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A Symbol, Some Boots and A Legendary Trait…

Posted in lotro with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on February 22, 2011 by Corleth

The last week or so has been good fun!

On Sunday last (eight days ago) I ran the Annuminas instances on my LM, with my kin, and I won my first ever Symbol of Celebrimbor roll. I promptly converted it into a shiny new second age level 65 staff, which I’ve been levelling up ever since.

On Monday & Thursday my kin was back in Barad Guldur, with me yet again on my loremaster; the Monday run saw us repeat our [previous week’s] kills of Durchest and the Twins of Fire & Shadow – and I won the roll on the Dark Emblem of Courage and so am now a proud owner of the BG 30 radiance boots. It’s just a shame that radiance is in its final days as a LoTRO game mechanic. Unless Turbine decide to improve the stats on the BG armour set when radiance is removed, the set will become no more than a cosmetic set. I digress – anyhow, as a coup de grace on my night’s work, at the Twins, a very nice sword (at least for an LM) – ‘Saelwagol’ – dropped and found its way into my bags too, so completing a very good night for me!



Last Thursday, after the weekly reset, we went back to BG and did for Durchy and the Twins for the third time in a row. Tonight, we’re going to attempt the run from the Twins to The Lieutenant. I don’t for one minute believe we’ll succeed in killing the Lieutenant – it’s our first try, after all – but heck, we’ll give it a go…!

I also spent a good bit of time on my warden last week. She was level 46 at the start of the week, and by Saturday night was up to 48. As well as leveling, I completed the first chapter of Volume 2, and so picked up my first legendary item, a javelin, as a result. I also picked up my first legendary trait by completing my level 45 class quests. I had to use skirmish marks to get hold of the Crimson Gorthorog Horn that I needed, but I was lucky enough to have the other three items (Bloodstained Tally Stick, Rune of Evil Presence and Teeth of Gorthorog) that I needed from my old kin’s bank (which I raided just before my old kin was dissolved).

Talking of skirmishing in the mid-40 level range – the XP that you pick up, even running a tier-1 solo skirmish, is far in excess of what you’d pick up running equivalent quests on level. You almost go through the levels too quickly when skirmishing, I think – but if you want to keep your skirmish soldier at the same level as you, and fully skilled up, regular skirmishes have to be run.

I’m using a banner guard for my warden. It’s not a choice that I’d make again as (1) banner guards seem to be a bit too squishy for my liking, and (2) they insist on being out front where they can spoil my ambushes half the time – not to mention grabbing aggro when I’m not watching closely! That said, I suppose grabbing aggro back, is good practise for end-game grouping…

Anyhow, the next steps for my Warden will be to complete questing in the Misty Mountains and then move on to Eregion – and hopefully in the process pick up the remaining pages that I need for my three legendary-trait books.

Dar Narbugud ahoy!

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Heck! It’s been over a month since my last post. Slap wrists for being so tardy. In fairness, I’ve had a holiday in Portugal in the meantime, and the summer weather has been glorious (up until the last few days), so I’ve been busy with real life stuff.

So what of LOTRO…? Well, the Summer Festival has arrived, and I’ll be giving that a go over the next week or so – or that’s my intention at least. I feel like I really need to spend a bit of time making my deluxe house (Shire homesteads) look a bit more presentable, so my concentration, festival rewards wise, will be the new wall coverings and furniture items – see the fantastic guide from the folks at ‘A Casual Stroll to Mordor’.

So what have I been up to? Well, I’ve joined a new Kin, first up. I’m now a member of TWIGS, or ‘Twilight Gathering’ to give them their full name. They have a nice website here. I was just getting nothing done with my old kins (Ancient Artisans & The Hard Biscuits), so I’ve pulled all my main characters together into the TWIGS – and so far it’s paid dividends. I’ve defeated the Filikul Turtle twice, and been raiding in Dar Narbugud – all with my guard (Corleth).

My lore master is gradually making her way through Mirkwood, but I’ve also spent a good deal of time improving her virtues, and acquiring some Moria armour pieces. So far, she has 20 radiance (Moria robe and gloves), and I’m now after the 10 Radiance leggings before I move on to the Mirkwood instances (Sword Hall, basically) to acquire the 25 radiance Mirkwood armour pieces (helm, shoulders and boots). I’m still stuck on vol 2 book 6 chapter 8 which is a bugger, so I’ve still not picked up that last legendary trait that I’m after – maybe next week…! I’m making progress through volume 2, book 8 though – I’m now waiting to get 2.8.4 done in Naladum.

I’ve also been pretty busy with my Rune Keeper with whom I’ve now cleared all the solo quests in Eregion, and am now working on the quests around Dolven View and Deep Decent in Moria. I’m midway through level 55 and finding it refreshingly easy to kill those pesky Moria goblins – fast!

I’ve spent very little time with my Warden over the last month, but have progressed up to level 44, and am now working my way through quests in the High pass up in the Misty mountains. I’ve also turned her into a scholar, so am busy collecting mats and working through the journeyman tier…

Getting Fem’d Up

Posted in lotro with tags , , on May 17, 2010 by Corleth

Well, it’s been a quiet couple of weeks on the LOTRO front. Real life has just been too busy. Mind you, I have managed to spend a few hours with my Warden, who I am enjoying playing more and more. I finished up the Trollshaws at the start of last week, and am now working out of Aughaire while acquiring my Fem armour set. I have to say I’m finding the Warden virtually indestructible, at least while soloing. I can happily take on three ‘orange’ (3 or 4 levels above) mobs at the same time, and still come away without stressing. Amazing stuff.

Elsewhere, I’ve taken my Lore-Master up to level 61, and am now happily singing to saplings in Lorien. I’m intending to head over to Mirkwood before I do much else though, as I want to acquire, and start working on, some level 61+ legendary items. There just seems no point in piling weapon XP into items that are level 60 or below, when all that’s going to happen to them is to be broken down into relics.

My rune-keeper is currently still operating around Gwingris in Eregion, and is still level 52. I’ve not played any other alts for a good while, so that’s about it!

Blue Roan

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Well, with the recent patch fixing a good number of bugs, I’ve finally acquired my Blue Roan steeds for those toons that were due them – see the image below.

My Blue Roan Horse, from the Spring Fest

My Blue Roan Horse, from the Spring Fest

On the playing front, I spent a bit of time with my warden over last weekend, and have zipped up to level 40 by completing all the solo quests in Evendim (Lordy, I still hate all that swimming!), and am now working Tal Bruinen in the Trollshaws, before heading to Aughaire in Angmar to pick up my Fem armour set.

My rune-keeper is now firmly ensconced around Gwingris in Eregion and has hit level 52. I’ll clear my way through Eregion before hitting Moria as, having just gotten my LM out of Moria (and into Lorien), I’m a bit sick of the place.

As I mentioned would happen in my last post, I ran Sammath Gul again with my kin, last Thursday. Again, we didn’t get past Gorothul – we did get him down to 32k, but I think we’ve finally realised that we need more DPS. Next time we’re going with tank, mini, cappy, hunter, LM/burg, and two champs. As an aside, we’ve heading to Dark Delvings this coming Friday for class quests – it’s been a while since I was there, so I’ll be dusting down my shadow mitigation virtues!

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