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80s and 85s – But what next?

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As I type this, my LoTRO installation is patching to ‘Update 9’. There’s a fair bit in this update, but the most anticipated will surely be the new 3-man which are officially a part of the RoR expansion. These instances may well hold my interest over the Christmas period but I doubt the new Yule Festival will – the latter sounds like a rather big grind and that is something I’m not willing to take on, at the moment.

In-game, my loremaster has hit level 85 about three weeks ago, and I’ve done very little since. Some Hytbolt grinding has seen me get the Hytbolt armor pieces that I wanted – I’m currently running with the head and shoulders from the Hytbolt set combined with the chest, legs, gloves and shoulders from the Draigoch set. The reason for this mix is down to the complete lack of fate on the Hytbolt set for LMs – and I like to run with a good wedge of fate for improved critting.

Anyhow, I’m now at the stage where I have very little motivation or enthusiasm for grinding out the rest of the Hytbolt tokens required to finish the rebuild…I’m reckoning another 20-odd days will be required to see the job done but for….what? I could easily start moving another of my level 75s through the RoR expansion, but I don’t have a lot of enthusiasm for that either. So the new 3-man instances are really all I’m looking at inside LoTRO, at the moment.

On the other hand my recent time in GW2 has been fun and challenging. My elementalist hit level 80 about ten days ago and I’m finding the end game areas a tough ask. I’ve been dying a lot whilst moving though the ‘Straights of Devastation’ and working on my personal story out of Fort Trinity. That said, when I hit 80, I was running around in gear that was, in the main, only of ‘fine’ quality (i.e. the blue stuff!) and most of it was level 70 or below. So, my main issue has been trying to upgrade to rare or better gear, at or around the 80 mark. Gradually, it’s coming together and I’m finding that I’m a little less ‘glass’ and a bit more ‘cannon’.

Guess Where...

Guess Where…

Being used to the LoTRO environment where most of the level-cap solo content is fairly innocuous, GW2 has been a bit of a shock. That said the challenge has been, and continues to be, welcome. Add to that the size of the world (I’m currently at 43% complete) and I can see myself leveling at least one other toon through to 80 in due course, as I’ve no intention of going for world completion on one single character – at least at the moment.

Flying High in GW2

Flying High in GW2

So, going forward, my immediate GW2 aims are a full set of rare (‘yellow’) gear, and completion of my personal story. Then maybe launch into a second toon. Plenty to do!

All Festivaled Out

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The Yule/Winter festival has been running a couple of weeks now, but I’m afraid I’ve not sampled the reputed joys of Winter-home. To be honest, I’m still all festivaled out, after the long and daily grind of the Autumn/Harvestmath festival – a.k.a. Skeleton-painted mount lottery – a lottery that I drew a winning ticket on, thankfully.

And then Codemasters go and sick the same said Skeleton-painted horse in their beloved store, just before Christmas…some Christmas present! I could have screamed (only it might have frightened my kids). As I think I’ve mentioned before, I don’t like the fact that items (of any sort) that I’ve ground out in-game, can be purchased for cold real-world cash; I’d much rather Turbine created new items, such as the Steed of the Night, and sold them only in the store – that way, we all know how & where each item was acquired – it’s a badge-of-honour thing…at least for me!

Oh yes, and I picked up the Thorin’s Hall goat the other day – I think it’s a beauty.

Thorin's Hall Goat

Thorin's Hall Goat

This means the faction mounts that I have yet to acquire are:

  • Dark Chestnut (from Wardens of Annuminas)
  • Liver Chestnut (from Men of Bree)
  • Grey Company (from Grey Company)
  • Algraig (from Algraig)
  • Eglain (from Eglain)
  • Rivendell (from Elves of Rivendell)
  • Malledhrim (from Elves of Mirkwood)

Some work still to do then!

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