cave?

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So, where is the ‘Bat Cave’? The answer, of course, as pretty much everyone knows, is “Under Wayne Manor”…unless of course you’re playing a level fifty-something toon within Moria in LoTRO…in which case the answer is “somewhere around 4.3S, 110.2W in Western Durin’s Way!”…

Which leads me nicely (?) on to the fact that Western Durin’s Way is just one of areas I’ve recently visited with my Burglar, who I have brought on to level 58 over the last few weeks. I admit, I am kind of enjoying Moria again. This is the fifth toon that I’ve brought through this truly epic zone, and it’s a refreshing change of pace from the wide open spaces of Enedwaith & Dunland (which have been my regular playing fare over the last year or so).

Fightin' in the Waterworks

Fightin' in the Waterworks

Will we ever see the like of Moria again, in LoTRO? Almost certainly not, and that makes me sad. I remember vividly the huge excitement when entering Moria for the very first time, back around Christmas in 2008. No zone has come close to the epic scale of it since – and possibly, that’s the way it should be. We now move on towards mounted combat and the (potentially) large-scale battles of the Helm’s Deep and The Pelenor Fields…

Looking forward to the more imminent future, Turbine is now releasing more detail on Update 6, which will see the new ‘Great River’ zone link Lothlorien, with northern Rohan (and Isenguard).This new zone will provide more level 75 content – but I is it really needed? I can’t raise too much enthusiasm for more end-game grinding, I’m afraid. And the promised ‘landscape soldier’ isn’t going to be as useful as was first thought either – you’ll have to buy a token in order to activate your skirmish soldier for one hour ‘in landscape’. Meh.

Anyhow, back to the present. Elsewhere in-game, I’ve done precious little raiding since successfully tanking Draigoch with my guardian (*puffs out chest*), about a month ago. The appetite for the Draigoch raid, plus the Isenguard 3 and 6 man instances, seems to be at a very low ebb at this stage. I think the general feeling is “been there, done that, can’t be bothered to grind them for the sake of gear which will be no use come the autumn” (when the level cap is raised agin, this time to 85). A fair point, I think.

The only box we haven’t yet managed to tick, within the kin, is the 12-man Isenguard raid – Sarauman still alludes us. That said, we never finished the Ost Dunhoth [the level 65 12-man raid in Enedwaith] either, so maybe we should go back and have a crack off that…

Nimble Black Goat

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So last weekend, I finally killed the last few Kergrim that I need in Skumfil. The ‘Nimble Black Goat’, awarded for the Moria Meta-deed, now belongs to my guardian.

Moria Meta Deed complete!

Moria Meta Deed complete!

It took a while (!!), but it’s a handsome beastie (see below):

Nimble Black Goat

Nimble Black Goat

Over the last week, I’ve also hit kindred with Theodred’s Riders on my lore-master, and finished up all non-repeatable quests in the Isenguard and Dunland zones. That’s my third level 75 toon though the Dunland & Isenguard zones.

The big news this week came from Turbine, who announced that a new zone will be coming this spring, when ‘Update 6’ hits. This new “Great River” zone looks like it will link Dunland with Lothlorien. Another major change for Update 6 looks to be that skirmish soldiers will be summon-able during general play. This, to me, is a definite nod towards the perceived success of the ‘companion system’ in SWTOR – even though skirmish soldiers are not likely to be allowed in instances, for the time being at least, due to balance reasons. My opinion on this change is nothing but positive – for those players like myself, who only play skirmishes very occasionally, it will move the skirmish soldier from a neglected backwater into the mainstream of our play. I hope that Turbine see fit to increase the cosmetic options available for skirmish soldiers too – otherwise there will be a large number of very similar looking toons running around the game….

Looking further ahead, Turbine also announced within the last week, a major new release of content for the autumn, to include the plains of Rohan, mounted combat, and the level cap being raised to 85. Phew! It looks like it’s going to be a busy year for players and developers alike!

Moving back to the current content, I’ve spent a good bit of time this week running the 3-mans around Isenguard. This includes:

  • completing ‘The Pits’, tier-2, on my guardian.
  • completing ‘The Pits’, tier-1, on my rune-keeper.
  • completing ‘Fangorns Edge’, tier-1, on both my guardian and my rune-keeper.

Next up will be a run or two through ‘Dargnakh Unleashed’.

Out of the three, 3-man instances around Isenguard, I like “The Pits” best. The boss fights, as with “Fangorn’s Edge”, are challenging, but fun. I just wish the number of deeds wasn’t so great. You have to run each instance in about 20 (slight exaggeration, I know!) different ways in order to complete all the deeds, making them somewhat of a grind, in my opinion. I’d personally have preferred more random drops and fewer deeds!

Looking forward over the coming weeks, I really should start moving my minstrel on from level 67 on towards 75, but I’m just sick of Dunland at the moment, so I’m going to change pace a little and start levelling my burglar (currently level 50) again. First stop, Eregion!

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