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Into ‘The Rift’…and other bits

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Ok. The deeding and skirmishing is wearing a little thin at this stage. We’re just over two weeks out from the release of Rise of Isenguard (RoI), and at least two of my four level 65s, are ready to go. That said, I’ve ground out about as much Zeal as I think I can stand, and it’ll be a long time before I kill another Dragonet in Zirakzigil…for those readers who aren’t aware, Zeal is being re-jigged in RoI to provide a bucket load of morale, which will make it one of the most desirable traits in the game.

One other little activity that I’ve been undertaking, is the crafting of symbols, on all my guilded crafters. This is because there’s a new crafting tier coming with RoI and the only way to get Kindred rep in this new tier is to make lots, and lots, and lots…of symbols…45,000 reputation worth! CSTM has further details here.

Elsewhere in game, I’ve moved my burglar up to level 47. I’ve now completed both chapters one and two of volume 2 (epic quest line), with him, and therefore acquired his first legendary items. Woot! Added to that, I have his level 45 class quests done too (ok I cheated a bit, I grabbed the majority of the items needed for this from my kin’s bank).  Now back to questing in Angmar, the Misty Mountains and Forochel until I hit level 50…I might make this before RoI release…we’ll see.

Balrog in The Rift

Balrog in The Rift

Finally, I can report that I’ve successfully finished that old chestnut, The Rift, for the very first time – on any toon. When ‘The Rift’ was the hardest and best raid in the game, I only had one toon (my guardian) and he was only level 48ish; it was pre-Moria. So I never ran ‘The Rift’ in anger, and certainly never got near to killing the balrog. So, last Friday, as a little distraction, we had a Rift kin run, and we went all the way through in about three hours – me on my minstrel. Great fun it was too, and the balrog fight was challenging enough. It must have been damn challenging at level 50!!! 😀

Good Deeding

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I’ve ticked off a few deeds over the last few days. Deeds are like buses – you don’t get one for ages, and then a load come along at about the same time!

First up, I hit kindred with the Iron Garrison Miners on both my Rune-Keeper and my Loremaster – both on the same day – having repeatedly run the Library of Steel quest that is available in Dolven View. This quest coughs up 1,200 reputation and some very handy tier two LI relics. The Nimble Redhorn Goat is a nice steed, too.

Nimble Redhorn Goat

Nimble Redhorn Goat

Second up, I happened to be running my Loremaster through Eregion, on the way to Enedwaith, when I remembered the long neglected ‘Ridge Racer’ deed. So I hopped on my newly acquired goat, and after half and hour of trying to make the initial jump, finally managed the required lead, edged along the almost invisible path, and finally achieved the ‘Ridge Racer’ title. Happy Days.

'Ridge Racer' - completed!

'Ridge Racer' - completed!

Third on my recent list was getting to kindred with the Algraig, on my first toon. I quickly picked up the Algraig horse which I another of Turbine’s new mount – again, a very good looking mount.

Algraig Horse

Algraig Horse

Lastly, I finally a finished the ‘Orcs of the Forge’ deed for zeal, last night, on my guardian – whilst running Forges with some kin mates for the level 58 LM class quests. My guardian’s zeal now stands at 9, and I can grind this up to 10, if I can be bothered to head into the Misty Mountains and kill another 40 or so giants. Coincidently, I now only need to kill two trolls in the Forges to have complete the final deed in there – Blinded by Fire – as/when I manage that, it will be the first time I’ve finished all of the quests & deeds within any one of the Khazâd-Dûm classics (Grand Stairs, Fil Gashen, Forges, Dark Delving, 16th Hall, and Skumfil).

Warg Pens Revisited

Posted in lotro with tags , , , , , on October 12, 2010 by Corleth

After a long gap of over six months, I returned to the Warg Pens (a Mirkwood 3-man instance) last Monday, taking my LM in the company of a guardian and a minstrel. I DPS traited my LM, and it was actually my first time equipping ‘Improved Sticky Gourd’ – what a nice spell!

On this first attempt we cleared all the way to the second (i.e. the last) boss ‘Kranklob’ without any major issues, but failed hard-mode before we got to him, because we killed all the wargs above but were still left with one piece of meat. Anyhow, we thought that bringing down the boss on easy-mode would be ‘easy’ – needleless to say, it wasn’t…We wiped about four times and gave up. In fairness, our strategy lacked rather a lot of thought – with all three of us trying to DPS the boss while he pulled pairs of adds onto us – not bright.

So, we went back to the ‘Pens last the weekend – this time I took my guardian – and we brought a champion and a minstrel too. We sailed through to Kranklob, maintaining hard mode all the way. The first strategy we tried was me grabbing aggro on the Kranklob, and with my guard kiting him around one of the pillars while the champ took down the adds one at a time, and our mini healed. It worked ok, but the Kranklob kept catching me and doing huge amounts of damage as he bit me on the arse (that’s the trouble with kiting – no block, evade or parry! And maybe I’m just crap at kiting…). In the end, our mini ran out of power before all the adds were down and we wiped.

Second time around, I went toe-to-toe with the boss, and this worked much better. I was able to apply all my skills for BEP (Block, Evade & Parry) and maintain aggro, the mini had to heal less, and the champ did his thing with the adds. The champ went ‘sword and board’ on the adds that ate meat (there are six warg adds, and five pieces of meat that they must eat in order to keep HM) so that their 100% damage buff (that they gain after eating a slab of meat) was less of an issue for him; I had ‘Protection’ on the champ at all times too. We burned more pots that I care to think about (poison, wound, fear, morale and power), with the mini applying slaves on to my guard and the champ, as well as us using pots on ourselves. A couple of all-blue fellowship manoeuvres (thanks to ‘Turn the Tables’) at crucial times helped immensely with power, and we completed hard-mode fairly comfortably in the end. This netted us 9 Dol Guldur medallions each, plus some nice runics and weapon XP. All in all – a fun time!

Oh yes – a final point to note….the poison DoTs from Kranklob are very nasty, and best cleared before other DoT types and/or debuffs. If there’s no hunter in your group, you’ll need to use plenty of poison pots. Also, make sure your poison mitigation is as high as possible before starting the fight – ‘Lamb and Mushroom Soup’ is useful for this.

Elsewhere in game, I moved my rune-keep on to level 61 over the weekend. I’m still in Moria, and hoping to get all three 2.5.5 instances done this week, with my kin. I’m also working on her ‘Legend of the Deeps’ deed – I have 16 quests left to go…

About the only other thing of note that I’ve achieved in the last week, is rank 10 on my LM’s Loyalty  – a lot of Craban in Eregion died this week to achieve this!  I’m also still working on Zeal for my guard (currently rank 10). I took part in a successful Forges HM run on Friday night to increase my Orcs of The Forge count to 56 out of 80 – so one more run should do it. I also wasted another 30 or so Giants in the Misty Mountains, to bring my tally there to 42 out of 160.

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